White bunny orchid Eriochilus dilatatus, copyright Jean and Fred Hort.

Belongs within: Monandrae.
Contains: Caladenia, Cranichideae, Thelymitra, Acianthinae, Pterostylis, Diuridinae, Prasophyllinae, Orchidinae, Habenariinae.

The Orchidoideae are a clade of terrestrial orchids united by spiral phyllotaxy, together with the presence of polygonal epidermal cells, and intercellular spaces in the testa (Freudenstein & Rasmussen 1999, as Orchidoideae + Spiranthoideae).

Orchidoideae [Caladeniae, Caladeniinae, Chloraeinae, Diurideae]
    |  |  `--+--+--Megastylis Schlechter 1911RG07, H49b
    |  |     |  `--CranichideaeRG07
    |  |     `--+--+--ThelymitraFR99
    |  |        |  `--AcianthinaeFR99
    |  |        `--Pterostylidinae [Pterostylideae]ME70
    |  |             |--PterostylisRG07
    |  |             `--Caleana Br. 1810ME70
    |  |                  `--C. minor Br. 1810ME70 [=Paracaleana minor (Brown) Blaxell 1972HE80]
    |  `--+--+--DiuridinaeRG07
    |     |  `--Chiloglottis Br. 1810RG07, ME70
    |     |       |--C. cornuta Hooker 1844H49a (see below for synonymy)
    |     |       |--C. formicifera Fitzgerald 1885H49a
    |     |       |--C. gunniiM89
    |     |       `--C. trapeziformisH86
    |     `--+--PrasophyllinaeRG07
    |        `--EriochilusRG07
    |             |--E. autumnalisH86
    |             |--E. dilatatusOS04
    |             |    |--E. d. ssp. dilatatusOS04
    |             |    `--E. d. ssp. multiflorusOS04
    |             `--E. scaberGK00
    `--+--Codonorchis [Codonorchideae]RG07
       |    `--C. lessoniiD03
            |  i. s.: SatryiinaeA86
            |           |--PachitesA86
            |           |--SatyridiumA86
            |           `--SatyriumFR99
            |                |--S. bicorneERV99
            |                |--S. erectumERV99
            |                |--S. humileERV99
            |                |--S. nepalenseO88
            |                `--S. repensJ23
            |    |--DisperisRG07
            |    `--PterygodiumA86
               |    |--OrchidinaeRG07
               |    |--HabenariinaeA86
               |    `--Huttonaea [Huttonaeinae]A86
                    |--Disa bracteataRG07, OS04
                    |--Monadenia bracteataA86, GK00
Orchidoideae incertae sedis:
  Lyperanthus Br. 1810ME70
    |--L. antarcticus Hooker 1847H49b
    |--L. forrestiiH49b
    |--L. nigricans Brown 1810H49b
    |--L. serratusH49b
    `--L. suaveolens Brown 1810H49b [=Caladenia suaveolensH86]
  Petalochilus Rogers 1924 (n. d.)H49c, ME70
    |--P. calyciformis Rogers 1924 (n. d.)H49c
    `--P. saccatus Rogers 1924 (n. d.)H49c
  Geoblasta penicillataLY21
  Adenochilus Hook. f. 1853A86, ME70
    |--A. gracilis Hook. f. 1853ME70
    `--A. nortoniH08
  Aporostylis Rupp & Hatch 1946A86, ME70
    `--*A. bifolia (Hooker) Rupp & Hatch 1945 (see below for synonymy)H49a
  Arthrochilus byrnesiiA86, LK14
    |--D. glyptodonGK00
    `--D. lividaGK00
    |--E. brunonisOS04
    `--E. emarginataGK00
  Glossodia majorA86, C08
  Leporella fimbriataA86, OS04
  Paracaleana nigritaA86, GK00
  Rimacola Rupp 1942A86, H49b
    `--*R. ellipticus [=Lyperanthus ellipticus Brown 1810]H49b
    |--C. huegeliiGK00
    `--C. robustaGK00
Nomen nudum: Eriochilus dilatatus ssp. undulatus Gibson & Keighery 2000GK00

*Aporostylis bifolia (Hooker) Rupp & Hatch 1945 [=Caladenia bifolia Hooker 1853, Chiloglottis bifolia (Hooker) Schlechter 1911; incl. Ca. macrophylla Col. 1895, Ch. traversii von Mueller 1864]H49a

Chiloglottis cornuta Hooker 1844H49a [=Caladenia cornuta (Hooker) Reichb. 1871ME70; incl. Ch. muelleri Fitzgerald 1855H49a]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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