Pentagonica vittipennis, copyright M. P. Navest.

Belongs within: Harpalinae.
Contains: Scopodes.

The Odacanthini are a cosmopolitan group of ground beetles characterised by a short first antennal segment, not forming a distinct scape, together with the head being posteriorly narrowed to a ‘neck’ and the prothorax being subcylindrical. Many Odacanthini produce formic acid for defense but some genera such as Pentagonica and Scopodes produce saturated acids instead. Such genera have historically been treated as a distinct tribe Pentagonicini but are united with the Odacanthini by phylogenetic analysis.

<==Odacanthini [Casnoniae, Colliurini, Lasiocerini, Pentagonicinae, Pentagonicini, Pentagonicitae, Scopodini]
    |--Pentagonica Schmidt-Goebel 1846OM08, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*P. ruficollis Schmidt-Goebel 1846 [incl. P. dichroa Sloane 1903]LM87
    |    |--P. atkinsoni Fauvel 1882LM87
    |    |--P. blanda Andrewes 1929LM87
    |    |--P. conradtiB55
    |    |--P. elegansB55
    |    |--P. erichsoni Schmidt-Goebel 1846LM87
    |    |--P. felix Bell 1987BB01
    |    |--P. flavipesBB01
    |    |--P. olivacea Chaudoir 1877LM87
    |    |--P. pallipes (Nietner 1856) [=Elliotia pallipes]LM87
    |    |--‘Rhombodera’ picea Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
    |    |--P. picticornis Bates 1883BB01
    |    |--P. roedingeriOM08
    |    `--P. vittipennis Chaudoir 1877 [incl. *Wakefieldia vittata Broun 1880]LM87
    `--+--+--Celaenephes Schmidt-Goebel 1846OM08, LM87 [incl. Taromorpha Blackburn 1894LM87]
       |  |    |--*C. parallelus Schmidt-Goebel 1846LM87
       |  |    `--C. linearis (Walker 1858) [=Leistus linearis; incl. *Taromorpha alternata Blackburn 1894]LM87
       |  `--+--LasioceraOM08
       |     `--+--Stenidia rugucollisOM08
       |        `--+--Clarencia Sloane 1917OM08, LM87
       |           |    |--*C. aliena (Pascoe 1860) (see below for synonymy)LM87
       |           |    `--C. quadridens Darlington 1968LM87
       |           `--Dicraspeda Chaudoir 1862OM08, B12
       |                |--*D. brunnea Chaudoir 1862 [incl. Eudalia sublaevis Macleay 1888]LM87
       |                |--D. brunneipennis (Sloane 1917) [=Eudalia brunneipennis]LM87
       |                |--D. dubia (Gestro 1879) [=Odacantha dubia]LM87
       |                |--D. nitida (Sloane 1917) [=Eudalia nitida]LM87
       |                `--D. obscura (Castelnau 1867) [=Casnonia obscura]LM87
       `--+--+--Actenonyx bembidiodesOM08
          |  `--ScopodesOM08
          `--+--Casnoidea Castelnau 1834LM87
             |     |--*C. cyanocephala (Fabricius 1798) [=Cicindela cyanocephala]LM87
             |     |--C. puncticollis (Sloane 1923) [=Ophionea puncticollis]LM87
             |     `--C. thouzeti (Castelnau 1867) [=Ophionea thouzeti]LM87
             `--Colliuris De Geer 1774OM08, BB01 [=Casnonia Latreille 1822BB01]
                  |  i. s.: ‘Casnonia’ flavicauda Bates 1873B89
                  |         C. longicollis [=Collyris longicollis]L02
                  |         C. par Darlington 1968LM87
                  |--*C. (Colliuris) surinamensis (Linnaeus 1766) [=Attelabus surinamensis, *Casnonia surinamensis]LM87
                  |--C. (Calocolliuris Liebke 1938) [=Calocollius (l. c.)]BB01
                  |    `--C. (C.) ludoviciana (Sallé 1849)BB01
                  `--C. (Cosnania Dejean 1821) [incl. Odacanthella Liebke 1930]BB01
                       |--C. (C.) lengi (Schaeffer 1910)BB01
                       |--C. (C.) lioptera (Bates 1891)BB01
                       `--C. (C.) pensylvanica (Linnaeus 1767)BB01
Odacanthini incertae sedis:
  Odacantha melanura [=Brachinus (Odacantha) melanurus]G20
  Porocara Sloane 1917B12
    `--*P. punctata Sloane 1917LM87
  Eudalia Castelnau 1867B12
    |--*E. latipennis (Macleay 1864) [=Odacantha latipennis; incl. E. waterhousii Castelnau 1867]LM87
    |--E. castelnaui Sloane 1910LM87
    |--E. froggatti Macleay 1888LM87
    |--E. macleayi Bates 1871LM87
    |--E. nigra Sloane 1900LM87
    `--E. obliquiceps Sloane 1917LM87
  Parascopodes Darlington 1968LM87
    `--*P. cyaneus (Sloane 1907) [=Scopodes cyaneus]LM87
  Aeolodermus Andrewes 1929BB01
    `--A. emarginatus (Chaudoir 1872) [=Homothes (l. c. for Homethes) emarginatus]LM87
  Homethes Newman 1842BB01 [=Homothes (l. c.)LM87]
    |--*H. elegans Newman 1842 [incl. H. micans Germar 1848]LM87
    |--H. angulatus Blackburn 1892LM87
    |--H. gracilis Blackburn 1892LM87
    |--H. guttifer Germar 1848LM87
    |--H. marginipennis Macleay 1871LM87
    |--H. niger Sloane 1920LM87
    |--H. rotundatus Blackburn 1892LM87
    |--H. sericeus (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--H. velutinus Macleay 1871LM87

*Clarencia aliena (Pascoe 1860) [=Casnonia aliena; incl. Ca. angusticollis Macleay 1888, Ca. australis Chaudoir 1862, Ca. clarensii Castelnau 1867]LM87

Homethes sericeus (Erichson 1842) [=Euleptus sericeus; incl. H. parvicollis Blackburn 1892, H. vicinus Sloane 1898, Homothes (l. c.) vicinus]LM87

Pentagonica Schmidt-Goebel 1846OM08, LM87 [incl. Didetus LeConte 1853BB01, Rhombodera Reiche 1842 (preoc.)BB01, Wakefieldia Broun 1880LM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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