Naucoris cimicoides, from here.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.

The Naucoroidea are a group of aquatic, predatory bugs with raptorial forelegs, spinose mid and hind tibiae, and lacking veins in the membrane of the hemelytron (if present) (Carver et al. 1991). Most breathe when submerged by carrying a bubble of air between the wings and the dorsum of the abdomen though members of the Aphelocheiridae are capable of plastron respiration (Richards & Davies 1977).

Characters (from Richards & Davies 1977, as Naucoridae): Small or medium, broadly oval, flattened insects; antennae four-segmented, simple; rostrum strong, three-segmented; membrane without veins; coxae hinged; fore legs usually strongly raptorial; hind legs fringed with swimming-hairs.

<==Naucoroidea SP02
|  i. s.: Schizopteryx S02
|–Triassocoridae SP02
|–Potamocoridae [Potamocorinae] GE05
|–Aphelocheiridae [Aphelocheirinae] SP02
|    |–Coreoidus latus SP02
|    `–Aphelocheirus CGW91
|         |–A. australicus CGW91
|         `–A. kawamurae Matsumura 1915 I92
`–Naucoridae [Apopnidae, Atopositidae] GE05
|  i. s.: Mongonecta S02
|         Aidium GE05
|         Angaronecta GE05
|         Heleonaucoris GE05
|         Liadonaucoris GE05
|         Nectodes GE05
|         Nectonaucoris GE05
|         Scaphocoris [Scaphocoridae] GE05
|         Aphlebocoris [Aphlebocoridae] GE05
|         Apopnus GE05
|         Scaphodemopsis GE05
|         Cantaeronecta GE05
|         Ilyocoris RD77
|–Ambrysinae CGW91
|–Limnocorinae CGW91
|–Laccocorinae CGW91
|–Cryphocricinae CGW91
|–Cheirochela RD77 [Cheirochelinae CGW91]
`–Naucoris [Naucorinae] CGW91
|–N. cimicoides H01
`–N. congrex CGW91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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