Notapion cf. tenuistriatum, copyright Denis Wilson.

Belongs within: Apioninae.

The Notapionini are shiny black apionine weevils with confluent mesocoxal cavities and at least some elytral striae incomplete (Zimmerman 1994).

Characters (from Zimmerman 1994): Shiny black with mostly smooth, shiny derm. Elytra with some or most striae poorly defined, incomplete or wanting and/or stria 1 continued basad of apex of scutellum and strongly curved laterad toward humeri and truncating interval 2 or intervals 2 and 3. Mesocoxal cavities confluent, mesocoxae contiguous or subcontiguous.

    |--Leaoapion Zimmerman 1994Z94
    |    `--*L. agonis (Lea 1898) [=Apion agonis]Z94
    |--Apotapion Zimmerman 1943Z94
    |    `--*A. gibbipennis [=Cybebus gibbipennis]Z94
    |--Neocyba Kissinger 1968Z94
    |    `--*N. metrosideros [=Apion metrosideros]Z94
    |--Kelainapion Zimmerman 1994Z94
    |    |--*K. inflaticolle (Lea 1926) [=Apion inflaticolle]Z94
    |    |--K. illawarrense (Lea 1926) [=Apion illawarrense, A. longicolle Lea 1910 (preoc.)]Z94
    |    `--K. stilbum (Lea 1910) [=Apion stilbum; incl. A. interoculare Lea 1926]Z94
    |--Lissapion Zimmerman 1994Z94
    |    |--*L. varistriatum (Lea 1926) [=Apion varistriatum; incl. A. atropolitum Lea 1926]Z94
    |    |--L. albertisii (Pascoe 1885) [=Apion albertisii]Z94
    |    `--L. sculpticeps (Lea 1926) [=Apion sculpticeps]Z94
    `--Notapion Zimmerman 1994Z94
         |--N. (Notapion)Z94
         |    |--*N. (N.) trilobicolle (Lea 1926) [=Apion trilobicolle]Z94
         |    |--N. (N.) mediopunctum (Lea 1926) [=Apion mediopunctum]Z94
         |    |--N. (N.) striatipenne (Lea 1926) [=Apion striatipenne]Z94
         |    |--N. (N.) tenuistriatum (Lea 1910) [=Apion tenuistriatum]Z94
         |    `--N. (N.) variroste (Lea 1926) [=Apion varirostre]Z94
         `--N. (Ganoapion Zimmerman 1994)Z94
              |--N. (*G.) clavicorne (Lea 1926) [=Apion clavicorne]Z94
              `--N. (G.) mednonstriatum (Lea 1926) [=Apion mednonstriatum]Z94

*Type species of generic name indicated


[Z94] Zimmerman, E. C. 1994. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 2. Brentidae, Eurhynchidae, Apionidae and a chapter on immature stages by Brenda May. CSIRO Australia.

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