Selected features of Neoseiulella eiko, from Walter (1997).

Belongs within: Phytoseioidea.

Neoseiulella is a genus of phytoseiid mites in which dorsal shield setae S4 and Z1 and ventral seta JV4 are all present (Walter 1997).

<==Neoseiulella Muma 1961H98 [incl. Typhloctonus Muma 1961W97, ET79]
    |  i. s.: N. arinoi Moraza, Peña-Estévez & Ferragut 2005F05
    |         N. elaeocarpi (Schicha 1993) [=Typhlodromus elaeocarpi]H98
    |         N. longiseta Moraza, Peña-Estévez & Ferragut 2005F05
    |--N. cottieri groupW97
    |    |--N. coreen Walter 1997W97
    |    |--N. corrugata (Schicha 1983)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus corrugatusH98]
    |    |--N. cottieri (Collyer 1964) [=Typhlodromus cottieri, Typhloctonus cottieri]H98
    |    |--N. dachanti (Collyer 1964)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus dachantiH98]
    |    |--N. eiko Walter 1997W97
    |    |--N. manukae (Collyer 1964)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus manukaeH98; incl. T. glenfieldensis Schicha 1980H98]
    |    |--N. nesbitti (Womersley 1954)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus nesbittiH98]
    |    `--N. novaezealandiae (Collyer 1964)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus novaezealandiaeH98]
    `--N. tiliarum groupW97
         |--N. armidalensis (Schicha & Elshafie 1980)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus armidalensisH98]
         |--N. elisae (Schicha & McMurtry 1986)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus elisaeH98]
         |--N. steeli (Schicha & McMurtry 1986)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus steeliH98]
         |--N. steveni (Schicha 1987)W97, H98 [=Typhlodromus steveniH98]
         `--N. tiliarumW97 [=Seiulus tiliarumC91, Typhloctona tiliarumW97]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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