Nysson spinosus, copyright Sandy Rae.

Belongs within: Nyssonini.

Nysson is a genus of kleptoparasitic wasps found primarily in Eurasia and North America (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Clypeal apex thin, labrum not much exserted; flagellum various; frons plain above antennal bases or rarely with a raised point, inner eye margins strongly or moderately converging below, moderately and evenly emarginate above middle; fore wing with three submarginal cells, recurrent veins both received by petiolate cell II, or exceptionally second recurrent interstitial or slightly on III; marginal cell tapering or nearly rounded distally but ending at wing margin, stigma smaller than submarginal cell II; hindwing media diverging near cu-a or well beyond it; jugal lobe larger in outline than tegula; arolia present; female fore tarsus without a comb, male mid tibia with two spurs; posterior surface of hind tibia with hairs and small bristles only; outer apex of hind tibia projecting roundly or rather sharply; hind femur without a spoon-shaped outer distal truncation; metanotum relatively simple, often longitudinally carinate or areolate; lower metapleural area sometimes well defined; propodeal spines large, slender, or small, no secondary tooth below; gaster stout, segments single edged without a regular setal fringe but sometimes with shaggy pubescence; female sternum VI convex, sometimes narrowed and projecting beyond tergum VI but not saber-like; female pygidial plate rounded or nearly pointed apically; male sterna II to V without white hair tufts or rarely with some evidence of them; male tergum VII usually bidentate but sometimes tridentate or quinquedentate.

<==Nysson Latreille 1802-1803 [=Nysso Latreille 1796 (nom. rej.), Nyssonus Rafinesque-Schmaltz 1815]BM76
    |--N. spinosus (Forster 1771) (see below for synonymy)BM76
    |    |--N. s. spinosusBM76
    |    `--N. s. malaisei Gussakovskij 1933BM76
    |--N. alicantinus Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. argenteofasciatus Radoszkowski 1879BM76
    |--N. argenticus Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. aridulus Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. bakeri Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. barrei Radoszkowski 1893BM76
    |--N. basalis Smith 1856BM76
    |    |--N. b. basalisBM76
    |    `--N. b. taiwanus Tsuneki 1968BM76
    |--N. bohemicus Zavadil 1951BM76
    |--N. braunsii Handlirsch 1900BM76
    |--N. cardinalis Gussakovskij 1929BM76
    |--N. castaneus Radoszkowski 1877BM76
    |--N. castellanus Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. chevrieri Kohl 1879BM76
    |--N. chiengmaiensis Tsuneki 1963BM76
    |--N. chumash Pate 1940BM76
    |--N. compactus Cresson 1882BM76
    |--N. curtulus Morawitz 1892BM76
    |--N. daeckei Viereck 1904BM76
    |--N. dimidiatus Jurine 1807 (see below for synonymy)BM76
    |--N. doriae Gribodo 1884BM76
    |--N. dubius Olivier 1811BM76
    |--N. dusmeti Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. dutti Turner 1921BM76
    |--N. erubescens Morice 1911BM76
    |--N. erythropoda Cameron 1890BM76
    |--N. euphorbiae Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. fidelis Cresson 1882BM76
    |--N. fraternus Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. fulvipes Costa 1859BM76
    |--N. fulviventris Tsuneki 1970BM76
    |--N. gagates Bradley 1920BM76
    |--N. ganglebaueri Kohl 1912BM76
    |--N. gerstaeckeri Handlirsch 1887BM76
    |--N. hesperus Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. horni Strand 1913BM76
    |--N. hrubanti Balthasar 1972BM76
    |--N. humilis Handlirsch 1895BM76
    |--N. ibericus Handlirsch 1895BM76
    |--N. inornatus Beaumont 1967BM76
    |--N. interruptus (Fabricius 1798)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
    |--N. kolazyi Handlirsch 1887BM76
    |--N. konowi Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. laevis Pulawski 1964BM76
    |--N. lapillus Beaumont 1965BM76
    |--N. lateralis Packard 1867BM76
    |--N. laufferi Mercet 1904BM76
    |--N. maculosus (Gmelin 1790)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
    |--N. miegi Mercet 1904BM76
    |--N. mimulus Valkeila 1964 [incl. N. handlirschi Hellén 1955 non Schmiedeknecht 1896]BM76
    |--N. minutus Arnold 1929BM76
    |--N. monachus Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. nanus Handlirsch 1898BM76
    |--N. neorusticus Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. niger Chevrier 1868BM76
    |    |--N. n. nigerBM76
    |    `--N. n. pekingensis Tsuneki 1971BM76
    |--N. parietalis Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. pratensis Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. pumilus Cresson 1882BM76
    |--N. pusillus Beaumont 1953BM76
    |--N. quadriguttatus Spinola 1808 [incl. N. quadriguttatus Olivier 1811 non Spinola 1808]BM76
    |--N. recticornis Bradley 1920BM76
    |--N. roubali Zavadil 1937BM76
    |--N. rufiventris Cresson 1882 [incl. N. punctatus Ashmead 1897]BM76
    |--N. rufoflavus Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. rufus Handlirsch 1895BM76
    |--N. rugosus Cameron 1890BM76
    |--N. ruspolii Schulthess 1893BM76
    |--N. rusticus Cresson 1882BM76
    |    |--N. r. rusticusBM76
    |    `--N. r. sphecodoides Bradley 1920BM76
    |--N. ruthenicus Birula 1912BM76
    |--N. schlingeri Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. schmiedeknechtii Handlirsch 1900BM76
    |--N. sexguttatus Gussakovskij 1953BM76
    |--N. simplicicornis Fox 1896 (see below for synonymy)BM76
    |--N. subtilis Fox 1896BM76
    |--N. susterai Zavadil 1951BM76
    |--N. timberlakei Bohart 1968BM76
    |--N. trichrus (Mickel 1916) (see below for synonymy)BM76
    |--N. tridens Gerstaecker 1867BM76
    |    |--N. t. tridensBM76
    |    `--N. t. melas Müller 1920BM76
    |--N. trimaculatus (Rossi 1790) [=Crabro trimaculatus; incl. N. geniculatus Olivier 1811, N. nigripes Spinola 1808]BM76
    |    |--N. t. trimaculatusBM76
    |    `--N. t. japonicus Tsuneki 1964BM76
    |--N. tristis Cresson 1882BM76
    |--N. varelai Mercet 1909BM76
    |--N. variabilis Chevrier 1867 [incl. N. friesei Handlirsch 1887]BM76
    `--N. willowmorensis Brauns 1911BM76

