Neoseiulus californicus feeding on two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae, photographed by Lyle Buss.

Belongs within: Neoseiulini.

Neoseiulus is a large genus of about 300 species of predatory mite. Pesticide-resistant strains of Neoseiulus fallacis have been used in Australia for the control of spider mites in apple orchards (James 2001). Most species lack the setal pair J1 on the opisthosoma but they are retained in the species of the basal N. rancidus species group, N. rancidus and N. xizangensis. Members of the N. paloratus group and N. leucophaeus differ from other species in having the ventral seta St3 inserted on a distinct platelet instead of on the sternal shield. N. leucophaeus lacks seta ZV3 and has short peritremes, extending only to the level of seta r3, whereas members of the N. paloratus group possess ZV3 and have peritremes extending to the level of seta j1 (Chant & McMurtry 2003).

Characters (from Chant & McMurtry 2003): Dorsal shield generally significantly longer than wide, but with some species more rotund; ornamentation variable, usually reticulate, with or without waist at level of seta R1; posterior margin rounded; dorsal setal pattern 10A:9B, with 19 pairs of setae, including r3 and R1; dorsal setae short to medium in length, approximately subequal except that Z5, and sometimes Z4, are longer in some species; setiform, occasionally strongly serrated; seta R1 inserted on dorsal shield of females of a few species. Sternal shield with L/W ratio usually approximating 1:1, but in some species sternal shield is much longer than wide; seta St3 usually inserted on sternal shield, sometimes inserted on separate platelet; posterior margin straight or concave. Genital shield narrow or of medium width, truncate posteriorly, with genital setae, sometimes reticulated. Female ventrianal shield without conspicuous waist on most species, never vase-shaped; preanal setae JV1, JV2 and ZV2 arranged in broad triangular pattern, with seta JV2 well-removed from anterior margin of shield; metapodal plates normal. Peritreme usually extending to level of seta j1, shorter in some species; peritremal shield narrow, fused anteriorly with dorsal shield. Leg I always and legs II-III usually without macrosetae, at most with slightly adapted seta on genu III, more rarely on genu II. Leg IV with 0-3 macrosetae, most commonly one.

