Spectacled caiman Caiman crocodilus, copyright Berrucomons.

Belongs within: Metasuchia.
Contains: Thalattosuchia, Pholidosauridae, Crocodylidae.

The Neosuchia are a clade of crocodylomorphs that has been defined as including all taxa closer to Crocodylus niloticus than to Notosuchus terrestris. This clade includes all living crocodilians.

<==Neosuchia [Metamesosuchia] SF03
|  i. s.: Susisuchus Salisbury, Frey et al. 2003 [Susisuchidae] SF03
|           `–*S. anatoceps Salisbury, Frey et al. 2003 SF03
|         Brillanceausuchus Michard et al. 1990 SF03, LB02
|           `–B. babouriensis SF03
|         Gilchristosuchus palatinus SF03
|–Atoposauridae GPS06
|    |–Theriosuchus pusillus GPS06
|    |–Montsechosuchus depereti [=Alligatorium depereti] BC88
|    `–Alligatorium [incl. Alligatorellus, Atoposaurus] BC88
|         `–A. meyeri BC88
`–+–+–Thalattosuchia GPS06
|  `–Pholidosauridae GPS06
`–+–Goniopholidae GPS06
|    |–Sunosuchus SL01
|    |–Eutretauranosuchus delfsi GPS06
|    `–Goniopholis CRA04
|         |–G. gracilidens [=Nannosuchus gracilidens] BC88
|         `–G. paulistanus Roxo 1936 CRA04
`–+–Shamosuchus Mook 1924 BC88, SF03 [incl. Paralligator BC88]
|–Bernissartia Dollo 1885 GPS06, N85
|    `–B. fagesii Dollo 1883 SF03
`–Eusuchia GPS06
|–Borealosuchus formidabilis GPS06
|–Leidyosuchus BC88
|–Hylaeochampsa Owen 1874 GPS06, BC88
|    `–H. vectiana GPS06
|–Stomatosuchus Stromer 1925 [Stomatosuchidae] BC88
|    `–S. inermis SF03
`–Crocodylia BC88
|  i. s.: Diplocynodon RB05
|           |–D. darwini RRO00
|           |–D. hantoniensis RRO00
|           `–D. styriacus RB05
|         Pallimnarchus pollens F71
|         Rimasuchus Storrs 2003 LA04
|           `–*R. lloydi (Fourtau 1918) [=Crocodylus lloydi] LA04
|–+–Gavialidae AS09
|  |    |–Gavialis gangeticus GPS06
|  |    `–Tomistoma Müller 1846 AS09, LA04 [Tomistominae]
|  |         |–T. coppensi Pickford 1994 LA04
|  |         |–T. dowsoni Fourtau 1918 LA04
|  |         |–T. lusitanica Antunes 1967 LA04
|  |         `–T. schlegelii USDI77
|  `–Eosuchus lerichei GPS06
`–+–+–Crocodylidae GPS06
|  `–Osteolaemus tetraspis BC88, USDI77
|       |–O. t. tetraspis USDI77
|       `–O. t. osborni USDI77
`–Alligatoroidea D07
|  i. s.: Deinosuchus Colbert & Bird 1958 D07 [incl. Phobosuchus N85]
|           |–D. hatchery D07
|           |–D. riograndensis D07
|           `–D. rugosus D07
`–Alligatorinae ML14
|–Navajosuchus mooki ML14
`–+–+–Stangerochampsa mccabei AS09
|  `–Alligator GPS06
|       |–A. mississippiensis Daudin 1801 NS10
|       `–A. sinensis SF03
`–+–Paleosuchus BC88
|    |–P. palpebrosus DS86
|    `–P. trigonatus DS86
`–Caiman BC88
|  i. s.: C. sclerops GWN71
|         C. yacare USDI77
|–C. latirostris BC88
`–+–C. crocodilus BC88
|    |–C. c. crocodilus B81
|    |–C. c. apaporiensis USDI77
|    `–C. c. fuscus B81
`–Melanosuchus niger BC88, DS86

Inorganic: Caiman crocodilus protominilorientalus Okamura 1987 O87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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