Nola aerugula, copyright Ilia Ustyantsev.

Belongs within: Noctuoidea.

The Nolinae are a group of relatively small moths bearing scale-tufts on the wings, and with vein Sc+R1 in the hind wing fusing with Rs from its base to near the middle of the wing (Richards & Davies 1977).

<==Nolinae [Nolites]
|--Celama parvitis [=Adeixis parvitis]P27
|--Meganola albula (Denis & Schiffermüller 1775)JP05
|--Aquita tactalisC70
|--Manoba majorKP19
|--Uraba lugensC70 [=Nola lugensM86; incl. Toxoloma australeM86, Coesa viduellaM86]
|--Nola Leach 1815 [Nolini]FL05
| |--N. aerugula [incl. N. centonalis]RD77
| |--N. albula [incl. N. albulalis]D90
| |--N. cucullatella (Linnaeus 1758)JP05
| |--N. lechriopaC70
| `--N. metallopa Meyrick 1886M86
`--Roeselia Hübner 1825 [Roeseliidae]FL05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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