<==Neoseiulus Hughes 1948 (see below for synonymy)CM03
    |--+--N. rancidus (Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979) [=*Amathia rancidus]CM03
    |  `--N. xizangensis (Zhu & Chen 1985)CM03
    `--+--+--+--+--N. cavagnaroi (Schuster 1966)CM03
       |  |  |  |--N. gracilis (Muma 1962)CM03 [=Cydnodromus gracilisFH93]
       |  |  |  |--N. inflatus Kuznetsov 1984CM03
       |  |  |  |--N. inornatus (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius inornatusFH93]
       |  |  |  |--N. kennetti (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius kennettiCM03, Typhlodromips kennettiFH93]
       |  |  |  `--N. kodryensis (Kolodochka 1980)CM03
       |  |  `--+--N. alustoni (Livschitz & Kuznetsov 1972)CM03
       |  |     |--N. angeliquae (Schicha 1987)CM03
       |  |     |--N. australograminis (Wainstein 1977)CM03
       |  |     |--N. cangaro (Schicha 1987)CM03
       |  |     |--N. dungeri (Karg 1977)CM03
       |  |     |--N. segnis (Wainstein & Arutunjan 1970)CM03
       |  |     |--N. tenuisetae Karg 1993CM03
       |  |     `--N. vallis (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius vallisFH93]
       |  `--+--+--N. alpinus (Schweizer 1922)CM03 (see below for synonymy)
       |     |  |--N. arutunjani (Wainstein & Begljarov 1971)CM03
       |     |  |--N. balisungsongus (Schicha & Corpuz-Raros 1992)CM03
       |     |  |--N. bibens (Blommers 1973)CM03
       |     |  |--N. brevicalyx Karg 1993CM03
       |     |  |--N. cinctutus (Livschitz & Kuznetsov 1972)CM03
       |     |  |--N. clinopodii (Ke & Xin 1982)CM03
       |     |  |--N. dicercellatus (Wu & Ou 1999)CM03
       |     |  |--N. eucolli Karg 1993CM03
       |     |  |--N. exiguus (Merwe 1968)CM03
       |     |  |--N. foramenis (Karg 1976)CM03
       |     |  |--N. kerri Muma 1965CM03
       |     |  |--N. liticellus (Athias-Henriot 1966)CM03
       |     |  |--N. longispinosus (Evans 1952)CM03 [=Typhlodromus longispinosusH98, Amblyseius longispinosisM91]
       |     |  |--N. lushanensis Zhu & Chen 1985CM03
       |     |  |--N. makuwa (Ehara 1972)CM03
       |     |  |--N. marginatus (Wainstein 1961)CM03
       |     |  |--N. mckenziei (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03
       |     |  |--N. montanus Tuttle & Muma 1973CM03
       |     |  |--N. neoaurescens Moraes & Mesa 1988CM03
       |     |  |--N. perfectus (Chaudhri 1968)CM03
       |     |  |--N. polyporus (Wainstein 1962)CM03
       |     |  |--N. pseudolongispinosus (Xin & Liang 1981)CM03
       |     |  |--N. scapilatus (Merwe 1965)CM03
       |     |  |--N. subtilisetosus (Begljarov 1962)CM03
       |     |  |--N. sugonjaevi (Wainstein & Abbasova 1974)CM03
       |     |  |--N. swartii Zack 1969CM03
       |     |  |--N. teke (Pritchard & Baker 1962)CM03
       |     |  |--N. tervus Meshkov 1994CM03
       |     |  |--N. womersleyi (Schicha 1975) [=Amblyseius womersleyi]CM03
       |     |  `--N. zeitunicus (Wainstein & Arutunjan 1970)CM03 [=Amblyseius zeitunicusFH93]
       |     `--+--*N. barkeri Hughes 1948CM03 [=Amblyseius barkeriCM03; incl. A. mckenziei Schuster & Pritchard 1963FH93]
       |        |--N. aleurites Ragusa & Athias-Henriot 1983CM03
       |        |--N. benicus (El-Badry 1968)CM03
       |        |--N. bindrai (Gupta 1976)CM03
       |        |--N. brevispinus (Kennett 1958)CM03 [=Typhlodromus brevispinusFH93]
       |        |--N. calorai (Corpuz & Rimando 1966)CM03
       |        |--N. carunculus Chaudhri et al. 1979CM03
       |        |--N. cydnodactylon (Shehata & Zaher 1969)CM03
       |        |--N. erugatus Ragusa & Athias-Henriot 1983CM03
       |        |--N. ghanii (Muma 1967)CM03
       |        |--N. hamus Karg 1993CM03
       |        |--N. harrowi (Collyer 1965)CM03
       |        |--N. huffakeri (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius huffakeriFH93]
       |        |--N. kermanicus (Daneshvar 1987)CM03
       |        |--N. liangi Chant & McMurtry 2003 [=N. ornatus Liang & Ke 1984 non Athias-Henriot 1957]CM03
       |        |--N. loxus (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius loxusFH93]
       |        |--N. marinellus (Muma 1962)CM03 [=Cydnodromus marinellusFH93]
       |        |--N. masiaka (Blommers & Chazeau 1974)CM03 [=Amblyseius masiakaH98]
       |        |--N. mycophilus (Karg 1970)CM03 [=Amblyseius mycophilusFH93]
       |        |--N. oahuensis (Prasad 1968)CM03 [=Amblyseius oahuensisFH93]
       |        |--N. pegasus (Schuster 1966)CM03
       |        |--N. picketti (Specht 1968)CM03
       |        |--N. pieteri (Schultz 1972)CM03
       |        |--N. planatus (Muma 1962)CM03 [=Cydnodromus planatusFH93]
       |        |--N. pristisimilis Karg 1993CM03
       |        |--N. pseudoherbarius Meshkov 1994CM03
       |        |--N. rangatensis (Gupta 1977)CM03
       |        |--N. rufus Denmark & Evans in Denmark et al. 1999CM03
       |        |--N. setulus (Fox 1947)CM03 [=Borinquolaelaps setulusFH93, Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) setulusWO89]
       |        |--N. sioux (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
       |        |--N. sospesitis (Khan & Chaudhri 1969)CM03
