Female double-eyed fig-parrot Opopsitta diophthalma, copyright Aviceda.

Belongs within: Loriinae.

Opopsitta, the fig-parrots, is a genus of small, short-tailed parrots found in New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

<==Opopsitta Sclater 1860 [Opopsittini]B94
    |--*O. diophthalmica [=Psittacula diophthalmica]C38
    |    |--O. d. diophthalmicaRN72
    |    |--O. d. aruensisRN72
    |    |--O. d. coccineifronsRN72
    |    |--O. d. festetichiRN72
    |    |--O. d. inseparabilisRN72
    |    |--O. d. marshalliRN72
    |    `--O. d. viragoRN72
    |--O. coxeni (Gould 1867)C38 [=Cyclopsitta coxeniC38, C. diophthalma coxeniM03, Opopsitta diophthalma coxeniRN72]
    |--O. guilielmitertiiRN72
    |    |--O. g. guilielmitertiiRN72
    |    |--O. g. amabilisRN72
    |    |--O. g. fuscifronsRN72
    |    |--O. g. melanogeniaRN72
    |    |--O. g. nigrifronsRN72
    |    |--O. g. ramuensisRN72
    |    `--O. g. suavissimaRN72
    `--O. macleayana (Ramsay 1874)C38 (see below for synonymy)

Opopsitta leadbeateri (McCoy 1875)C38 [=Cyclopsitta macleayanaC38, C. diophthalma macleayanaM03, O. diophthalma macleayana Ramsay 1874RN72; incl. C. leadbeateri McCoy 1875C38, Opopsitta leadbeateriC38, C. maccoyi Gould 1875C38]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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