Gracilispira novaezelandiae, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.
Contains: Amalda, AncillaGracilispiraOliva, Olivella, Agaronia.

The Olivoidea, olives, are a group of burrowing, predatory gastropods found in warm waters. They commonly possess a glossy, bullet-shaped shell and a large, muscular head and foot with lateral parapodia embracing the shell. The basal Pseudolividae, however, have ovoid to fusiform shells covered by periostracum and lack foot parapodia. The genus Benthobia is similar to Pseudolividae (differing in having a multispiral protoconch) but is placed by molecular analysis closer to other Olivoidea. True olives of the subfamily Olivinae have highly glossy, solid shells with a cylindrical shape, low spire, and a long narrow aperture with several columellar plaits, and without an operculum. Members of the Ancillariidae have a thinner, less glossy shell, usually with a wider aperture and higher spire, and sometimes with a small operculum (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Vanpalmeria is a Palaeocene genus with a biconic shell covered by several layers of feltlike calcite.

<==Olivoidea [Olivelloidei]
| i. s.: Belloliva Peile 1922 [Bellolividae]BR17
| |--*B. brazieri (Angas 1877) [=Olivella brazieri]BR17
| |--B. exquisita (Angas 1871)W94
| `--B. leucozona (Adams & Angas 1864)W94
| Ancillina sumatranaFP15
| | |--Sulcobuccinum Orbigny 1850BD12
| | |--Eoancilla acutula Stephenson 1941 [=Ancilla acutula]BD12
| | |--TriumphisJB12
| | |--Popenoeum subcostatum (Stoliczka 1868)TTE93
| | |--MelampiumW94
| | |--Fulgerca Stephenson 1941BD12
| | | `--*F. venusta Stephenson 1941BD12
| | |--Ptychosyca Gabb 1877BD12
| | | `--*P. inornata Gabb 1876BD12
| | |--Ptychoris Gabb 1877BD12
| | | `--*P. purpuriformis (Forbes 1846) [=Voluta purpuriformis]BD12
| | |--Parafusus Wade 1918 [incl. Wadia Cossmann 1920]BD12
| | | `--*P. callilateris (Wade 1917) [=Hyllus callilateris]BD12
| | |--Pseudoliva Swainson 1840 [Pseudolivinae]BD12
| | | `--*P. plumbea (Dillwyn 1817) [=Buccinum plumbeum]BR17
| | |--FulmentumFG19
| | | |--F. ancilla (Hanley 1859)S11
| | | `--F. sepimentum (Rang 1832)FP15
| | |--Zemira Adams & Adams 1853BR05 [incl. Eburnopsis Tate 1889W94; Zemiridae]
| | | |--*Z. australis (Sowerby 1833) [=Eburna australis]BR17
| | | `--Z. bodalla Garrard 1966WG71
| | `--Austrosphaera Camacho 1949 [incl. Seymourosphaera Oleinik & Zinsmeister 1996]BD12
| | |--*A. difficilis (Orbigny 1842)BD12 [=Fusus difficilisBS00, Leiostoma difficilisBS00]
| | |--‘Fusus’ chilensis Philippi 1887BS00
| | `--A. glabra Camacho 1949BS00
| `--Benthobia Dall 1889FG19, PH90 [BenthobiidaeBR17]
| |--*B. tryonii Dall 1889PH90
| |--B. atafona Simone 2003S11
| |--B. complexirhina Simone 2003S11
| |--B. sima Simone 2003S11
| `--B. tornatilis Simone 2003S11
`--+--Ancillariidae [Ancillariinae, Ancillarinae, Ancillidae, Ancillinae]BR17
| |--AmaldaFG19
| |--AncillaBR17
| |--GracilispiraW94
| |--Ancillista Iredale 1936W94
| | |--*A. velesiana Iredale 1936W94, WG71
| | |--A. cingulata (Sowerby 1830)MG-H11
| | `--A. muscae (Pilsbry 1926) [incl. A. elongata Gray 1847 non Deshayes 1830]W94
| `--Exiquaspira Ninomiya 1988W94
| |--*E. ornata (Ninomiya 1988) [=Amalda (*Exiquaspira) ornata]W94
| |--E. bulbosa Ninomiya 1991W94
| |--E. festiva Ninomiya 1991W94
| |--E. rottnestensis Ninomiya 1991W94
| `--E. sydneyensis Ninomiya 1991W94
`--Olividae [Fissipedia, Olivaria, Schizopoda]ZLK11
| i. s.: Gemmoliva Iredale 1924DK08
| |--*G. triticea (Duclos 1835) [=Belloliva triticea; incl. B. pardalis Adams & Angas 1864]W94
| `--G. adelaidae (Tate 1889) [=Oliva adelaidae]DK08
| Tanimasanoria japonica (Kase 1990)TTE93
| Ramola Gray 1858C64
| `--*R. volutella [=Oliva volutella; incl. O. razamola]C64
| Anazola Gray 1858C64
| Olivina Gray 1858C64
| |--O. lineolataC64
| `--O. semisulcataC64
| Scaphula Gray 1858C64
| `--*S. auricularia [=Olivancilla auricularia]C64
| Olivellopsis Thiele 1929FG19, W94
| `--*O. simplex [=Belloliva (*Olivellopsis) simplex]W94
|--Vanpalmeria Adegoke 1977 [Vanpalmeriidae, Vanpalmeriinae]BR05
| `--*V. africana Adegoke 1977BR17
|--Calyptoliva Kantor & Bouchet 2007 [Calyptolividae, Calyptolivinae]BR17
| `--*C. bolis Kantor & Bouchet 2007BR17
|--Olivellinae [Olivellidae, Olivellina, Olivellinae]BR17
| |--OlivellaBR17
| `--Cupidoliva Iredale 1924 [incl. Ramoliva Cotton & Godfrey 1932]W94
| `--*C. nympha (Adams & Angas 1864) (see below for synonymy)W94
|--Olivancillaria d’Orbigny 1841 [Olivancillariidae, Olivancillariinae]BR17
| |--*O. brasiliana (Lamarck 1811)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--O. auricularia (Lamarck 1811) [=Agaronia (Olivancillaria) auricularia]BB64
| |--O. contortuplicata (Reeve 1850) [=Agaronia (Olivancillaria) contortuplicata]BB64
| |--O. deshayesianaK64
| |--O. gibbosaF12
| |--O. teaguei Klappenbach 1964K64
| `--O. urceus (Röding 1798)S11 [=Porphyria urceusBB64, Agaronia (Olivancillaria) urceusBB64]

*Cupidoliva nympha (Adams & Angas 1864) [=Olivella nympha; incl. O. adiorygma Verco 1909, *Ramoliva adiorygma]W94

*Olivancillaria brasiliana (Lamarck 1811)BR17 [=Oliva brasilianaBR17; incl. Oliva brasiliensis Chemnitz 1788BB64, Voluta pinguisBB64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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