Cardinal ladybird Rodolia cardinalis, copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Coccinellidae.

The Noviini are a cosmopolitan group of densely hairy ladybird beetles, most diverse in the Old World tropics (Ślipiński 2007).

Characters (from Ślipiński 2007): Body oval or elongate-oval, dorsum densely hairy. Head broad; eyes large, setose, broadly separated on vertex. Antenna seven- or eight-segmented, distinctly shorter than head capsule, scape enlarged, antennal club indistinct and serrate. Terminal maxillary palpomere large and strongly securiform; labial palps two-segmented. Prothoracic hypomeron without fovea near anterior angles; prosternum very short in front of coxae; prosternal process very narrow and setose without distinct carinae. Elytral epipleuron complete, not foveate. Protibia angulate externally. Tibia spurs absent; tarsi three-segmented. Abdominal postcoxal line recurved and complete. Larva covered by waxy secretion. Dorsal and lateral surfaces with small sclerites and nipple-shaped setose strumae. Head without epicranial stem, frontal arms variable. Antenna one- or two-segmented. Mandible unidentate apically. Ventral mouth parts fused at base into solid plate with lateral extensions encompassing labial palps. Maxillary palp two-segmented. Abdominal segments 1–8 with gland openings on intersegmental membranes. Pupa almost entirely enclosed in last larval skin.

<==Noviini [Noviares, Rodoliaires]S07
| i. s.: Novius Mulsant 1850S07
|--+--Anovia Casey 1920RS15, V02
| | `--A. virginalisV02
| `--Apolinus Pope & Lawrence 1990RS15, S07 [=Platyomus Mulsant 1853 non Sahlberg 1823S07]
| |--*A. lividigaster (Mulsant 1853) [=*Platyomus lividigaster, Scymnodes (*Apolinus) lividigaster]S07
| |--A. chappuisi (Weise 1923) [=Scymnodes chappuisi]S07
| |--A. cribratus (Blackburn 1895) [=Platyomus cribratus]S07
| |--A. rotundus (Blackburn 1889) [=Eupalea rotunda]S07
| |--A. spilotus (Weise 1923) [=Scymnodes spilotus]S07
| `--A. terminalis (Blackburn 1895) [=Platyomus terminalis]S07
`--Rodolia Mulsant 1850RS15, S07 [incl. Eurodolia Weise 1895S07, Macronovius Weise 1885V02]
|--*R. ruficollis Mulsant 1850S07
|--R. bella (Blackburn 1889) [=Novius bellus]S07
|--R. cardinalis (Mulsant 1850) [=Vedalia cardinalis, Eurodolia cardinalis]S07
|--R. discoidalis (Blackburn 1895) [=Novius discoidalis]S07
|--R. immaculata (Lea 1902) [=Novius immaculatus]S07
|--R. koebelei (Coquillet 1893) [=Novius koebelei]S07
|--R. limbata (Blackburn 1895) [=Novius limbatus]S07
|--R. lindi (Blackburn 1889) [=Novius lindi]S07
|--R. rubra (Blackburn 1889) [=Novius ruber]S07
|--R. sanguinolenta (Mulsant 1850) [=Novius sanguinolentus]S07
|--R. severini (Weise 1895) [=*Eurodolia severini]S07
|--R. simplicipennis (Blackburn 1895) [=Novius simplicipennis]S07
|--R. tridens (Lea 1902) [=Novius tridens]S07
`--R. tripustulata (Blackburn 1895) [=Novius tripustulatus]S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[RS15] Robertson, J. A., A. Ślipiński, M. Moulton, F. W. Shockley, A. Giorgi, N. P. Lord, D. D. McKenna, W. Tomaszewska, J. Forrester, K. B. Miller, M. F. Whiting & J. V. McHugh. 2015. Phylogeny and classification of Cucujoidea and the recognition of a new superfamily Coccinelloidea (Coleoptera: Cucujiformia). Systematic Entomology 40: 745–778.

[S07] Ślipiński, A. 2007. Australian Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Their biology and classification. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

[V02] Vandenberg, N. J. 2002. Coccinellidae Latreille 1807. In: Arnett, R. H., Jr, M. C. Thomas, P. E. Skelley & J. H. Frank (eds) American Beetles vol. 2. Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea pp. 371–389. CRC Press.

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