Common Pacific phos Phos senticosus, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Buccinoidea.
Contains: Phos, Tomliniinae, Columbellidae, Nassariinae.

The Nassariidae, dog whelks, are a group of mostly scavenging marine neogastropods, most commonly found in sandy or muddy areas in shallow waters. They are small to medium in size, with a shell bearing a high spire and oval aperture. Within the Nassariidae, members of the Nassariinae and Cyllene are generally smaller than Dorsaninae or Bullia. The shell aperture of Cyllene has a thick outer lip with a prominently lirate interior, and the columella is calloused and distinctly plicate. Phos is a genus of relatively large nassariids with multicuspidate rachidian teeth on the radula.

<==Nassariidae [Alectrionidae, Arculariidae, Nassidae, Nassina, Nassinae]
    |--Photinae [Phosina]KF22
    |    |  i. s.: Microphos Dekkers & Dekker 2020KF22
    |    |           `--*M. palogai Dekkers & Dekker 2020KF22
    |    |--Engoniophos Woodring 1928KF22
    |    |    |--*E. erectus (Guppy 1873) [=Phos erectus]KF22
    |    |    `--E. unicinctus (Say 1826) [incl. Nassa guadelupensis Petit de la Saussaye 1852]KF22
    |    `--+--Northia Gray 1847KF22
    |       |    |--*N. pristis (Deshayes 1844) [=Buccinum pristis]KF22
    |       |    `--N. serrata [=Buccinum serratum; incl. Nassa northiae]C64
    |       `--+--PhosKF22
    |          `--Antillophos Woodring 1928KF22
    |               `--*A. candeanus (d’Orbigny 1842)KF22 (see below for synonymy)
       |  `--+--ColumbellidaeKF22
       |     `--CylleninaeKF22
       |          |--Neoteron Pilsbry & Lowe 1932KF22
       |          |    `--*N. ariel (Pilsbry & Lowe 1932) [=Hindsia ariel]KF22
       |          `--Cyllene Gray 1834BR05 [incl. Radulphus Iredale 1924W94]
       |               |--*C. owenii Gray 1834BR17 [incl. C. senegalensis Petit de la Saussaye 1853KF22]
       |               |--C. cernohorskyi Fernandes & Rolán 1992BC01
       |               |--C. fuscata Adams 1851KF22
       |               |--C. lactea Adams & Angas 1864W94
       |               |--‘Radulphus’ necopinatus Finlay 1930P61
       |               |--C. parvula Bozzetti 2014KF22
       |               |--C. pulchella Adams & Reeve 1850 (see below for synonymy)W94
       |               |--C. royana (Iredale 1924) [=*Radulphus royanus]W94
       |               |--C. rubrolineata Sowerby 1870MG-H11
       |               |--C. sibogae Schepman 1911W94
       |               |--C. sulcata Sowerby 1859W94
       |               `--C. unimaculata Adams 1855W94
          |    |--Oligohalinophila Neiber & Glaubrecht 2019KF22
          |    |    `--*O. dorri (Wattebled 1886) [=Canidia dorri]KF22
          |    |--Clea Adams & Adams 1855KF22
          |    |    `--*C. nigricans Adams 1855KF22
          |    `--Anentome Cossmann 1901 [=Canidia Adams 1862 non Thomson 1857]KF22
          |         |--*A. helena (von dem Busch 1847) [=Melania helena, *Canidia helena]KF22
          |         `--A. cambodjensis [=Clea (Anentome) cambodjensis]G88
          |  `--+--Naytia Adams & Adams 1853KF22
          |     |    `--*N. glabrata (Sowerby 1842) [=Strombus glabratus]KF22
          |     `--Dorsanum Gray 1847 [incl. Duplicata Korobokov 1955; Dorsaninae, Duplicatinae]KF22
          |          |--D. miran (Bruguière 1789)KF22 (see below for synonymy)
          |          |--‘Buccinum’ duplicatum Sowerby 1832 [=*Duplicata duplicata]BR17
          |          `--D. fuscumPB27
          `--Bullia Gray 1833 [Bulliinae]KF22
               |--*B. semiplicata Gray 1833BR17
               |--B. achatina [incl. B. digitalis]SML68
               |--B. annulata Lamarck 1816HJ08
               |--B. cataphracta Kilburn 1978KF22
               |--B. laevissima (Gmelin 1791)KF22
               |--B. perlucida Bozzetti 2014KF22
               |--B. rhodostomaC60
               `--B. rogersi Smythe in Smythe & Chatfield 1981BC01
Nassariidae incertae sedis:
  Nanina Risso 1826BR05
    |--N. (Acusta) assimilis Adams 1866A66
    |--N. bistrialisP42
    |--N. sieboldtianaA66
    `--N. sulfurataC84
  Psilarius Woodring 1964 [=Leptarius Woodring 1964 non Gill 1864]W64
    `--*P. leptus (Woodring 1964) [=*Leptarius leptus]W64
    |--U. swearingeni Petuch & Myers 2014PMB15
    `--U. websteri Petuch & Sargent 2011PMB15

*Antillophos candeanus (d’Orbigny 1842)KF22 [=Cancellaria candeanaKF22, C. candei d’Orbigny 1853PH90; incl. Phos antillarum Petit de la Saussaye 1853KF22]

Cyllene pulchella Adams & Reeve 1850 [incl. C. bantamensis Oostingh 1939, C. glabrata Adams 1851, C. oblonga Schepman 1911, C. striata Adams 1851]W94

Dorsanum miran (Bruguière 1789)KF22 [incl. Buccinum politum Lamarck 1822KF22, *D. politumKF22, Terebra politaH43]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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