       |        |--N. stolidus (Chaudhri 1968)CM03
       |        |--N. tareensis (Schicha 1983)CM03
       |        |--N. transversus Denmark & Muma 1973CM03
       |        |--N. uliginosus (Karg 1976)CM03
       |        |--N. usitatus (Merwe 1965)CM03
       |        |--N. vagus (Denmark 1965)CM03 [=Cydnodromus vagusFH93]
       |        |--N. vanderlindei (Merwe 1965)CM03
       |        |--N. vehementis (Khan & Chaudhri 1969)CM03
       |        `--N. venustus (Chaudhri 1968)CM03
       `--+--+--N. leucophaeus (Athias-Henriot 1959) [=Amblyseius leucophaeus, *Phytodromus leucophaeus]CM03
          |  `--+--N. akakia Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. allenrolfius Denmark 1993CM03
          |     |--N. brigarina Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. cappari Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. carverae Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. dodoneae (Schicha 1980)CM03 [=Amblyseius dodonaeaeH98, Phytodromus dodonaeaeH98]
          |     |--N. edestes Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. harveyi (McMurtry & Schicha 1987)CM03 [=Amblyseius harveyiH98, Phytodromus harveyiH98]
          |     |--N. lyra Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. paloratus Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. pannuceus Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. queenslandensis McMurtry & Schicha 1987CM03 (see below for synonymy)
          |     |--N. sparaxis Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. specus Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. steinerae Beard 2001CM03
          |     |--N. tabis (Schuster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius tabisFH93]
          |     |--N. wanrooyae Beard 2001CM03
          |     `--N. warrum Beard 2001CM03
          `--+--+--+--N. canadensis (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius canadensis]CM03
             |  |  |--N. lateralis (Tuttle & Muma 1973)CM03
             |  |  `--N. subsolidus (Begljarov 1960)CM03
             |  `--+--N. letrauformis (Schicha & Corpuz-Raros 1993) [=Amblyseius letrauformis]CM03
             |     `--+--+--N. aceriae (Gupta 1975)CM03
             |        |  |--N. baraki (Athias-Henriot 1966)CM03 [=Amblyseius barakiRM07]
             |        |  |--N. benjamini (Schicha 1981)CM03
             |        |  |--N. bheraensis Chaudhri et al. 1979CM03
             |        |  |--N. coatesi (Schultz 1972)CM03
             |        |  |--N. dhooriae (Gupta 1976)CM03
             |        |  |--N. echinochlovorus Schicha & Corpuz-Raros 1993CM03
             |        |  |--N. inabanus (Ehara 1972)CM03
             |        |  |--N. interfolius (De Leon 1962)CM03
             |        |  |--N. lula (Pritchard & Baker 1962)CM03
             |        |  |--N. mumai (Denmark 1965)CM03 [=Cydnodromus mumaiFH93]
             |        |  |--N. paspalivorus (De Leon 1957)CM03 (see below for synonymy)
             |        |  |--N. rambami Swirski & Amitai 1990CM03
             |        |  |--N. shambati (El-Badry 1968)CM03
             |        |  |--N. sporobolus Tuttle & Muma 1973CM03
             |        |  |--N. tabularis Chaudhri 1979CM03
             |        |  `--N. taiwanicus (Ehara 1970)CM03
             |        `--+--N. peruanus (El-Banhawy 1979) [=Amblyseius peruanus]CM03
             |           `--+--N. astutus (Begljarov 1960)CM03
             |              |--N. chikmagaluriensis (Gupta 1985) [=Amblyseius (Typhlodromalus) chikmagaluriensis]CM03
             |              |--N. chitradurgae (Gupta 1985) [=Amblyseius (Typhlodromalus) chitradurgae]CM03
             |              |--N. danilevskyi (Wainstein & Arutunjan 1970)CM03
             |              |--N. desertus (Chant 1957) [=Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) desertus]CM03
             |              |--N. fauveli (Athias-Henriot 1978)CM03
             |              |--N. gansuensis Wu & Lan 1991CM03
             |              |--N. hanselli (Chant & Yoshida-Shaul 1978)CM03
             |              |--N. huron (Chant & Hansell 1971) (see below for synonymy)CM03
             |              |--N. insularis (Athias-Henriot 1978)CM03
             |              |--N. kolodotshkai Kuznetsov 1984CM03
             |              |--N. luppovae (Wainstein 1962)CM03
             |              |--N. multiporus Wu & Li 1987CM03
             |              |--N. parvipilis (Athias-Henriot 1978)CM03
             |              |--N. populi Bozai 1997CM03
             |              |--N. riparius Kolodochka 1991CM03
             |              |--N. sinaiticum (Amitai & Swirski 1982)CM03
             |              |--N. turangae (Kolodochka 1982)CM03
             |              `--N. versutus (Begljarov 1981)CM03
             `--+--+--+--N. accessus (Ueckermann & Loots 1988)CM03
                |  |  |--N. agrestis (Karg 1960)CM03 [=Typhlodromus agrestisFH93]
                |  |  |--N. arenillus (De Leon 1967)CM03
                |  |  |--N. ceratoni (Ueckermann & Loots 1988) [=Amblyseius (Amblyseius) ceratoni]CM03
                |  |  |--N. cynodonae (Gupta 1977)CM03
