Neisseria gonorrhoeae, copyright Charles Brinton.

Belongs within: Chromatibacteria.

The Neisseriaceae are a family of Gram-negative bacteria including a number of species associated with mammals.

<==Neisseriaceae [Neisseriales, Simonsiellaceae]
    |  i. s.: SimonsiellaGH01
    |         AlysiellaGH01
    |         IodobacterGH01
    |         MicrovirgulaGH01
    |         ProlinoborusGH01
    |         VogesellaGH01
    |         AcinetobacterPHK96
    |           |--A. baumanniiALS95
    |           `--A. calcoaceticusPHK96
    |--Chromobacterium violaceumGH01, PHK96
    `--+--Vitreoscilla stercorariaPHK96
       `--+--Eikenella corrodensPHK96
               |--N. animalisZ92
               |--N. cinereaZ92
               |--N. denitrificansZ92
               |--N. elongataZ92
               |--N. flavescensZ92
               |--N. gonorrhoeaeIM01
               |--N. lactamicaPHK96
               |--N. macacaeZ92
               |--N. meningitidisCF04
               |--N. mucosaZ92
               |--N. polysacchareaZ92
               |--N. siccaZ92
               `--N. subflavaZ92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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