Polystoechotes punctatus, photographed by E. S. Ross.

Belongs within: Euneuroptera.
Contains: Mantispoidea, Chrysopidae, Hemerobiidae, Myrmeleontiformia.

The Polystoechotidae, giant lacewings, are currently restricted to the New World (with species in North America and Chile), but are known from the Old World in the Mesozoic (Ren et al. 2002).

Neoneuroptera [Hemerobioidea]EWB18
    |  i. s.: SolenoptilonRJ93 [SolenoptilidaeEWB18]
    |           |--S. kochiRJ93
    |           `--S. martynoviRJ93
    |         OsmylitidaeEWB18
    |           |--Idiastogyia fatisca Lin 1986RJ93
    |           `--Osmylites protogaeusRJ93
    |         Lembochrysa minisculaWHW10
    |  `--ChrysopoideaP-FD12
    |       |  i. s.: Hallucinochrysa Pérez-de la Fuente, Delclòs et al. 2012P-FD12
    |       |           `--*H. diogenesi Pérez-de la Fuente, Delclòs et al. 2012P-FD12
    |       |--ChrysopidaeVM20
    |       |--LimaiidaeP-FD12
    |       |--Tachinymphes Ponomarenko 1992RY02 [TachinymphidaeP-FD12]
    |       |--AllopterusRJ93 [AllopteridaeP-FD12]
    |       |    `--A. luianus Zhang 1991RJ93
    |       `--LiassochrysaRJ93 [LiassochrysidaeP-FD12]
    |            `--L. stigmatica Ansorge & Schlüter 1990RJ93
            |--Ithonidae [Ithonoidea, Phytoneuroptera, Polystoechotidae]VM20
            |    |  i. s.: Rapisma [Rapismatidae]GE05
            |    |         AdamsianaGE05
            |    |         Varnia implexaN91, K-P91
            |    |         NarodonaA69
            |    |         ‘Adamsia’ Penny 1996 nec Forbes 1840 nec Dunker 1857A02
            |    |         Kasachstania Panfilov 1980REL02
            |    |         Osmyliodea Panfilov 1980REL02
            |    |         Pterocalla Panfilov 1980REL02
            |    |         Lithosmylidia Riek 1955REL02
            |    |           `--L. lineataRJ93
            |    |         Meilingia Ren, Engel & Lü 2002REL02
            |    |           `--*M. giganteus Ren, Engel & Lü 2002REL02
            |    |         Jurapolystoechotes Ren, Engel & Lü 2002REL02
            |    |           `--*J. melanolomus Ren, Engel & Lü 2002REL02
            |    |         PalaeopsychopsYM12
            |    |--+--IthoneWHW10
            |    |  |    |--I. fulvaEWB18
            |    |  |    `--I. fuscaN91
            |    |  `--MegalithoneWHW10
            |    |      |--M. megacercaN91
            |    |      `--M. tillyardiVM20
            |    `--+--Fontecilla graphicusWHW10
            |       |--Polystoechotes punctatusVM20
            |       `--+--Platystoechotes lineatusWHW10
            |          `--Oliarces claraWHW10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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