                |  |  |--N. disparis (Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979) [=*Denmarkia disparis]CM03
                |  |  |--N. salish (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius salishFH93]
                |  |  |--N. shanksi Congdon 2002CM03
                |  |  |--N. striatus (Wu 1983)CM03
                |  |  |--N. tauricus (Livschitz & Kuznetsov 1972)CM03
                |  |  |--N. umsteadi (Muma, Metz & Farrier 1967)CM03
                |  |  `--N. vasoides Karg 1989CM03
                |  `--+--N. bicaudus (Wainstein 1962)CM03 [=Amblyseius bicaudusFH93]
                |     |--N. camarus (El-Badry 1968)CM03
                |     |--N. certus Kolodochka 1990CM03
                |     |--N. conterminus Kolodochka 1990CM03
                |     |--N. ellesmerei (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius ellesmereiFH93]
                |     |--N. extricatus Kolodochka 1991CM03
                |     |--N. hirotae (Ehara 1985)CM03
                |     |--N. houstoni (Schicha 1985)CM03 [=Amblyseius houstoniH98, Phytodromus houstoniH98]
                |     |--N. iroquois (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                |     |--N. marinus (Willmann 1952) [=Lasioseius marinus, *Cydnodromus marinus]CM03
                |     |--N. micmac (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                |     |--N. nodus Denmark & Knisley in Knisley & Denmark 1978CM03
                |     |--N. paraki (Ehara 1967) [=Amblyseius paraki]CM03
                |     |--N. paramarinus Evans 1987CM03
                |     |--N. provectus Kolodochka 1991CM03
                |     |--N. simplexus Denmark & Knisley in Knisley & Denmark 1978CM03
                |     |--N. subreticulatus (Wu 1987)CM03
                |     |--N. tshernovi (Kuznetsov 1984)CM03
                |     |--N. ulatei Denmark & Evans in Denmark et al. 1999CM03
                |     |--N. vardgesi (Arutunjan 1968)CM03
                |     `--N. zwoelferi (Dosse 1957)CM03 [=Typhlodromus zwoelferiFH93]
                `--+--+--N. neotunus (De Leon 1973)CM03
                   |  |--N. plumosus (Denmark & Muma 1975)CM03
                   |  `--N. tunus (De Leon 1967) [=Typhlodromips tunus]CM03
                   `--+--N. aegyptocitri (Kandeel & El-Hallawany 1986)CM03
                      |--N. alidis Kolodochka 1989CM03
                      |--N. amicus (Chant 1959)CM03
                      |--N. anonymus (Chant & Baker 1965)CM03
                      |--N. apeuthes Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. apkutik (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius apkutikFH93]
                      |--N. argillaceous (Kolodochka & Bondarenko 1993)CM03
                      |--N. aridus (De Leon 1962)CM03
                      |--N. atrii (Karg 1989)CM03 [=Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) atriiFH93]
                      |--N. atsak (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                      |--N. baticolus (Athias-Henriot 1977)CM03
                      |--N. bayviewensis (Schicha 1977)CM03
                      |--N. bellinus (Womersley 1954)CM03 [=Typhlodromus bellinusFH93, Amblyseius bellinusH98]
                      |--N. byssus Denmark & Knisley in Knisley & Denmark 1978CM03
                      |--N. californicus (McGregor 1954)CM03 (see below for synonymy)
                      |--N. callunae (Willmann 1952)CM03
                      |--N. campana Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. caobae De Leon 1965CM03
                      |--N. caribbeanus (De Leon 1965)CM03
                      |--N. casimiri (Schicha & Elshafie 1980)CM03
                      |--N. chascomensis (Sheals 1962)CM03 [=Typhlodromus chascomenisH98, Amblyseius chascomenisH98]
                      |--N. chaudhrii Chant & McMurtry 2003 (see below for synonymy)CM03
                      |--N. chilenensis (Dosse 1958)CM03 [=Typhlodromus chilenensisFH93]
                      |--N. chinensis Chant & McMurtry 2003 [=N. crataegi Wang & Xu non (Jorgensen & Chant 1960)]CM03
                      |--N. collegae (De Leon 1962) [incl. N. ohioensis (De Leon 1962)]CM03
                      |--N. comitatus (De Leon 1962)CM03 [=Cydnodromus comitatusFH93]
                      |--N. conconiensis Karg 1965CM03
                      |--N. coprophilus (Karg 1970)CM03
                      |--N. crataegi (Jorgensen & Chant 1960)CM03
                      |--N. cree (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius creeFH93]
                      |--N. cryptomeriae Zhu & Chen 1983CM03
                      |--N. cucumeris (Oudemans 1930) (see below for synonymy)CM03
                      |--N. culpus Denmark & Evans in Denmark et al. 1999CM03
                      |--N. curvus Wu & Li 1985CM03
                      |--N. dieteri (Schicha 1979)CM03
                      |--N. dissipatus Kolodochka 1991CM03
                      |--N. draconis (Chaudhri et al. 1979)CM03
                      |--N. engaddensis (Amitai & Swirski 1970)CM03
