Nassarius arcularius, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Nassariidae.

Nassarius is a genus of small to medium-sized dog whelks with an ovate shell that is more or less heavily calloused on the columella and/or parietal wall.

<==Nassarius Duméril 1805 BR17
    |–*N. (Nassarius) arcularius (Linnaeus 1758) P61, WG71 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |–N. a. arcularius BD86
    |    `–N. a. plicatus (Roeding 1798) BD86
    |–N. (Caesia Adams & Adams 1853 non Br. 1810 [ICBN]) C75
    |    `–N. (*C.) perpinguis (Hinds 1844) C75
    |–N. (Cryptonassarius Cernohorsky 1975) C75
    |    `–N. (*C.) ephamillus (Watson 1882) (see below for synonymy) C75
    |–N. (Hima Leach in Gray 1852) ZC10, C75 [incl. Reticunassa Iredale 1936 C75]
    |    |–N. (H.) festivus (Powys 1835) ZC10
    |    |–N. (H.) fraterculus (Dunker 1860) ZC10
    |    |–N. (H.) multigranosus (Dunker 1847) ZC10
    |    `–N. (H.) pauperus (Gould 1850) ZC10 [=*Reticunassa paupera C75]
    `–N. (Varicinassa) variciferus (Adams 1851) ZC10

Nassarius incertae sedis:
  N. albescens (Dunker 1846) BW09
  N. albus (Say 1826) BC01
  N. aoteanus Finlay 1927 P61
  N. arcadioi Rolán & Hernández 2005 F05
  N. babylonicus C60
  N. bicallosus (Smith 1876) MG-H11
  N. burchardi (Dunker in Philippi 1849) HJ08
  N. caboverdensis Rolàn 1984 O96
  N. caelolineatus Nesbitt & Pitt 1986 BC01
  N. cerritensis (Arnold 1903) PP78
  N. circumcinctus (Adams 1851) O96
  N. conoidalis BD12
  N. cooperi B56
  N. coronatus (Bruguière 1789) WG71 [=Buccinum coronatum F27, Arcularia coronata F27]
  N. corpulentus (Adams 1852) [incl. Cancellaria nassiformis Lesson 1842] PH90
  N. crebricostatus (Schepman 1911) MG-H11
  N. crenulatus SP72
  N. delicatus BD12
  N. distortus (Adams 1852) C75
  N. ferrusaci Payraudeau 1826 O96
  N. gaudiosus (Hinds 1844) BW09
  N. gibbosulus (Linné 1758) O96
  N. glans (Linnaeus 1758) BD86
  N. granifer (Kiener 1834) BW09
  N. hepaticus ZLK11
  N. insculptus (Carpenter 1864) PP78
  N. johnsoni C60
  N. karinae Usticke 1971 [=N. nanus Usticke 1959 non (Adams 1852)] BC01
  N. kraussianus (Dunker 1846) HJ08
  N. limacinus (Dall 1917) S66
  N. luteostomus (Broderip & Sowerby 1829) H92
  N. monilis Kiener 1834 C75
  N. nodiferus Powys 1835 [incl. Nassa stolida Adams 1852, Nassarius stolidus] C75
  N. olivaceus (Bruguière 1789) C75
  N. pagodus ZLK11
  N. papillosus (Linnaeus 1758) BW09
  N. particeps Hedley 1915 P61
  N. pullus ZLK11
  N. pyrrhus C75
  N. reticulatus (Linnaeus 1758) D88
  N. sinusigerus BD12
  N. smitsorum Kool 1990 BC01
  N. socialis A27
  N. spiratus (Adams 1852) P61
  N. succinctus (Adams 1851) ZLK11, ZC10 [=N. (Zeuxis) succinctus ZC10]
  N. tiarula (Kiener 1841) H78
  N. trivittatus H64
  N. vibex BD12

Nassarius (*Cryptonassarius) ephamillus (Watson 1882) [=Nassa ephamilla, Alectrion ephamilla, Nassa (Tritia) ephamilla; incl. Arcularia dipsacoides Hedley 1907, Nassarius dipsacoides, Reticunassa dipsacoides, Nassa dissimilis Watson 1886, Alectrion dissimilis, Nassarius dissimilis, Reticunassa flindersi Cotton & Godfrey 1938] C75

*Nassarius (Nassarius) arcularius (Linnaeus 1758) P61, WG71 [=Buccinum arcularia P61, Arcularia arcularia H09, B. (Nassa) arcularia G20]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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