Olivella altatae, copyright Femorale.

Belongs within: Olivoidea.

Olivella, the dwarf olives, is a genus of predatory marine gastropods similar to the olives of the family Olividae, but with a more produced spire and a large, thin, horny operculum (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell polished, small; spire produced, acute, suture canaliculated; aperture narrow behind, enlarged anteriorly; columella plicated in front, callous posteriorly. Operculum horny, thin, half ovate, with apical nucleus.

<==Olivella Swainson 1831BR05
    |--O. (Olivella)BC01
    |    |--*O. (O.) purpurata Swainson 1831BR17
    |    |--O. (O.) adelae Olsson 1956BC01
    |    |--O. (O.) alba (Marrat in Sowerby 1871)BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) altatae Burch & Campbell 1963BC01
    |    |--O. (O.) bitleri Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) brogii Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) cocosensis Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) dama (Wood 1828)BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) drangai Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) fletcherae Berry 1958BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) gracilis (Broderip & Sowerby 1829)BB63 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--O. g. gracilisBB63
    |    |    `--O. g. gaylordi Ford 1894BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) rehderi Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) riverae Olsson 1956BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) sphoni Burch & Campbell 1963BC01
    |    |--O. (O.) steveni Burch & Campbell 1963BB63
    |    |    |--O. s. steveniBB63
    |    |    `--O. s. campbelli Burch & Campbell 1963BB63
    |    |--O. (O.) tergina (Duclos 1835)BB63 [=Olivina terginaC64]
    |    |--O. (O.) undatellaO27
    |    `--O. (O.) walkeri Berry 1958BB63
    |--O. (Callianax Adams & Adams 1853)BB63
    |    |--O. (C.) intorta (Carpenter 1856)BB63
    |    |--O. (C.) pedroana (Conrad 1856) [incl. O. pycna Berry 1935]BB63
    |    `--O. (C.) zonalis (Lamarck 1811)BB63 [=Olivina zonalisC64]
    |--O. (Dactylidella Wood 1928)BB63
    |    |--O. (D.) anazora (Duclos 1835)BB63 [=Olivina anazoraC64]
    |    `--O. (D.) cymatilis Berry 1963BC01
    |--O. (Lamprodoma Swainson 1840)BB63
    |    `--O. (L.) volutella (Lamarck 1811)BB63
    |--O. (Macgintiella Olsson 1956)BB63
    |    `--O. (*M.) watermaniBB63
    |--O. (Minioliva Olsson 1956)BB63
    |    `--O. (M.) inconspicua (Adams 1852)BB63
    |--O. (Niteoliva Olsson 1956)BB63
    |    |--O. (N.) morrisoni Olsson 1956BB63
    |    `--O. (N.) peterseni Olsson 1956BB63
    |--O. (Pachyoliva Olsson 1956)BB63
    |    |--O. columellaris (Sowerby 1825)BB63 [=Olivina columellarisC64]
    |    `--O. (P.) semistriata (Gray 1839)CC95
    `--O. (Zanoetella Olsson 1956)BB63
         `--O. (Z.) zanoeta (Duclos 1835)BB63
Olivella incertae sedis:
  O. aureocincta [=Oliva aureocincta, incl. Oliva pellucida]C64
  O. australis Tennison Woods 1877P79
  O. baetica (Marrat in Sowerby 1871) [incl. O. porteri Dall 1910]BB63
    |--O. b. baeticaO27
    |--O. b. diegensis Oldroyd 1921O27
    `--O. b. mexicana Oldroyd 1921O27
  O. biplicata (Sowerby 1825)O27 (see below for synonymy)
  O. borealisK96
  O. fulgidaC64
  O. lataC60
  O. miriadina (Duclos 1835)BB63
  O. stegeri Olsson 1956BC01

Olivella biplicata (Sowerby 1825)O27 [incl. O. biplicata angelina Oldroyd 1921BB63, O27, O. biplicata fucana Oldroyd 1921BB63, O27, O. glandinariaC64, O. biplicata lapillus Vanatta 1915BB63, O27, O. biplicata parva Oldroyd 1920BB63, O27]

Olivella (Olivella) gracilis (Broderip & Sowerby 1829)BB63 [=Olivina gracilisC64; incl. Olivella versicolor (Marrat in Sowerby 1871BB63]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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