Blanket octopus Tremoctopus violaceus, copyright Cassandra L. Cox.

Belongs within: Neocoleoidea.
Contains: Grimpoteuthididae, Opisthoteuthididae, Octopodidae.

The Octopoda, octopuses, are a group of stout-bodied cephalopods with eight arms and no tentacles. A small internal shell is present in members of the suborder Cirrata which also have a pair of fins on the head and cilia-like cirri associated with the suckers on the arms; all three features are absent in the suborder Incirrata. Within the Incirrata, a clade Argonautoidea is characterised by the presence of a detachable hectocotylus that develops in a sac (Young et al. 1998).

Octopoda [Octopodida]
    |  i. s.: PolypusH09
    |           |--P. octopodia [=Eledone (Polypus) octopodia]G20
    |           |--P. pictus (Brock 1882) [=Octopus pictus]H09
    |           |--P. polyzenia (Gray 1849) [=Octopus polyzenia]H09
    |           `--P. tenebricus (Smith 1884) [=Octopus tenebricus]H09
    |         Amphioctopus marginatusKVF11
    |--Cirrata [Cirroctopoda]O99
    |    |  i. s.: Chunioteuthis gilchristi (Robson 1924) [=Cirrhoteuthis gilchristi]O99
    |    |         Cirroteuthopsis massayae Grimpe 1920O99
    |    |         Frokenia clara Hoyle 1904O99
    |    |--GrimpoteuthididaeO99
    |    |--OpisthoteuthididaeO99
    |    |--StauroteuthisGO06 [StauroteuthididaeYVD98]
    |    |    `--S. syrtensisGO06
    |    |--Luteuthis O’Shea 1999 [Luteuthididae]O99
    |    |    |--*L. dentatus O’Shea 1999O99
    |    |    `--‘Grimpoteuthis’ tuftsi Voss & Pearcy 1990O99
    |    `--CirroteuthididaeO99
    |         |--Cirroteuthis Eschricht 1836O99
    |         |    `--*C. muelleri Eschricht 1836O99
    |         `--Cirrothauma Chun 1911O99
    |              |--*C. murrayi Chun 1911O99
    |              `--C. magna (Hoyle 1885) [=Cirroteuthis magna]O99
         |  i. s.: PalaeoctopodidaeD93
         |           |--Palaeoctopus newboldi (Woodward 1896)YVD98, D93
         |           `--Proteroctopus ribeti Fischer & Riou 1982D93
         |--Vitreledonella Joubin 1918 [Vitreledonellidae]O99
         |    `--*V. richardi Joubin 1918O99
         |--Amphitretus Hoyle 1885 [Amphitretidae, Idioctopodidae]O99
         |    |--*A. pelagicus Hoyle 1885 [incl. Idioctopus gracilipes Taki 1964]O99
         |    `--A. thielei Robson 1930 [=A. pelagicus thielei]O99
         |--Bolitaenidae [Bathypelagoctopoda, Bolitaenoidea]O99
         |    |--Haliphron atlanticusYVD98, O99 [incl. Alloposus mollisO99]
         |    |--Bolitaena Steenstrup 1859O99
         |    |    `--*B. microtyla Steenstrup in Hoyle 1886O99
         |    |--Japetella Hoyle 1885O99
         |    |    `--J. diaphana (Hoyle 1885) [=Eledonella diaphana, Bolitaena diaphana, Chunella diaphana]O99
         |    `--Eledonella Verrill 1884O99
         |         `--*E. pygmaea Verrill 1884 (see below for synonymy)O99
              `--+--Tremoctopus delle Chiaje 1830O99 [TremoctopodidaeYVD98]
                 |    |--*T. violaceus delle Chiaje 1830O99
                 |    |    |--T. v. violaceusO99
                 |    |    `--T. v. gracilisO99
                 |    |--T. gelatusO99
                 |    `--T. robsonianus Kirk 1883 [=T. robsoni (l. c.)]O99
                 `--+--Ocythoe Rafinesque 1814O99 [OcythoidaeYVD98]
                    |    `--*O. tuberculata Rafinesque 1814O99
                         |--Obinautilus Kobayashi 1954D93, K64
                         |    `--*O. pulcher Kobayashi 1954K64
                         `--Argonauta Linnaeus 1758O99 [incl. Hectocotylus Cuvier 1829BRW98]
                              |--*A. argo Linnaeus 1758O99 [incl. A. bulleri Kirk 1885O99, A. papyraceaC64]
                              |--A. boettgeri Maltzan 1881P61
                              |--A. cymbium Linnaeus 1758L58
                              |--A. hians Solander 1786P61
                              |--A. navicula Lightfoot 1786K65
                              |--A. nodosa Solander 1786 [incl. A. gracilis Kirk 1885, A. tuberculata Shaw 1791]O99
                              `--A. oryzata McCoy 1882BRW98

*Eledonella pygmaea Verrill 1884 [incl. E. ijimae Sasaki 1929, Bolitaena ijimai, E. massayae Robson 1924, B. massayae, Japetella prismatica Hoyle 1885, B. massayae purpurea Robson 1932, Eledonella sheardi Allan 1945]O99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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