Proceratophrys bigibbosa, copyright Axel Kwet.

Belongs within: Hyloidea.

The Odontophrynidae are a family of large-bodied, wide-headed frogs found in eastern and southern South America.

<==Odontophrynidae [Odontophryninae, Odontophrynini]PW11
|--+--Macrogenioglottus Carvalho 1946PW11, FG06
| | `--M. alipioiPW11
| `--Odontophrynus Reinhardt & Lütken 1862PW11, FG06
| |--O. carvalhoiPW11
| `--+--+--O. achalensisPW11
| | `--O. occidentalisPW11
| `--+--O. americanusPW11
| `--O. cultripesPW11
`--Proceratophrys Miranda-Ribeiro 1920PW11, FG06
|--+--P. cristicepsPW11
| `--P. schirchiPW11
`--+--+--+--P. appendiculataPW11
| | `--P. melanopogonPW11
| `--+--P. avelinoiPW11
| `--P. bigibbosaPW11
`--+--+--P. goyanaPW11
| `--+--P. concavitympanumPW11
| `--‘Odontophrynus’ moratoiPW11
`--+--P. cururuPW11
`--+--P. laticepsPW11
`--+--P. boieiPW11
`--P. renalisPW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[PW11] Pyron, R. A., & J. J. Wiens. 2011. A large-scale phylogeny of Amphibia including over 2800 species, and a revised classification of extant frogs, salamanders, and caecilians. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61: 543–583.

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