Neptunea despecta, photographed by Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Buccinoidea.

Neptunea is a genus of large whelks with a high spire and short to medium-long siphonal canal found in northern temperate and Arctic regions. Shells have a prominent spiral sculpture but weak or no axial sculpture (Kantor et al. 2022).

<==Neptunea Röding 1798 [incl. Chrysodomus Swainson 1840]KF22
    |--+--*N. antiqua (Linnaeus 1758)BR17, KF22, BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |  `--N. despecta (Linnaeus 1758)KF22 [=Murex despectusKF22, *Chrysodomus despectusKF22; incl. C. carinatusC64]
    `--+--N. fukueae Kira 1959KF22
       `--N. kurosio Oyama 1959KF22
Neptunea incertae sedis:
  N. alaskana (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) alaskanus]O27b
  N. amianta (Dall 1889)FP15, O27a [=Chrysodomus amiantusO27a]
  N. arthritica Bernardi 1858V89
  N. avalonensis (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) avalonensis]O27b
  N. bentleyi (Dall 1908) [=Trophon (Neptunea) bentleyi]O27b
  N. beringi (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) beringi]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ borealis Philippi 1850O27a
  N. callicerata (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) callicerata]O27b
  N. castanea [incl. N. badia]C64
  ‘Chrysodomus’ cassidariaeformis [=Tritonium cassidariaeformis]C64
  N. cepula (Sowerby 1880) [=Trophon (Neptunea) cepulus]O27b
  N. contrariaC60
  N. costaria Fraussen & Terryn 2007 (see below for synonymy)KF22
  N. cumingi Crosse 1862FP15, ZC10 [=N. arthritica cumingiiZC10]
  N. cymata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) cymatus]O27b
  N. disparilis (Dall 1891) [=Trophon (Neptunea) disparilis]O27b
  N. elegantula (Dall 1907) [=Trophon (Neptunea) elegantulus]O27b
  N. eucymata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) eucymata]O27b
  N. fuscolineata Pease 1860 [=Siphonalia fuscolineata]K65
  N. harpaC64
  ‘Chrysodomus’ insularis Dall 1894O27a
  N. ithitoma (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) ithitoma]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ ithius Dall 1919O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ liratus Martyn 1784O27a (see below for synonymy)
  N. macouni (Dall 1910) [=Trophon (Neptunea) macouni]O27b
  N. mandarinusH79
  N. multicostata (Eschscholtz 1829)O27b [=Murex multicostatusC64, Trophon (Neptunea) multicostatusO27b]
  ‘Chrysodomus’ nuceus Dall 1919O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ oncodes Dall 1907O27a
  N. orpheus (Gould 1849)O27b [=Fusus (Trophon) orpheusC64; incl. Trophon fabriciiC64]
  N. pacifica (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) pacificus]O27b
  N. peregrina (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) peregrinus]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ phoeniceus Dall 1891O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ pribiloffensis Dall 1919O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ rectirostris Carpenter 1864C64
  N. rotundata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) rotundatus]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ saturus [=Buccinum saturum]O27a
    |--C. s. saturusO27a
    |--C. s. beringianus Middendorff 1847O27a (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. s. communis Middendorff 1848O27a
    |--C. s. elatior Middendorff 1848O27a
    `--C. s. tabularis Dall 1919O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ schantaricusC64
  N. scitula (Dall 1891) [=Trophon (Neptunea) scitulus]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ sinistrorsusPP64
  ‘Chrysodomus’ smirnius Dall 1919O27a
  N. smithi (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) smithi]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ solutus Hermann 1781O27a
  N. staphylina (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) staphylinus]O27b
  N. stilesi Smith 1968BC01
  N. stuarti (Smith 1880) [=Trophon (Neptunea) stuarti]O27b
  ‘Chrysodomus’ vinosus Dall 1919O27a
  ‘Chrysodomus’ (Sulcosipho Dall 1916)O27a
    `--C. (S.) tabulatus Baird 1863O27a

‘Chrysodomus’ liratus Martyn 1784O27a [=Buccinum liratumC64, Murex lyratusC64; incl. M. Glomus cereus Chemnitz 1780–1795 (non-binomial)C64, Cereus conglomeratus Chemnitz 1780–1795 (non-binomial)C64, Fusus decemcostatusC64, Tritonium (Fusus) decemcostatumC64, Chrysodomus middendorfiiC64]

‘Chrysodomus’ saturatus beringianus Middendorff 1847O27a [=C. antiquus var. behringianaC64, Tritonium (Fusus) antiquum var. behringianaC64]

*Neptunea antiqua (Linnaeus 1758)BR17, KF22, BR17 [=Murex antiquusBR17, Chrysodomus antiquusO27a, Fusus antiquusN79, Tritonium (Fusus) antiquumC64; incl. T. deformisC64]

Neptunea costaria Fraussen & Terryn 2007 [incl. Costaria borealis Golikov 1977 non Chrysodomus borealis Philippi 1850]KF22

*Type species of generic name indicated


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