Neoheteronyx cribrifrons, from CSIRO Publishing.

Belongs within: Melolonthinae.

Neoheteronyx is an Australian genus of shining chafers characterised by tarsi bearing laminate claws and a multisetose empodium (Britton 1988).

Characters (from Britton 1988): Small, 5–8 mm; claws each with ventral appendiculate lamina; a multisetose empodium between and beneath claws; proximal tooth of fore tibia very small, acute and closely applied to and very near base; in males the four proximal segments of fore and mid tarsi expanded and spinose beneath; pronotum without defined anterior and posterior margins; ventrites with strong longitudinal ridge on each side; propygidium with narrow ridge bearing fringe of minute setae along posterior edge; antennae eight-segmented; dorsal surface of body shining.

<==Neoheteronyx Blackburn 1890B00
    |--*N. lividus Blackburn 1890 [=Heteronyx harpalinus Lea 1924]HW92
    |--N. brevicolis (Blackburn 1889) [=Heteronyx brevicollis; incl. H. clypealis Lea 1924]B00
    |--N. brevicoxis (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx brevicoxis]B00
    |--N. coxalis (Blackburn 1910) [=Heteronyx coxalis]B00
    |--N. cribrifrons (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx cribrifrons]B00
    |--N. densicollis (Moser 1926) [=Heteronyx densicollis]B00
    |--N. inconstans (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx inconstans]B00
    |--N. insulanus (Moser 1920) [=Heteronyx insulanus]B00
    |--N. laratanus (Moer 1920) [=Heteronyx laratanus]B00
    |--N. noctivagus (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx noctivagus]B00
    |--N. phanophilus (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx phanophilus]B00
    |--N. transversopolitus (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx transversopolitus]B00
    |--N. unidentatus (Lea 1924) [=Heteronyx unidentatus]B00
    `--N. versteegi (Moser 1926) [=Heteronyx versteegi]B00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[B00] Britton, E. B. 2000. A review of Heteronyx Guérin-Méneville (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae). Invertebrate Taxonomy 14: 465–589.

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