Oenopota pyramidalis, copyright Anders Warén.

Belongs within: Mangeliidae.

Oenopota is a genus of small to moderate-sized conoids found in the Arctic Ocean and northernmost Pacific. The shell is elongate-ovate with a tall spire in members of the type subgenus but ovate-biconical with spire and aperture subequal in length in Nodotoma (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell small to moderate-sized, 10–23 mm, elongate-ovate, with tall spire of rounded whorls and rounded body-whorl, tapered to short spout-like canal, which is flattened at its extremity but scarcely emarginate. Protoconch narrowly papillate of about 2–2.5 whorls, initially smooth, then developing three spiral cords crossed by spaced axials, enclosing squarish interspaces. Adult sculpture of strong rounded slightly oblique axials, extending from suture to suture and over most of base, overridden by numerous spiral cords. Outer lip with broad shallowly arcuate subsutural sinus. Periostracum thin, pale brownish. Radula consisting of pair of marginals of hilted dagger type, each with conspicuous basal spur.

<==Oenopota Mörch 1852BK11
    |--O. (Oenopota)P66
    |    |--O. (O.) pyramidalis (Ström 1788)P66 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--O. (O.) alaskensis (Dall 1871)P66 [=Mangelia alaskensisP66, Lora alaskensisO27]
    |    |--O. (O.) kagana (Yokoyama 1927) [=Bela kagana]P66
    |    |--O. (O.) mortiei MacNeil 1943P66
    |    |--O. (O.) okudai Habe 1958P66
    |    |--O. (O.) tayaensis (Nomura & Hatai 1939) [=Lora tayaensis]P66
    |    |--O. (O.) trevelliana (Turton 1834)P66, BW80 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--O. (O.) turrispira Berry 1941P66
    `--O. (Nodotoma Bartsch 1941)BK11
         |--*Nodotoma’ impressa (Mörch 1869)BW80 [=Pleurotoma (Bela) impressaP66, Lora impressaO27, P. (Ischnula) impressaP66]
         |--‘Nodotoma’ exquisita (Yokoyama 1926) [=Bela exquisita]P66
         |--‘Nodotoma’ kurodai (Onoyama 1938) [=Lora viridula kurodai]P66
         |--‘Nodotoma’ tomiyaensis (Otuka 1949) [=Lora tomiyaensis]P66
         |    |--N. t. tomiyaensisP66
         |    `--N. t. iiokaensis Ozaki 1958 [=Nematoma tomiyaensis iiokaensis]P66
         `--‘Nodotoma’ totomiensis (Makiyama 1931) [=Lora totomiensis]P66
Oenopota incertae sedis:
  O. bergensis (Friele 1886) (see below for synonymy)BW80
  O. convexigyra Bouchet & Waren 1980BW80
  O. declivisBW80
  O. decussataBW80
  O. dictyophora Bouchet & Waren 1980BW80
  O. elegans (Möller 1842) [=Defrancia elegans]BW80
  O. exarataBW80
  O. fidicula (Gould 1849)SK81
  O. graphica (Locard 1897) (see below for synonymy)BW80
  O. harpa (Dall 1885)P66
  O. harpulariaBW80
  O. nobilisBW80
  O. ovalis (Friele 1877)BW80 (see below for synonymy)
  O. rugulata (Troschel 1866)SK81
  O. scalaris (Möller 1842) [=Defrancia scalaris]BW80
  O. simplex (Middendorff 1849)SK81
  O. tabulata (Carpenter 1864)SK81
  O. tenuicostata (Sars 1878)BW80 (see below for synonymy)
  O. uschakovi Bogdanov 1985BK11
  O. violacea (Mighels & Adams 1842)BW80 (see below for synonymy)

Oenopota bergensis (Friele 1886) [=Bela rugulata var. bergensis; incl. B. detegata Locard 1897, B. furfuraculata Locard 1897]BW80

Oenopota graphica (Locard 1897) [=Bela graphica; incl. Taranis monterosatoi Locard 1897, B. graphica var. ventricosa Locard 1897]BW80

Oenopota ovalis (Friele 1877)BW80 [=Pleurotoma ovalisBW80, Cancellaria ovalisPH90; incl. Bela pygmaea var. attenuata Locard 1897BW80, Pleurotoma exigua Jeffreys 1883 non Hombron & Jacq. 1853BW80, B. pygmaea Verrill 1882BW80]

Oenopota tenuicostata (Sars 1878)BW80 [=Bela tenuicostataBW80, Lora tenuicostataO27, Pleurotoma tenuicostata Sars 1868 (n. n.)BW80; incl. P. (Bela) willei Friele 1877BW80]

Oenopota violacea (Mighels & Adams 1842)BW80 [=Pleurotoma violaceaBW80, P. bicarinata var. violaceaN79; incl. Defrancia becki Möller 1842BW80, P. bicarinata Couthouy 1838 non Murex bicarinatus Wood 1828BW80, Bela minuscularia Locard 1897BW80]

Oenopota (Oenopota) pyramidalis (Ström 1788)P66 [=Buccinum pyramidaleP66, Mangelia pyramidalisJ64; incl. Fusus pleurotomarius Couthouy 1838P66, Lora pleurotomariaD19, *Oenopota pleurotomariaBW80, Pleurotoma pleurotomariaD19, Defrancia vahliiJ64]

Oenopota (Oenopota) trevelliana (Turton 1834)P66, BW80 [=Pleurotoma trevellianaBW80, Lora trevellianaO27, Mangilia trevellianaO27; incl. Pleurotoma reticulata Brown 1827BW80]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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