Odynerus spinipes, copyright Kostas Zontanos.

Belongs within: Eumeninae.

Odynerus is a primarily Holarctic genus of mason wasps in which the tegula are evenly rounded posteriorly and do not reach the end of the parategula, and male antennae are apically spiralled. The type species, O. spinipes, is found in western Europe and constructs nests in vertical earthen banks that are provisioned with weevil larvae of the genus Hyperba.

<==Odynerus Latreille 1802C85
|--O. (Odynerus)G20
| |--*O. (O.) spinipes (Linnaeus 1758) [=Vespa spinipes]C85
| `--O. (O.) murarius (Linnaeus 1758)G20, L58 [=Vespa murariaL02, Eumenes (O.) murariaG20]
|--O. (Leionotus) aurantiacus Mocsáry 1877MS01
`--O. (Stenancistrocerus)B06
|--O. (S.) abditus Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) assumptionis Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) concavus Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) dallatorrei Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) foveolatus Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) henrici Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) holmbergii Brèthes 1906B06
|--O. (S.) mendozanus Brèthes 1906B06
`--O. (S.) platensis Brèthes 1906B06

Odynerus incertae sedis:
O. ameghinoiB06
O. antilopeMS01
O. apicipennisB06
O. arcuatusB06
O. areatusB06
O. bifasciatusR13
O. bipustulatusB03
O. chiliotusB06
O. clarazianusB06
O. cinnabarinusCC85
O. crassicornisR13
O. dilectusCC85
O. dorsalisR13
O. erythrocephalusCC85
O. griseusB06
O. indecoratus Giordani Soika 1962 (see below for synonymy)C85
O. laevipesR13
O. lynchiiB05
O. margaretellusCC85
O. melanocephalusMS01
O. minutusMS01
O. multipictusB03
O. nugdunensisMS01
O. punctumK18
O. reaumuriiR13
O. rotundigasterCC85
O. saltensis Brèthes 1905B05
O. serratusB06
O. spiricornisR26
O. subtropicalis Brèthes 1903B05
O. venustus Brèthes 1905B05

Odynerus indecoratus Giordani Soika 1962 [=O. (Lionotus) (l. c. for Leionotus) decoratus Bingham 1912 non Saussure 1855]C85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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