Glyptograptus dentatus, photographed by Gennadi Baranov.

Belongs within: Neograptina.
Contains: Plectograptinae.

Glyptograptus is a genus of graptoloids known from the Lower Ordovician to the Lower Silurian, characterised by the curvature of their thecae (Bulman 1970).

Neodiplograptidae [Neodiplograptinae]M14
| i. s.: Korenograptus Melchin et al. 2011M14
| Persculptograptus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| Rickardsograptus Melchin et al. 2011M14
|--Metabolograptus Obut & Sennikov 1985M14
| |--M. extraordinariusM14
| `--M. ojsuensisM14
`--+--‘Metabolograptus’ persculptusM14
`--+--Neodiplograptus Legrand 1987M14
| `--N. magnusM14
`--+--Paraclimacograptus Přibyl 1948M14
| `--*P. innotatus Nicholson 1869 [=Climacograptus innotatus]B70
`--Petalolithinae [Glyptograptidae, Glyptograptinae, Petalograptinae]M14
| i. s.: Petalograptus Suess 1851 [=Diprion Barrande 1850 non Schrank 1802]B70
| |--*P. folium (Hisinger 1837) [=Prionotus folium]B70
| |--P. altissimusM79
| |--P. insectiformis [=Orthograptus insectiformis]B90
| |--P. obuti [=Orthograptus obuti]B90
| `--P. speciosusB70
| Paramplexograptus Melchin et al. 2011M14
| `--P. maderniiM14
| Agetograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968M14
| `--*A. secundus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968B70
| Cephalograptus Hopkinson 1869B70 [=CephalograpsusM14]
| |--*C. cometa (Geinitz 1852) [=Diplograpsus cometa]B70
| `--C. tubulariformisB70
| Comograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968M14
| `--*C. comatus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968B70
| Corbograptus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| Demicystifer Hundt 1959M14
| Demicystograptus Hundt 1950 (n. d.)M14
| Dimorphograptoides Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| Dittograptus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968M14
| `--*D. fortuitus Obut & Sobolevskaya in Obut, Sobolevskaya & Merkureva 1968B70
| Parapetalolithus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| Rivagraptus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| Songxigraptus Fang, Liang & Yu 1990M14
| Spinadiplograptus Hundt 1965M14
| Victorograptus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
|--Sudburigraptus Koren’ & Rickards 1996M14
| `--S. eberleiniM14
`--+--Glyptograptus Lapworth 1873M14, B70
| |--*G. tamariscus (Nicholson 1868) [=Diplograptus tamariscus]B70
| |--G. austrodentatusFC86
| | |--G. a. austrodentatusB70
| | `--G. a. oelandicusB70
| |--G. dentatusB70
| | |--G. d. dentatusB70
| | `--G. d. appendiculatusB70
| |--G. intersitusB70
| |--G. nebula Toghill & Strachan 1970R93
| |--G. persculptusB70
| |--G. rostratus (Sherrard 1949) [=Diplograptus (Glyptograptus) rostratus]F71
| `--G. teretiusculusF71
`--+--Petalolithus Suess 1851M14, B70
| |--P. ankyratusM14
| `--P. minorM14
`--+--Pseudorthograptus Legrand 1976M14
| `--P. inopinatusM14
`--+--Hercograptus Melchin 1999M14
| `--H. introvertus Melchin 1999K-D04
`--Retiolitidae [Retiolitinae, Retiolitoidea, Retioloidea]M14
| i. s.: Pseudoplegmatograptus Přibyl 1948B70
| |--*P. obesus (Lapworth 1877) [=Retiolites perlatus obesus]B70
| `--P. longispinus (Bouček & Münch 1944)K-D04
| Sinostomatograptus Huo 1957B70
| `--*S. mui Huo 1957B70
| Stomatograptus Tullberg 1883B70
| `--S. grandis (Suess 1851) (see below for synonymy)B70
| Dabashanograptus Ge 1990M14
| `--D. chengkouensis Ge 1990K-D04
| Eiseligraptus Hundt 1965 (n. d.)M14
| Eorograptus Sennikov 1984M14
| Pileograptus Lenz & Kozłowska 2007M14
| Tscharyschograptus Sennikov 1984M14
|--Pseudoretiolites Bouček & Münch 1944M14, B70
| |--*P. perlatus (Nicholson 1868) [=Retiolites perlatus]B70
| `--P. decurtatus (Bouček & Münch 1944)K-D04
| `--Rotaretiolites Bates & Kirk 1992M14
| `--R. exutus Bates & Kirk 1992K-D04
`--Retiolites Barrande 1850M14, B70 (see below for synonymy)
|--*R. geinitzianus (Barrande 1850) (see below for synonymy)B70
| |--R. g. geinitzianusB90
| `--R. g. densireticulatusB90
|--R. angustidens Elles & Wood 1908K-D04
`--*Dimykterograptus’ boncevi Haberfelner 1936B70

Retiolites Barrande 1850M14, B70 [=Gladiograptus Lapworth in Hopkinson & Lapworth 1875B70, M14, Gladiolites Barrande 1850 (nom. rej.)B70; incl. Dimykterograptus Haberfelner 1936B70]

*Retiolites geinitzianus (Barrande 1850) [=Gladiolites geinitzianus, *Gladiograptus geinitzianus]B70

Stomatograptus grandis (Suess 1851) [=Retiolites grandis; incl. *S. toernquisti Tullberg 1883]B70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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