Pa element of Neogondolella, from Sweet (1988).

Belongs within: Gondolellidae.

Neogondolella is a genus of conodonts known from the Late Permian and Triassic, at least some species of which possessed an apparatus with ramiform elements in the S and M positions and segminiplanate elements in the Pa position. The earliest species morphologically assignable to Neogondolella is N. clarki from the Late Carboniferous but the wide stratigraphic gap between this and other species suggests it may be misassigned (Sweet 1988).

<==Neogondolella Bender & Stoppel 1965S88
    |--*N. mombergensisS88
    |--N. bifurcataS88
    |--N. bisselliS88
    |--N. bitteriS88
    |--N. bulgaricaS88
    |--N. carinataS88
    |--N. carpathicaS88
    |--N. clarki (Koike 1967)AS93
    |--N. constrictaS88
    |--N. excelsaTE01
    |--N. gracilisS88
    |--N. idahoensisS88
    |--N. jubataS88
    |--N. leveniS88
    |--N. liangshanensisDX84
    |--N. longaS88
    |--N. milleriS88
    |--N. naviculaTE01
    |--N. noahS88
    |--N. orientalisS88
    |--N. phosphoriensisS88
    |--N. praebisselliS88
    |--N. regaleS88
    |--N. rosenkrantziRR79
    |--N. serrataS88
    |    |--N. s. serrataRR79
    |    `--N. s. postserrataRR79
    |--N. shoshonensisS88
    |--N. subcarinataS88
    |--N. timorensisS88
    |--N. transitaS88
    `--N. triangularisS88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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