Nocardiopsis alba, copyright Leibniz-Institut DSMZ.

Belongs within: Streptosporangiales.

Nocardiopsis is a genus of filamentous bacteria forming aerial mycelia of long chains of smooth spores (Korn-Wendisch & Kutzner 1992).

Characters (from Korn-Wendisch & Kutzner 1992): Aerial mycelium with long chains of spores; spore surface smooth. Meso-diaminopimelic acid present; no diagnostic sugars; phospholipid type phosphatidylcholine; mycolic acids absent; menaquinones 10(H2)/(H4)/(H6); G+C content 64–69%.

Nocardiopsis Meyer 1976ZWR98
|--+--+--N. sediminisNC18
| | `--+--+--N. chromatogenes Li et al. 2006NC18
| | | `--N. halophila Al-Tai & Ruen 1994LL03, NC18 [incl. N. baichengensisNC18]
| | `--+--N. coralliicolaNC18
| | `--+--N. compostaNC18
| | `--N. potens Yassin et al. 2009NC18
| `--+--+--+--+--*Allosalinactinospora lopnorensisNC18
| | | | `--Lipingzhangella halophilaNC18
| | | `--+--Haloactinospora albaNC18
| | | `--Salinactinospora qingdaonensisNC18
| | `--+--+--N. akesuensisNC18
| | | `--N. mwathaeNC18
| | `--+--N. gilva Li et al. 2006NC18
| | `--+--N. rhodophaeaNC18
| | `--N. roseaNC18
| `--+--N. trehalosi (ex Dolak et al. 1981) Evtushenko et al. 2000NC18, LL03
| `--StreptomonosporaNC18
| |--+--S. halotoleransNC18
| | `--S. nanhaiensisNC18
| `--+--+--S. sediminisNC18
| | `--+--S. arabicaNC18
| | `--S. halophilaNC18
| `--+--S. tuzyakensisNC18
| `--+--S. amylolyticaNC18
| `--+--S. alba Li et al. 2003NC18
| |--S. flavalbaNC18
| `--+--S. algeriensisNC18
| `--S. salinaNC18
`--+--+--N. rhizosphaeraeNC18
| `--+--N. nikkonensisNC18
| `--+--N. salina Li et al. 2004NC18
| `--+--N. xinjiangensis Li, Li et al. 2003NC18, LL03
| `--+--N. kunsanensis Chun et al. 2000NC18
| `--N. litoralisNC18
`--+--N. fildesensisNC18
`--+--+--N. algeriensisNC18
| |--N. flavescens Fang et al. 2011NC18
| `--+--+--N. quinghaiensisNC18
| | `--+--N. arvandicaNC18
| | `--N. sinuspersiciNC18
| `--+--N. halotolerans Al-Zarban et al. 2002NC18
| `--+--+--*N. dassonvillei (Brocq-Rousseau 1904) Meyer 1976NC18, LL03, NC18 (see below for synonymy)
| | `--N. alborubida Grund & Kroppenstedt 1990NC18 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--N. synnemataformans Yassin et al. 1997NC18
| `--+--N. antarcticaNC18
| `--‘Streptomyces’ flavidofuscusNC18
`--+--N. lucentensisLL03
`--+--N. aegyptiaNC18
`--+--+--+--N. tropicaLL03
| | `--N. umidischolaeLL03
| `--+--N. terraeNC18
| `--+--N. nanhaiensisNC18
| `--N. oceaniNC18
`--+--+--N. alba Grund & Kroppenstedt 1990NC18
| `--+--N. alkaliphila Hozzein et al. 2004NC18
| `--N. listeri Grund & Kroppenstedt 1990NC18
`--+--N. prasina (Miyashita et al. 1984) Yassin et al. 1997NC18 [=N. alba ssp. prasinaLL03]
`--+--N. ganjiahuensisNC18
`--+--N. metallicusNC18
`--+--N. exhalansNC18
`--N. valliformisNC18

Nocardiopsis alborubida Grund & Kroppenstedt 1990NC18 [=N. dassonvillei ssp. albirubidaNC18, Streptomyces alborubidusK-WK92]

*Nocardiopsis dassonvillei (Brocq-Rousseau 1904) Meyer 1976NC18, LL03, NC18 [=Nocardia dassonvilleiLW03, Actinomadura dassonvilleiLW03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K-WK92] Korn-Wendisch, F., & H. J. Kutzner. 1992. The family Streptomycetaceae. In: Balows, A., H. G. Trüper, M. Dworkin, W. Harder & K.-H. Schleifer (eds) The Prokaryotes: A handbook on the biology of bacteria: Ecophysiology, isolation, identification, applications 2nd ed. vol. 1 pp. 921–995. Springer-Verlag: New York.

[LL03] Li, M.-G., W. J. Li, P. Xu, X.-L. Cui, L.-H. Xu & C.-L. Jiang. 2003. Nocardiopsis xinjiangensis sp. nov., a halophilic actinomycete isolated from a saline soil sample in China. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 317–321.

[LW03] Lu, Z., L. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Shi, Z. Liu, E. T. Quintana & M. Goodfellow. 2003. Actinomadura catellatispora sp. nov. and Actinomadura glauciflava sp. nov., from a sewage ditch and soil in southern China. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 137–142.

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[ZWR98] Zhang, Z., Y. Wang & J. Ruan. 1998. Reclassification of Thermomonospora and Microtetraspora. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 48: 411–422.

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