Odontomachus monticola, copyright Johnsonwang6688.

Belongs within: Ponerinae.

Odontomachus is a pantropical genus of ants characterised by long and straight mandibles inserted just on either side of the cephalic midline with three large teeth near the tip arranged in a vertical series, together with a single tooth or spine at the apex of the petiole, and dark, inverted V-shaped apophyseal lines on the back of the head converging to form a distinct, sometimes shallow groove or ridge on the upper back of the head (Fisher & Smith 2008).

<==Odontomachus Latreille 1804 (see below for synonymy)Z01
|--*O. haematodus (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy)Z01
|--O. bauriFS08
|--O. brunneusWW90
|--O. cephalotes Smith 1863TB85
|--O. cheliferMC05
|--O. clarus [=O. haematoda clarus]WW90
|--O. coquereli Roger 1861 [incl. O. coquereli minor Emery 1899]FS08
|--O. fulgidus Wang 1993Z01
|--O. granatus Wang 1993Z01
|--O. hastatusMC05
|--O. monticola Emery 1892 (see below for synonymy)Z01
|--O. rixosus Smith 1857 [incl. O. rixosus var. obscurior]B03
|--O. ruficeps Smith 1858 (see below for synonymy)TB85
| |--O. r. ruficepsB88
| `--O. r. coriarius Mayr 1876B88, TB85
|--O. simillimus Smith 1858 (see below for synonymy)FS08
|--O. troglodytes Santschi 1914 [=O. haematodes troglodytes; incl. O. haematodus stanleyi Wheeler 1922]FS08
|--O. turneri Forel 1900 [=O. ruficeps turneri]TB85
`--O. tyrannicusFS08

Odontomachus Latreille 1804 [incl. Chapsomyrmex Emery 1892, Myrtoteras Matsumura 1918, Pedetes Bernstein 1861 non Kirby 1837; Odontomachini]Z01

*Odontomachus haematodus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Formica haematoda; incl. O. haematodus r. pubescens var. bruneipes Emery 1893, O. hirsutiusculus Smith 1858, Formica maxillosa De Geer 1773, O. haematodus var. pallipes Crawley 1916]Z01

Odontomachus monticola Emery 1892 [incl. O. monticola var. formosae Forel 1912, O. monticola var. hainanensis Stitz 1925, O. monticola var. longi Forel 1900, O. monticola var. major Forel 1913, O. monticola pauperculus Wheeler 1921, O. monticola r. punctulatus Forel 1900, O. latidens striata Menozzi 1930]Z01

Odontomachus ruficeps Smith 1858 [incl. O. ruficeps acutidens Forel 1900, O. coriarius magnus Mayr 1876, O. coriarius obscura Crawley 1922, O. ruficeps rubriceps Forel 1915, O. ruficeps rufescens Forel 1915, O. coriarius semicircularis Mayr 1876, O. septentrionalis Crawley 1915, O. sharpei Forel 1893]TB85

Odontomachus simillimus Smith 1858 [incl. O. haematoda var. breviceps Crawley 1915, O. haematodes var. fuscipennis Forel 1913, Ponera pallidicornis Smith 1860]FS08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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