Nyctozoilus deyrolli, copyright Matthew Frawley.

Belongs within: Heleini.

Nyctozoilus is a genus of tenebrionid beetles found in arid regions of Australia. Species are variable in form but are invariably wingless with bidentate mandibles (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Length 11–26 mm. Integument non-metallic. Eyes small, widely separated. Apex of mandible bidentate. Apical maxillary palpomere may be securiform or cultriform. Prothoracic margin posteriorly sinuate at most. Scutellum much wider than long. Wings entirely absent. Metaventrite shorter than first ventrite. Under surface of basal tarsomeres with vestiture usually biseriate, channelled in middle.

<==Nyctozoilus Guérin-Méneville 1830 (see below for synonymy)MB08
|--*N. obesus Guérin-Méneville 1830MB08 [=*Sphenogenius obesusMB08; incl. N. clathratusMas86]
|--N. acuticollis (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus acuticollis]MB08
|--N. andersoni (Carter 1930) [=Byallius andersoni; incl. N. macleayi Carter 1926 non Hypocilibe macleayi Bates 1872]MB08
|--N. approximatus Blackburn 1896MB08
|--N. batesi (Haag-Rutenberg 1878) [=Onosterrhus batesi]MB08
|--N. bos (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus bos]MB08
|--N. carbonarius Carter 1911MB08
|--N. carlovillensis Carter 1922MB08
|--N. carteri Matthews 2004 [=Aethalides marginicollis Carter 1909 non Onosterrhus marginicollis Bates 1872]MB08
|--N. costatus (Carter 1934) [=Onosterrhus costatus]MB08
|--N. costipennis (Carter 1909) [=Aethalides costipennis]MB08
|--N. coxi (Carter 1914) [=Aethalides coxi]MB08
|--N. crassicornis Blackburn 1896MB08
|--N. crassus Carter 1924MB08
|--N. crenaticollis Macleay 1886Mac86
|--N. daemeli Haag-Rutenberg 1878MB08
|--N. deani (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus deani]MB08
|--N. decemcostatus (Carter 1909) [=Aethalides decemcostatus]MB08
|--N. denticollis Carter 1921MB08
|--N. deyrolli Bates 1873MB08
|--N. duboulayi (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus duboulayi]MB08
|--N. geomastersi Matthews 2004 [=Byallius mastersi Carter 1909 non N. mastersi Macleay 1872]MB08
|--N. goudiei (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus goudiei]MB08
|--N. granulatus (Carter 1930) [=Onosterrhus granulatus]MB08
|--N. hackeri (Carter 1930) [=Onosterrhus hackeri]MB08
|--N. hardcastlei Carter 1911MB08
|--N. impunctatus (Haag-Rutenberg 1878) [=Hypocilibe impunctata]MB08
|--N. inaequalis Blackburn 1896MB08
|--N. irregularis Blackburn 1896MB08
|--N. jaystepheni Matthews 2004 [=Aethalides stepheni Carter 1914 non Agasthenes stepheni Carter 1909]MB08
|--N. kennedyi (Carter 1914) [=Onosterrhus kennedyi]MB08
|--N. laetus (Blackburn 1890) [=Hypocilibe laeta]MB08
|--N. laevipennis (Haag-Rutenberg 1878) [=Onosterrhus laevipennis]MB08
|--N. laevis (Pascoe 1866) [=*Onosterrhus laevis]MB08
|--N. lateralis Carter 1925MB08
|--N. lugubris (Blackburn 1890) [=Hypocilibe lugubris; incl. H. inconspicua Blackburn 1890]MB08
|--N. macleayanus Matthews 2004 [=N. macleayi Carter 1926 nec Hypocilibe macleayi Bates 1872 nec Carter 1926]MB08
|--N. macleayi (Bates 1872) [=*Hypocilibe macleayi]MB08
|--N. major (Blackburn 1890) [=Hypocilibe major; incl. H. heroina Blackburn 1896]MB08
|--N. marginatus Carter 1921MB08
|--N. marginicollis (Bates 1872) [=Onosterrhus marginicollis]MB08
|--N. mastersi Macleay 1872MB08
|--N. nicholsoni Carter 1926MB08
|--N. obesulus Matthews 2004 [=Onosterrhus obesus Carter 1933 non N. obesus Guérin-Méneville 1830]MB08
|--N. ooldensis (Carter 1918) [=Onosterrhus ooldensis]MB08
|--N. opacus (Bates 1872) [=Onosterrhus opacus]MB08
|--N. parvus Carter 1918MB08
|--N. politus (Carter 1933) [=Onosterrhus politus]MB08
|--N. punctipennis (Bates 1873) [=Aethalides punctipennis]MB08
|--N. punctocostatus Carter 1921MB08
|--N. punctulatus (Bates 1873) [=Onosterrhus punctulatus]MB08
|--N. pusillus Carter 1924MB08
|--N. pustulatus (Carter 1937) [=Onosterrhus pustulatus]MB08
|--N. reticulatus Bates 1872MB08
|--N. robertus (Carter 1934) [=Onosterrhus robertus]MB08
|--N. rotundatus (Blackburn 1890) [=Hypocilibe rotundata]MB08
|--N. ruficornis Carter 1911MB08
|--N. sculpturatus (Blackburn 1890) [=Hypocilibe sculpturata]MB08
|--N. sexcostatus Champion 1894MB08
|--N. sloanei Blackburn 1894MB08
|--N. socius (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus socius]MB08
|--N. squamosus (Carter 1911) [=Onosterrhus squamosus]MB08
|--N. stepheni (Carter 1909) [=Agasthenes stepheni]MB08
|--N. subsculptus Carter 1936MB08
|--N. sulcatus (Carter 1914) [=*Ononyctus sulcatus]MB08
|--N. taylori Carter 1927MB08
|--N. tepperi (Carter 1937) [=Agasthenes tepperi]MB08
|--N. vagepunctatus (Haag-Rutenberg 1878) [=Onosterrhus vagepunctatus]MB08
|--N. variabilis Carter 1940MB08
|--N. vermniculatus Carter 1911MB08
|--N. veternosus (Blackburn 1900) [=Hypocilibe veternosa]MB08
`--N. vittatus (Blackburn 1894) [=Hypocilibe vittata]MB08

Nyctozoilus Guérin-Méneville 1830 [=Sphenogenius Solier 1848; incl. Aethalides Bates 1873, Hypocilibe Bates 1872, Ononyctus Carter 1914, Onosterrhus Pascoe 1866]MB08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[Mac86] Macleay, W. 1886. The insects of the Fly River, New Guinea, “Coleoptera”. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (1): 136–157.

[Mas86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

[MB08] Matthews, E. G., & P. Bouchard. 2008. Tenebrionid Beetles of Australia: Descriptions of tribes, keys to genera, catalogue of species. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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