                      |--N. eremios Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. esculentus (El-Badry 1968)CM03
                      |--N. fallacis (Garman 1948)CM03 [=Iphidulus fallacisH98, Amblyseius fallacisH98, Typhlodromus fallacisH98]
                      |--N. fallacoides Tuttle & Muma 1973CM03
                      |--N. ficusi (Gupta 1986)CM03
                      |--N. haimatus (Ehara 1967)CM03
                      |--N. helmi (Schicha 1987)CM03
                      |--N. idaeus Denmark & Muma 1973CM03
                      |--N. imbricatus (Corpuz & Rimando 1966)CM03
                      |--N. inak (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius inakFH93]
                      |--N. innuit (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                      |--N. insignitus (Merwe 1968)CM03
                      |--N. kapjik (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03 [=Amblyseius kapjikFH93]
                      |--N. kearnae Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. koyamanus (Ehara & Yokogawa 1977)CM03
                      |--N. krugeri (Merwe 1968)CM03
                      |--N. lablabi (Ghai & Menon 1967)CM03
                      |--N. lamticus (Athias-Henriot 1977)CM03
                      |--N. latoventris Karg & Edland 1987CM03
                      |--N. lecki Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. leigongshanensis Wu & Lan 1989CM03
                      |--N. longilaterus (Athias-Henriot 1957)CM03
                      |--N. loxtoni (Schicha 1979)CM03
                      |--N. malaban Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. martinicensis Moraes, Kreiter & Lofego 2000CM03
                      |--N. melaleucae (McMurtry & Schicha 1987)CM03
                      |--N. muganicus (Abbasova 1970)CM03
                      |--N. myrtea Chaudhri 1979CM03
                      |--N. neoghanii (Gupta 1968)CM03
                      |--N. neoparaki (Ehara 1972)CM03
                      |--N. neoreticuloides Liang & Ke 1988CM03
                      |--N. nescapi (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                      |--N. nestor Beard 2001CM03
                      |--N. noosae McMurtry & Schicha 1987CM03
                      |--N. novaescotiae (Chant 1959)CM03
                      |--N. paraibensis (Moraes & McMurtry 1983)CM03 [=Amblyseius paraibensisRM07]
                      |--N. pepperi (Specht 1968)CM03
                      |--N. perspectus Kolodochka 1992CM03
                      |--N. phragmitidis Bozai 1997CM03
                      |--N. placitus (Khan & Chaudhri 1969)CM03
                      |--N. poculi Karg 1976CM03
                      |--N. pseudoumbraticus (Chant & Yoshida-Shaul 1982)CM03
                      |--N. recifensis Gondin & Moraes 2001CM03
                      |--N. reductus (Wainstein 1962) [=Amblyseius reductus]CM03
                      |--N. reticulatus (Oudemans 1930)CM03 [=Typhlodromus reticulatusFH93]
                      |--N. reticuloides (Wainstein 1975)CM03
                      |--N. scyphus (Schluster & Pritchard 1963)CM03 [=Amblyseius scyphusFH93]
                      |--N. sehlabatei (El-Banhawy 2002)CM03
                      |--N. sharonensis (Rivnay & Swirski 1980)CM03
                      |--N. spicatus Denmark & Evans in Denmark et al. 1999CM03
                      |--N. spineus (Tseng 1976)CM03
                      |--N. subrotundus Wu & Lan 1991CM03
                      |--N. thwaitei (Schicha 1977)CM03
                      |--N. tibielingmiut (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                      |--N. tobon (Chant & Hansell 1971)CM03
                      |--N. tornadus Tuttle & Muma 1973CM03
                      |--N. triangularis Karg 1994CM03
                      |--N. umbraticus (Chant 1956)CM03 [=Typhlodromus umbraticusFH93]
                      |--N. veigai Gondin & Moraes 2001CM03
                      |--N. wearnei Schicha 1987CM03
                      `--N. yanoi (Ehara 1972)CM03
Neoseiulus incertae sedis:
  N. aequisetus (Wainstein 1962)CM03 [=Amblyseius aequisetusFH93]
  N. arcticus (Karg 1989) [=Amblyseius arcticus]FH93
  N. brigarinusBW01
  N. buxeusBW01
  N. caudiglansP91
  N. cucumeroides (De Leon 1959)CM03
  N. driggeri (Specht 1968)CM03
  N. eremitusBW01
  N. gracilentus (Hirschmann 1962)CM03
  N. graminis (Chant 1956) (see below for synonymy)FH93
  N. indicus (Narayanan & Kaur 1960)CM03
  N. longisiphonulus Wu & Lan 1989CM03
  N. mazurensis (Kropczynska 1965)CM03
  N. monomacroseta (Tseng 1976)CM03
  N. mumae (Shehata & Zaher 1969)CM03
  ‘Typhlodromus (Amblyseius)’ newelli Chant 1960 [=Phytodromus newelli]FH93
  N. ornatus (Athias-Henriot 1957)CM03
  N. plantagenis (Kolodochka 1981)CM03
  N. scoticus (Collyer 1957)CM03
  N. shiheziensis Wu & Li 1987CM03
  N. tiensaiensis (Tseng 1983)CM03
  N. tikiMC97
  N. tyrrelli (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius tyrrelli]FH93
Nomina nuda: Neoseiulus arenarius Denmark & Edland in Chant & McMurtry 2003CM03
             Neoseiulus communis Denmark & Edland in Chant & McMurtry 2003CM03
             Neoseiulus yanineki Zundel, Hanna et al. 2007ZH07

