Onychiurus oregonensis, copyright Oregon Caves.

Belongs within: Onychiuridae.

Onychiurus is a genus of springtails lacking dark pingment, with the furcula rudimentary or absent, and with four or more papillae in an apical organ on the third antennal segment (Christiansen & Bellinger 1980).

<==Onychiurus Gervais 1841CB80
    |--O. (Onychiurus) (see below for synonymy)CB80
    |    |--*O. (O.) ambulans (Linnaeus 1758)CB80 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Aphorura’ burmeisteriS00
    |    |--‘Aphorura’ cirrigeraS00
    |    |--O. (O.) dentatus (Folsom 1902) [=Aphorura dentata, *Pseudonychiurus dentatus]CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) durkeei Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) eisi Rusek 1976CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) eous Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) flavescens Kinoshita 1916 [incl. O. oreadis Mills 1935]CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) folsomi (Schäffer 1900)CB80 [=Aphorura folsomiS00; incl. O. porteri Tomlin 1975 (n. n.)CB80]
    |    |--‘Aphorura’ gracilisS00
    |    |--‘Aphorura’ hamanni Schäffer 1900S00
    |    |--O. (O.) inermis (Tullberg 1869)CB80 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--O. (O.) janus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) lusus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) millsi Chamberlain 1943 (see below for synonymy)CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) opus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) oregonensis Bonet 1931 [=O. ambulans inermis f. oregonensis Denis 1929]CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) paro Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) postumicus Bonet 1931 [=*Onychiuroides postumicus]CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) pseudofimetarius Folsom 1917CB80
    |    |--‘Aphorura’ quadrispinaS00
    |    |--O. (O.) ramosus Folsom 1917 [=*Paronychiurus ramosus; incl. P. millsi Salmon 1959]CB80
    |    |--O. (O.) reluctus Christiansen 1961CB80
    |    `--‘Aphorura’ tuberculataS00
    |--O. (Archaphorura Bagnall 1949) (see below for synonymy)CB80
    |    |--O. (*A.) serratotuberculatus Stach 1933CB80
    |    |--O. (A.) absoloni (Börner 1901) [=Aphorura absoloni, *Micraphorura absoloni]CB80
    |    |--O. (A.) affinis Ågren 1903 [=*Affinichiurus affinis]CB80
    |    |--O. (A.) allanae Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (A.) gelus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
    |    |--O. (A.) groenlandicus (Tullberg 1876) [=Lipura groenlandica, *Oligaphorura groenlandica]CB80
    |    `--O. (A.) schoettiCB80
    `--O. (Protaphorura Absolon 1901) (see below for synonymy)CB80
         |--O. (*P.) armatus (Tullberg 1869)CB80 (see below for synonymy)
         |--O. (P.) bimus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--O. (P.) casus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--O. (P.) churchilliana Hammer 1953CB80
         |--O. (P.) cocklei (Folsom 1908) (see below for synonymy)CB80
         |--O. (P.) debilis (Moniez 1890)CB80, TM86
         |--O. (P.) decus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--O. (P.) duodecimpunctatus Folsom 1919CB80
         |--O. (P.) encarpatus Denis 1931CB80
         |--‘Aphorura’ furcifera Börner 1901 [=*Supraphorura furcifera]CB80
         |--O. (P.) herus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--O. (P.) litoreus Folsom 1917CB80
         |--O. (P.) macrodentatus Hammer 1953CB80
         |--O. (P.) magninus Wray 1950CB80
         |--O. (P.) obesus Mills 1934 [=*Psyllaphorura obesa; incl. O. obesus acuticornis Bagnall 1948, P. acuticornis]CB80
         |--‘Aphorura’ paradoxa Schäffer 1900 [=*Kalaphorura paradoxa]CB80
         |--O. (P.) parvicornis Mills 1934CB80
         |--O. (P.) paucisetosus Hammer 1953CB80
         |--O. (P.) pseudarmatus Folsom 1917CB80
         |--O. (P.) reus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--O. (P.) sibiricus (Tullberg 1876) [=Lipura sibirica, *Hymenaphorura sibirica]CB80
         |--O. (P.) similis Folsom 1917CB80
         |--O. (P.) subtenuis Folsom 1917CB80
         |--O. (P.) talus Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         |--‘Tullbergia’ tomuraushensis Yosii 1940 [=*Protaphorurodes tomuraushensis]CB80
         |--O. (P.) uenoi Yosii 1954CB80
         |--O. (P.) voegtlini Christiansen & Bellinger 1980CB80
         `--O. (P.) zschokkei Handschin 1919 [=*Handschiniella zschokkei]CB80
Onychiurus incertae sedis:
  O. alborufescensWM70
  O. arcticusHO09
  O. burmeisteri (Lubbock 1873)CB80
  O. californicus Coleman 1941 (n. d.)CB80
  O. carpaticus Stach 1954CB80
  O. duplopunctatus Strenzke 1954CB80
  O. handschini Denis 1925CB80
    |--O. h. handschiniV73
    `--O. h. strinatiiV73
  O. latusMWH88
  O. mai Wray 1950 (n. d.)CB80
  O. matsumotoiW39
  O. octopunctatus (Tullberg 1876) [=Lipura octopunctata]CB80
  O. orientalisH06
  O. procampatusCB80
  O. quadrituberculatusCB80
  O. stachi Bagnall 1935CB80
  O. terricola Kos 1941CB80
  O. watanabei Matsumoto & Saito 1929CB80
  O. wilchi Wray 1950 (n. d.)CB80
  O. yagiiW39

