Mountain hard pear Olinia emarginata, copyright H. Robertson.

Belongs within: Melastomatineae.

Olinia is an African genus of trees and shrubs bearing paniculate inflorescences with branches ending in clusters of three flowers.

<==Olinia [Oliniaceae]
|  i. s.: O. acuminata SB09
|         O. cymosa SB09
|         O. emarginata SB09
|         O. ventosa SB09
|–O. capensis SB09
|–O. micrantha SB09
|–O. radiata SB09
`–+–O. usambarensis Gilg ex Engl. 1894 (see below for synonymy) SB09
`–+–O. huillensis Welwitsch ex Fern. & Fern. 1962 [=O. rochetiana ssp. huillensis] SB09
|    |–O. h. ssp. huillensis SB09
|    |–O. h. ssp. burttdavii Sebola in Sebola & Balkwill 2009 SB09
|    `–O. h. ssp. discolor (Mildbr.) Sebola in Sebola & Balkwill 2009 (see below for synonymy) SB09
`–+–O. vanguerioides Baker 1911 SB09
`–+–O. rochetiana de Jussieu 1846 (see below for synonymy) SB09
`–O. ruandensis Gilg 1914 [incl. O. macrophylla Gilg 1914] SB09

Olinia huillensis ssp. discolor (Mildbr.) Sebola in Sebola & Balkwill 2009 [=O. discolor Mildbr. 1932, O. rochetiana ssp. discolor] SB09

Olinia rochetiana de Jussieu 1846 [=Tephea aequipetala Delile 1846, O. aequipetala (Delile) Cufod. 1959; incl. O. abyssinica Engl. 1921 (n. n.), O. ternata Gilg ex Engl. 1921 (n. n.)] SB09

Olinia usambarensis Gilg ex Engl. 1894 [=O. rochetiana ssp. usambarensis; incl. O. volkensii Gilg ex Engl. 1895] SB09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[SB09] Sebola, R. J., & K. Balkwill. 2009. Numerical phenetic analysis of Olinia rochetiana sensu lato (Oliniaceae). Kew Bulletin 64 (1): 95–121.

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