Predaea weldii, copyright David R.

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.

The Nemastomatales are red algae with a filamentous medullary and cortical structure (Saunders & Kraft 2002).

Characters (from Saunders & Kraft 2002): Plants multiaxial, generally lubricous and lax in medullary structure, composed of filamentous medulla and filamentous cortex with or without gland cells. Carpogonial branches 3(–5) celled, issuing septate, branched connecting filaments either directly or from one or both halves of carpogonium after single division after fertilisation. Connecting filaments either growing to auxiliary cells directly or first fusing to nutritive auxiliary cells born distally on supporting cells, the nutritive auxiliary cells then issuing connecting filaments directed to auxiliary cells. Auxiliary cells intercalary in cortical branch systems usually separate and distant from carpogonial branches; connecting filaments usually diploidising auxiliary cells via a lateral fusion, either terminating at the auxiliary cell or growing on to effect further diploidisations. Gonimoblasts arising laterally or thallus outwardly either from the auxiliary cell or from the connecting filament adjacent to its point of fusion to the auxiliary cell. Carposporophytes mostly directed thallus-outward and consisting of 1–3 gonimolobes of synchronously maturing carposporangia. Cystocarp compact, ostiolate or non-ostiolate. Spermatangia terminal on surface cells in diffuse or soral patches. Tetrasporophytes heteromorphic with gametophytes, consisting of minute to extensive crusts or of acrochaetioid filaments, the sporophytes bearing zonate tetrasporangia.

    |    |--Titanophora (Agardh) Feldmann 1942HL09
    |    |    `--T. pikeana (Dickie) Feldmann 1942 [=Galaxaura pikeana Dickie 1874; incl. T. weberae]HL09
    |    |--Platoma Schousboe ex Schmitz 1894HL09
    |    |    |--*P. cyclocolpum (Montagne) Schmitz 1894SK02, HL09 [=Halymenia cyclocolpa Montagne 1841HL09]
    |    |    `--‘Nemastoma’ damaecornisSK02
    |    |--Wetherbeella Saunders & Kraft 2002SK02
    |    |    |--*W. australica (Womersley & Kraft) Saunders & Kraft 2002 (see below for synonymy)SK02
    |    |    `--W. foliosa (Womersley & Kraft) Saunders & Kraft 2002 (see below for synonymy)SK02
    |    `--SchizymeniaSK02
    |         |--S. dubyiSK02 [=Kallymenia dubyiG64]
    |         |--S. edulisG64 [=Halymenia edulisBS-V28, Iridaea edulisG64]
    |         |--S. laciniataL27
    |         |--S. novae-zelandiae Agardh 1876L27
    |         |--S. pacifica Kylin 1932 [=Turnerella pacifica]S57
    |         `--S. stipitata Agardh 1876L27
         |--Adelophycus corneusSK02
         |--Itonoa Masuda & Guiry 1995SK02
         |    `--*I. marginifera [=Platoma marginiferum]SK02
         |    |--*N. dichotomaSK02
         |    |--N. cervicorneH04
         |    |--N. intestinalis Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
         |    `--N. laciniata Agardh 1876L27
         `--Predaea De Toni 1936HL09
              |--P. aurora Kraft & Saunders in Saunders & Kraft 2002SK02
              |--P. feldmanniiSK02
              |--P. huismaniiSK02
              |--P. incraspedaSK02
              |--P. kraftianaSK02
              |--P. kuroshioensisSK02
              |--P. laciniosa Kraft 1984HL09
              |--P. tokidaeSK02
              |--P. tumescens Kraft & Saunders in Saunders & Kraft 2002SK02
              `--P. weldii Kraft & Abbott 1917HL09

*Wetherbeella australica (Womersley & Kraft) Saunders & Kraft 2002 [=Platoma australica Womersley & Kraft in Womersley 1994]SK02

Wetherbeella foliosa (Womersley & Kraft) Saunders & Kraft 2002 [=Platoma foliosa Womersley & Kraft in Womersley 1994]SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[S57] Scagel, R. F. 1957. An annotated list of the marine algae of British Columbia and northern Washington (including keys to genera). National Museum of Canada Bulletin 150: 1–289.

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