Pyramodon punctatus, from Atlas of Living Australia.

Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.
Contains: Bythitidae, Neobythitinae, Carapinae.

The Ophidiiformes are benthic or benthopelagic, often deep-water fishes with tapering bodies.

Characters (from Bond 1996): Body tapering; dorsal and anal fins long, often confluent with caudal; dorsal and anal pterygiophores more numerous than adjacent vertebrae; pelvic fins usually jugular to mental, resembling elongate barbels, sometimes with small spines.

<==Ophidiiformes [Ophidiimorpharia]LD09
    |  i. s.: Bassogigas profundissimusB96
    |         Eolamprogrammus senectus Danil’chenko 1968P93
    |    |--BythitidaeLD09
    |    `--ParabrotulidaeB-RB13
    `--Ophidiidae [Brotulidae, Ophidioidei]B96
         |  i. s.: LepophidiumCK-M02
         |           |--L. jeannaeC73
         |           `--L. profundorum (Gill 1863)CK-M02
         |         TyphliasRO69
         |         Grammonus aterRO69
         |         Moebia gracilis (Günther 1878) [=Bathynectes gracilis, Porogadus gracilis]M58
         |         Brotulophis argentistriatusJR10
         |         Petrotyx sanguineusAS09
         |         Sirembinorum bavaricus (Koken 1891)P93
         |         Ampheristus toliapicus König 1825P93
         |         Brotulotaenia [Brotulotaeniinae]B96
         |           `--B. nielseni Cohen 1974N99b
         |         OphidiinaeB96
         |           |--GenypterusB96
         |           |    |--G. blacodesR59
         |           |    |--G. capensisH72
         |           |    |--G. chilensisB96
         |           |    `--G. reediB96
         |           `--Ophidion Linnaeus 1758L58 [incl. Diaphasia Lowe 1843L43]
         |                |--O. barbatum Linnaeus 1758L58
         |                |--O. genyopus Ogilby 1897N99b
         |                |--O. imberbe Linnaeus 1758L58 [incl. *Diaphasia acus Lowe 1843L43, Ophidium fierasferL43]
         |                |--O. macrophthalmum Linnaeus 1758L58
         |                |--O. marginatum (DeKay 1842)CK-M02
         |                `--O. muraenolepis (Günther 1880)N99b
         |--Brotula [Brotulinae]ND13
         |    |--B. maculata Day 1868M58
         |    `--B. multibarbata Temminck & Schlegel 1846N99b
            `--Carapidae [Pyramodontidae]B96
                 |  i. s.: JordanicusM58
                 |           |--J. gracilis (Bleeker 1856) [=Oxybeles gracilis, Fierasfer gracilis]M58
                 |           `--J. parvipinnis (Kaup 1856) [=Fierasfer parvipinnis]M58
                      |--Snyderidia canina Gilbert 1905N99a
                           |--P. lindas Markle & Olney 1990N99a
                           |--P. punctatus (Regan 1914)N99a
                           `--P. ventralis Smith & Radcliffe 1913N99a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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