Nysson dimidiatus Jurine 1807 [incl. N. decemnotatus Costa 1869, N. distinguendus Chevrier 1867, N. wesmaeli Lepeletier 1845]BM76

Nysson interruptus (Fabricius 1798)BM76 [=Mellinus interruptusBM76, Gorytes (Nysson) interruptaG20; incl. N. panzeri Lepeletier 1845BM76, N. shuckardi Wesmael 1852BM76, Ceropales spinosus Fabricius 1804 non Sphex spinosus Forster 1771BM76]

Nysson maculosus (Gmelin 1790)BM76 [=Sphex maculosusBM76, S. maculatus Fabricius 1787 non Evania maculata Fabricius 1775BM76, Nysson maculatusL02; incl. Mellinus dissectus Panzer 1800BM76, N. dubius Costa 1859 non Olivier 1811BM76, N. guttatus Olivier 1811BM76, N. lineolatus Schenck 1857BM76, N. omissus Dahlbom 1845BM76]

Nysson simplicicornis Fox 1896 [incl. N. kaskaskia Pate 1938, Brachystegus maculipes Mickel 1916, N. minimus Rohwer 1921 non Turner 1915]BM76

Nysson spinosus (Forster 1771) [=Sphex spinosus; incl. Vespa bidens Linnaeus 1767 (n. d.), Nysson geniculatus Lepeletier 1845 non Olivier 1811, Crabro spinosus Fabricius 1775 non Sphex spinosus Forster 1771, *N. spinosus, Mellinus tricinctus Fabricius 1793, Vespa trilineata Turton 1802]BM76

Nysson trichrus (Mickel 1916) [=Brachystegus trichrus; incl. N. melanopus Pate 1938, N. nigripes Provancher 1887 non Spinola 1808]BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[G20] Goldfuss, G. A. 1820. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte vol. 3. Handbuch der Zoologie pt 1. Johann Leonhard Schrag: Nürnberg.

[L02] Latreille, P. A. 1802. Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière des crustacés et des insectes vol. 3. Familles naturelles des genres. F. Dufart: Paris.

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