Section of Pseudovermiporella sodalica, from Loeblich & Tappan (1964).

Belongs within: Nubeculariida.

The Nubeculariidae are a group of often spreading or branched calcareous foraminifera known from the Middle Carboniferous to the present. Members of the subfamilies Nubeculariinae and some Nodobaculariinae have the test attached to their substrate; other members of the family have the test free (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test free or attached, planispiral or irregularly coiled, at least in early stages, later spreading or branched; aperture simple, rounded or slitlike or more rarely cribrate.

Nubeculariidae (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: Gheorghianina Loeblich & Tappan 1986HW93
|--Nubeculariinae [Nubeculinellinae]LT64
| | i. s.: Cornuspiramia Cushman 1928 [incl. Rhizonubecula Le Calvez 1935]LT64
| | |--*C. antillarum (Cushman 1922) [=Nubecularia antillarum]LT64
| | `--C. adherens (Le Calvez 1935) [=*Rhizonubecula adherens]LT64
| | Nubeculopsis Collins 1958LT64
| | `--*N. queenslandica Collins 1958LT64
| | Webbina d’Orbigny in de la Sagra 1839 [=Arwebbum Rhumbler 1913, Webbum Rhumbler 1913]LT64
| | `--*W. rugosa d’Orbigny in Barker-Webb & Berthelot 1839 [=*Arwebbum rugosum, *Webbum rugosum]LT64
| |--Nubeculinella Cushman 1930C40, LT64
| | `--*N. bigoti Cushman 1930LT64
| |--Nubecularia Defrance 1825C40
| | |--*N. lucifuga Defrance 1825LT64
| | `--N. nitida Chapman 1909F71
| `--+--Sinzowella Cushman 1933C40
| | `--*S. deformis (Karrer & Sinzow 1877) [=Nubecularia novorossica var. deformis]LT64
| `--Calcituba von Roboz 1884C40, LT64
| `--*C. polymorpha von Roboz 1884LT64
`--Nodobaculariinae [Nodophthalmidiinae]LT64
|--Nubeculina Cushman 1924LT64
| `--*N. divaricata (Brady 1879)LT64 [=Sagrina divaricataLT64, Nubecularia divaricataC40]
|--Nodobacularia Rhumbler 1895 [incl. Gymnesina Colom 1959, Pseudonubeculina Bartenstein & Brand 1949]LT64
| |--*N. tibia (Jones & Parker 1860) [=Nubecularia tibia]LT64
| |--N. glomerosa (Colom 1959) [=*Gymnesina glomerosa]LT64
| `--‘Nubecularia’ nodulosa Chapman 1891 (see below for synonymy)LT64
|--Vertebralina d’Orbigny 1826LT64
| |--*V. striata d’Orbigny 1826LT64
| |--V. catenaH04
| |--V. furcataH04
| |--V. insignisH04
| `--V. mucronataH04
`--Nodophthalmidium Macfadyen 1939 (see below for synonymy)LT64
|--*N. compressum (Rhumbler 1906) [=Nodobacularia compressa]LT64
|--N. costatum (Bogdanovich 1952) [=*Sarmatiella costata]LT64
|--N. millettiC40
|--N. obscurum (Bogdanovich 1960) [=*Foraminella obscura]LT64
`--N. primumLT64

Nodophthalmidium Macfadyen 1939 [incl. Foraminella Bogdanovich 1960 non Guilding ex Sowerby 1835; Sarmatiella Bogdanovich 1952]LT64

‘Nubecularia’ nodulosa Chapman 1891 [=*Pseudonubeculina nodulosa; incl. Lagenammina pyriformis, Nodophthalmidium pyriforme]LT64

Nubeculariidae [Calcitubida, Inaequilateralidae, Inequilateralidae, Nubecularida, Nubecularidae, Nubecularina, Nubecularinae, Ovulinetta, Vertebralinidae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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