Nepotilla amoena, copyright Anders Warén.

Belongs within: Raphitomidae.

Nepotilla is a primarily Australasian genus of conoids with a shell bearing sharply raised spiral keels and a deep, slit-like sutural sinus (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell very small, 1.5–6 mm, fusiform-biconic, angulate at periphry, sculptured with sharply raised spiral keels, usually crossed by rather distant lamellate axials, producing a coarse reticulation. Protoconch paucispiral of 1.5 whorls, tip smooth, oblique, acuminate, followed by cylindrical spirally lirate whorl. Sutural sinus exceedingly deep, slit-like.

<==Nepotilla Hedley 1918BW80
    |--*N. bathentoma (Verco 1909) [=Daphnella bathentoma]BW80
    |--N. aculeata (May 1915) [=Taranis aculeata]P66
    |--N. amoena (Sars 1878) [=Raphitoma amoena, Teretia amoena]BW80
    |--N. bartrumi Laws 1939P66
    |--N. carinata Laseron 1954P66
    |--N. diaphana May 1919P66
    |--N. excavata (Gatliff 1906) [=Daphnella excavata]P66
    |--N. fenestrata (Verco 1909) [=Daphnella fenestrata]P66
    |--N. finlayi Powell 1937P66
    |--N. lamellosa (Sowerby 1896)P66 [=Clathurella lamellosaP66, Daphnella lamellosaH22]
    |--N. legrandiL54
    |--N. microscopica (May 1915)P66 [=Taranis microscopicaP66, Daphnella microscopicaH22]
    |--N. nitidula Powell 1940P66
    |--N. powelli Dell 1956P66
    |--N. ‘powelli’ Ludbrook 1958 non Dell 1956P66
    |--N. serrata Laseron 1954P66
    |--N. tasmanicaL54
    |--N. triseriata (Verco 1909) [=Daphnella triseriata]P66
    |--N. tropicalis Hedley 1922P66
    `--N. vera Powell 1940P66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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