Caconemobius fori, copyright Alan Cressler.

Belongs within: Grylloidea.

The Nemobiinae, pygmy field crickets, are small ground-dwelling crickets found in moist habitats (Rentz 1996). Members of the tribe Thetellini are flightless and usually associated with coastal habitats such as rocky or coral beaches or mangroves (Otte 1994). Members of the tribe Pteronemobiini, found worldwide, are characterised by the presence of a glandular spur on the hind tibiae in males. The wood cricket Nemobius sylvestris is a species with reduced wings found in forest margins in Europe and northern Africa.

Characters (from Rentz 1996): With or without tegmina. Head with dorsal bristles. Hind tibia shorter than hind femur, with 2-4 internal and external subapical spurs, without spines between spurs, and with three internal and three external apical spurs. Second tarsal segment laterally compressed, without large pads.

    |--PteronemobiusR96 [PteronemobiiniO94]
    |    |--P. bigelowiM83
    |    |--P. heydeniD37
    |    |--P. nigrovusM83
    |    |--P. nundraR96
    |    |--P. regulusR96
    |    `--P. truncatusR96
    |--NemobiusBM76 [NemobiiniO94]
    |    |  i. s.: N. allardiBM76
    |    |         N. csikii Bolivar 1901B01
    |    |         N. fasciatusBM76
    |    |           |--N. f. fasciatusRH15
    |    |           `--N. f. sociusRH15
    |    |         N. heydeniB01
    |    |         N. infernalisB01
    |    |         N. nitidus Bolivar 1901B01
    |    |         N. sylvestrisI92
    |    `--N. (Argizala)R15
    |         |--N. (A.) brasiliensis (Walker 1869)R15, R18 [=Argizala brasiliensisR18]
    |         `--N. (A.) hebardi Rehn 1915R15 [incl. N. argentinus Bruner 1916R18]
    `--Thetellini [Burcini]O94
         |--Thetella tarnis Otte & Alexander 1983 [incl. Burcus koblovae]O94
         `--Caconemobius Kirby 1906 [=Paranemobius Alfken 1901 non Saussure 1877]O94
              |--*C. schauinslandi (Alfken 1901) [=*Paranemobius schauinslandi]O94
              |--C. albus Otte 1994O94
              |--C. anahulu Otte 1994O94
              |--C. fori Gurney & Rentz 1978O94
              |--C. howarthi Gurney & Rentz 1978O94
              |--C. nihoensis Otte 1994O94
              |--C. paralbus Otte 1994O94
              |--C. sandwichensis Otte 1994O94
              |--C. uuku Otte 1994O94
              `--C. varius Gurney & Rentz 1978O94
Nemobiinae incertae sedis:
    |--B. neobivittataR91
    `--B. victoriaeR96
    |--D. lateralisR96
    `--D. pacificusR96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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