Onychiurus (Archaphorura Bagnall 1949) [incl. Affinichiurus Stach 1954, Micraphorura Bagnall 1949, Oligaphorura Bagnall 1949]CB80

Onychiurus Gervais 1841 (Onychiurus) [=Aphorura MacGillivray 1893, Deuteraphorura Absolon 1901, Lipura Burmeister 1838; incl. Adicranus Bourlet 1843, Metonychiurus Salmon 1959, Neonychiurus Bagnall 1949, Onychiuroides Bagnall 1948, Paronychiurus Bagnall 1948, Pseudonychiurus Bagnall 1948]CB80

*Onychiurus (Onychiurus) ambulans (Linnaeus 1758)CB80 [=Podura ambulansCB80, Anurophorus ambulansW39, *Aphorura ambulansCB80, *Deuteraphorura ambulansCB80, *Lipura ambulansCB80]

Onychiurus (Onychiurus) inermis (Tullberg 1869)CB80 [=Lipura inermisW39, Aphorura inermisW39; incl. Podura fimetaria Linnaeus 1767 non Linnaeus 1758W39, CB80, *Adicranus fimetariusCB80, Anurophorus fimetariusS00, Aphorura fimetariaS00, Lipura fimetariaW39, Onychiurus fimetariusCB80, O. justi Denis 1938 (nom. inv.)CB80, Aphorura stillicidiiS00, Lipura stillicidiiS00, L. wrightii Carp. 1895W39, Aphorura wrightiiS00]

Onychiurus (Onychiurus) millsi Chamberlain 1943 [=*Neonychiurus millsi; incl. Onychiuroides michelbacheri Bagnall 1948, *Metonychiurus michelbacheri]CB80

Onychiurus (Protaphorura Absolon 1901) [incl. Handschiniella Bagnall 1949, Hymenaphorura Bagnall 1948, Kalaphorura Absolon 1901, Protaphorurodes Bagnall 1949, Psyllaphorura Bagnall 1948, Supraphorura Stach 1954]CB80

Onychiurus (*Protaphorura) armatus (Tullberg 1869)CB80 [=Lipura armataCB80, Aphorura armataW39; incl. O. armatus var. denticulataW39, O. armatus var. inermis non Lipura inermis Tullberg 1869W39]

Onychiurus (Protaphorura) cocklei (Folsom 1908) [=Aphorura cocklei; incl. O. irregularis Chamberlain 1943, A. lutea Bacon 1913, A. montis Bacon 1913]CB80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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