Neoseiulus Hughes 1948 [incl. Amathia Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979 non Lamouroux 1912, Cydnodromus Muma 1961, Denmarkia Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979, Dictyonotus Athias-Henrot 1978, Dictydionotus Athias-Henrot 1979, Kashmerius Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979, Phytodromus Muma 1961, Typhlodromopsis De Leon 1959]CM03

Neoseiulus alpinus (Schweizer 1922)CM03 [incl. Amblyseius aurescens Athias-Henriot 1961FH93, N. aurescensCM03, N. polonicus (Willmann 1949)CM03]

Neoseiulus californicus (McGregor 1954)CM03 [=Typhlodromun (l. c. for Typhlodromus) californicusFH93, Amblyseius californicusM91, Cydnodromus californicusRCT07; incl. Typhlodromus mungeri McGregor 1954FH93, N. mungeriCM03]

Neoseiulus chaudhrii Chant & McMurtry 2003 [=*Kashmerius reductus Chaudhri, Akbar & Rasool 1979 non Amblyseius reductus Wainstein 1962]CM03

Neoseiulus cucumeris (Oudemans 1930) [=Typhlodromus cucumeris, Amblyseius (*Typhlodromopsis) cucumeris; incl. A. thripsi McGill 1939, Neoseiulus thripsi]CM03

Neoseiulus graminis (Chant 1956) [=Amblyseius graminis; incl. Typhlodromus collyerae Chant 1959, T. exiguus Hirschmann 1962, T. herbarius Wainstein 1960]FH93

Neoseiulus huron (Chant & Hansell 1971) [=Amblyseius huron, *Dictydionotus huron, *Dictyonotus huron]CM03

Neoseiulus paspalivorus (De Leon 1957)CM03 [=Typhlodromus paspalivorusCM03, Cydnodromus paspalivorusRM07, T. (Amblyseius) paspalivorusRM07]

Neoseiulus queenslandensis McMurtry & Schicha 1987CM03 [=Amblyseius queenslandensisH98, Phytodromus queenslandensisH98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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