Wall spider Oecobius navus, copyright Robert Whyte.

Belongs within: Entelegynae.

The Oecobiidae are a cosmopolitan group of small to medium-sized spiders that construct small star-shaped mesh-webs or multilayered webs over cracks or crevices in rocks or walls (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

| |--UroecobiinaeJD-S07
| | |--Urocteana Roewer 1961JD-S07
| | `--Uroecobius Jullmann & Zimmermann 1976JD-S07
| |--Urocteinae [Urocteidae]JD-S07
| | |--Paruroctea blauvelti Petrunkevitch 1942S93
| | `--Uroctea Dufour 1820JD-S07
| | `--U. durandiA99
| `--OecobiinaeJD-S07
| |--Paroecobius Lamoral 1981JD-S07
| |--Platoecobius Chamberlin & Ivie 1935JD-S07
| `--Oecobius Lucas 1846PVD10
| |--*O. navus Blackwell 1859PVD10
| |--O. annulipes Lucas 1846E12
| |--O. cellariorumJD-S07
| |--O. concinnus (Simon 1893)GLV14
| `--O. domesticus Lucas 1846E12
| i. s.: Tama Simon 1882JD-S07
| Neotama Baehr & Baehr 1993JD-S07
| Murricia Simon 1882JD-S07
| Promurricia Baehr & Baehr 1993JD-S07
| Tyrotama Foord & Dippenaar-Scoeman 2005JD-S07
| Yabisi Rheims & Brescovit 2004JD-S07
| Gerdia myura Menge 1854S93
| Fictotama extincta Petrunkevitch 1971P92
| Perturbator corniger Petrunkevitch 1971P92
| Priscotama antiqua Petrunkevitch 1971P92
| Prototama succinea Petrunkevitch 1971P92
| Tamopsis Baehr & Baehr 1993JD-S07
| | i. s.: T. forrestae Baehr & Baehr 1988 [=T. forresti]BB95
| | T. gibbosaBB95
| | T. grayiBB95
| | T. piankaiBB95
| | T. reevesbyanaBB95
| |--T. brachycauda Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| |--+--*T. eucalypti (Rainbow 1900) [=Tama eucalypti]BB95
| | `--T. brisbanensis Baehr & baehr 1987BB95
| |--+--T. darlingtoniana Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| | `--T. daviesae Baehr & Baehr 1987 [=T. daviesi]BB95
| |--+--T. distinguenda Baehr & Baehr 1992BB95
| | |--T. facialis Baehr & Baehr 1993BB95
| | |--T. kochi Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| | |--T. queenslandicaBB95
| | `--T. weiri Baehr & Baehr 1995BB95
| `--+--T. fickerti (Koch 1876) [=Chalinura fickerti]BB95
| |--T. fitzroyensis Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| |--T. jongi Baehr & Baehr 1995BB95
| |--T. longbottomi Baehr & Baehr 1993BB95
| |--T. marriBB95
| |--T. occidentalis Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| |--T. perthensis Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| |--T. petricola Baehr & Baehr 1995BB95
| |--T. pseudocircumvidens Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
| `--T. tropica Baehr & Baehr 1987BB95
|--Hersilia Audouin 1826WC17, JD-S07
| |--*H. caudataS69
| |--H. australiensisBB95
| |--H. calcuttensis Stoliczka 1869S69
| |--H. edwardsii Lucas 1846E12
| |--H. indica Lucas 1836 [incl. H. savignyi Lucas 1836]S69
| |--H. mainae Baehr & Baehr 1995BB95
| |--H. mimbiBB95
| |--H. miranda Koch & Berendt 1854S93
| |--H. oraniensis Lucas 1846E12
| |--H. sericeaWC17
| |--H. sumatrana Thor. 1890K92
| `--H. versicolorS69
`--+--Ypypuera Rheims & Brescovit 2004WC17, JD-S07
| `--Y. cruciferaWC17
`--+--Iviraiva Rheims & Brescovit 2004WC17, JD-S07
| `--I. argentinaWC17
`--Hersiliola Thorell 1870WC17, JD-S07
`--H. macullulataWC17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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