Female double-eyed fig-parrot Opopsitta diophthalma, copyright Aviceda.

Belongs within: Loriinae.

Opopsitta, the fig-parrots, is a genus of small, short-tailed parrots found in New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

<==Opopsitta Sclater 1860 [Opopsittini] B94
    |–O. diophthalma RN72
    |    |–O. d. diophthalma RN72
    |    |–O. d. aruensis RN72
    |    |–O. d. coccineifrons RN72
    |    |–O. d. coxeni RN72
    |    |–O. d. festetichi RN72
    |    |–O. d. inseparabilis RN72
    |    |–O. d. macleayana RN72
    |    |–O. d. marshalli RN72
    |    `–O. d. virago RN72
    `–O. guilielmitertii RN72
         |–O. g. guilielmitertii RN72
         |–O. g. amabilis RN72
         |–O. g. fuscifrons RN72
         |–O. g. melanogenia RN72
         |–O. g. nigrifrons RN72
         |–O. g. ramuensis RN72
         `–O. g. suavissima RN72

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B94] Bock, W. J. 1994. History and nomenclature of avian family-group names. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 222: 1–281.

[RN72] Rutgers, A., & K. A. Norris (eds.) 1972. Encyclopaedia of Aviculture vol. 2. Blandford Press: London.

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