Oecetis ochracea, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Leptoceridae.

Oecetis is a cosmopolitan genus of long-horned caddisflies characterised by an unbranched M vein in the fore wing, and an asymmetrical phallus in the male bearing one phallic spine.

<==Oecetis McLachlan 1877 [Oecetini] BZ-M04
    |–*O. ochracea (Curtis 1825) [=Leptocerus ochraceus] N83
    |–O. aeoloptera Kimmins 1953 N83
    |–O. arcada Mosely 1953 [incl. O. albodecorata Jacquemart 1965] N83
    |–O. asmanista Mosely 1953 (see below for synonymy) N83
    |–O. atarpa Mosely 1953 N83
    |–O. australis (Banks 1920) [=Oecetina australis] N83
    |–O. burtoni Neboiss 1978 N83
    |–O. complexa Kimmins 1953 N83
    |–O. cymula Neboiss 1982 N83
    |–O. gilva Neboiss 1977 N83
    |–O. grazalemae BZ-M04
    |–O. inscripta Kimmins 1953 N83
    |–O. laustra Mosely 1953 N83
    |–O. lurida Kimmins 1953 N83
    |–O. minasata Mosely 1953 N83
    |–O. multipunctata Ulmer 1916 N83
    |–O. parka Mosely 1953 N83
    |–O. pechana Mosely 1953 N83
    |–O. scirpicula Neboiss 1977 N83
    |–O. situlus Korboot 1964 N83
    |–O. umbra Neboiss 1977 N83
    `–O. walpolica Neboiss 1982 N83

Oecetis asmanista Mosely 1953 [incl. O. geevestonia Neboiss 1974, O. ochracea Jacquemart 1965 non Leptocerus ochraceus Curtis 1825] N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BZ-M04] Bonada, N., C. Zamora-Muñoz, M. Rieradevall & N. Prat. 2004. Trichoptera (Insecta) collected in Mediterranean river basins of the Iberian Peninsula: taxonomic remarks and notes on ecology. Graellsia 60 (1): 41–69.

[N83] Neboiss, A. 1983. Checklist and bibliography of the Australian caddis-flies (Trichoptera). Australian Society for Limnology Special Publication 5: 1–132.

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