Locusta migratoria, copyright Alpsdake.

Belongs within: Acridoidea.

The Oedipodinae are a group of grasshoppers characterised by male genitalia in which the ventral aedeagal valves are very closely associated with the dorsal valves, and the narrow ventral lobe appears to participate in directing the neck of the spermatophore into the spermathecal duct (Eades 2000).

<==Oedipodinae P05
|–Dissosteira carolina E00
|–Camnula pellucida E00
|–Arphia BM76
|–Celes variabilis BM76, B01
|–Encoptolophus BM76
|–Pardalophora BM76
|–Sciretetica BM76
|–Spharagemon BM76
|–Trilophida annulata BM76
|–Xyleus BM76
|–Duroniella P05
|    |–D. fracta (Kraus 1890) P05
|    `–D. laticornis (Karus 1909) P05
|–Acrotylus P05
|    |–A. insubricus (Scopoli 1786) P05
|    |–A. patruelis Y70
|    `–A. strepens D95
|–Aiolopus P05
|    |–A. strepens (Latreille 1804) P05
|    |–A. tamulus BM76
|    `–A. thalassinus (Fabricius 1781) P05
|–Trimerotropis BM76
|    |–T. citrina D37
|    |–T. cyaneipennis SM87
|    |–T. suffusa SM87
|    `–T. pallidipennis Z94
|–Sphingonotus P05
|    |–S. erythropterus R96
|    |–S. lucasii Saussure 1888 D95
|    |–S. rubescens (Walker 1870) D95
|    `–S. tricinctus D95
|–Oedaleus P05
|    |–O. australis R96
|    |–O. decorus (Germar 1817) P05
|    |–O. infernalis B01
|    |–O. marmoratus B01
|    `–O. mlokosiewiczi B01
|–Oedipoda BM76
|    |–O. albolineata Lucas 1847 E12
|    |–O. algeriana Lucas 1847 E12
|    |–O. arenaria Lucas 1847 E12
|    |–O. coerulescens D95
|    |    |–O. c. coerulescens D95
|    |    `–O. c. sulfurescens Saussure 1884 D95
|    |–O. fuscocincta Lucas 1847 E12
|    |–O. mauritanica Lucas 1847 E12
|    |–O. miniata (Pallas 1771) D95
|    `–O. virescens Lucas 1847 E12
|–Papipappus clarazianus R15
`–Locusta E00
|–L. acuminata L02
|–L. citrifolia L02
|–L. coronata (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Gryllus coronatus L02]
|–L. migratoria E00
|    |–L. m. migratoria E00
|    |–L. m. manilensis K-P83
|    `–L. m. migratorioides E00
|–L. savignyi Lucas 1847 E12
|–L. verrucivora (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Gryllus verrucivorus L02]
|–L. viridis L02
`–L. viridissima B01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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