Olenus gibbosus, from here.

Belongs within: Libristoma.

The Olenacea are a group of trilobites known from the Middle Cambrian to the Upper Ordovician (Harrington et al. 1959).

Characters (from Harrington et al. 1959): Exoskeleton subovate to elongate, opisthoparian (exceptionally proparian), micropygous to (rarely)subisopygous, with rounded or spinose genal angles. Cephalon with narrow border, small to medium-sized eyes and in most forms distinct eye ridges; glabella tapering forward, with simple, sigmoidal, or bifurcate lateral furrows (if present); preglabellar field present or absent; librigenae separated by median suture or fused together. Hypostoma probably free. Thorax with 9 to 24 segments. Pygidium with or without marginal spines.

    |--Wentsuia Sun 1935 [Elviniidae, Elviniinae]S80
    |    |--*W. granulosa Sun 1935S80
    |    |--W. iota Shergold 1980S80
    |    `--‘Elrathia’ munda Resser & Endo in Endo & Resser 1937S80
    `--Olenidae [Olenina]S80
         |  i. s.: Hedinia regalis Troedsson 1937S80
         |         Porterfieldia punctataFO99
         |         Peltura scarabaeoidesFO99
         |         TriarthrusRC93
         |           |--T. beckiH04
         |           `--T. eatoniM79
         |         HypermecaspisF90
         |         BalnibarbiF90
         |--Leptoplastus Angelin 1854 [Leptoplastinae]S80
         |    |--*L. stenotus Angelin 1854S80
         |    |--L. paucisegmentatusWSB93
         |    `--L. rhaphidophorus Angelin 1854S80
              |--Plicatolina Shaw 1951S80
              |    |--*P. kindlei Shaw 1951S80
              |    |--P. changshanensisCT83
              |    |--P. lucida Lazarenko 1966S80
              |    |--P. perlata lazarenko 1966S80
              |    |--P. quadrata Pokrovskaya 1966S80
              |    |--P. scalpta Harrington & Leanza 1957S80
              |    `--P. yakutica Pokrovskaya 1966S80
                   |  i. s.: O. alpha Henningsmoen 1957RC93
                   |         O. cataractesRC93
                   |         O. sinensisCT83
                   |--*O. gibbosus (Wahlenberg 1821)F90, LN05
                   |--O. attenuatus (Boeck 1838)LN05
                   |--O. dentatus (Westergård 1922)LN05
                   `--+--O. transversusLN05
                      `--+--O. truncatus (Brünnich 1781)LN05
                         `--O. wahlenbergi (Wahlenberg 1821)LN05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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