Dorsal (left) and ventral view of Oribatella (Fenestrobates) capucinus, from Balogh & Balogh (1992).

Belongs within: Poronoticae.
Contains: Oribatella (Oribatella).

The Oribatellidae are a cosmopolitan family of oribatid mites characterised by the present of large, fused lamellae on the prodorsum, and the retention by nymphs of scalps (exuvia of previous instars) that are nevertheless held away from the body by setae. The family is cosmopolitan in distribution, but most diverse in warm temperate regions of the Holarctic (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). Most species have the prodorsal lamellae fused or at least in contact medially, though they remain distinct in the Argentinian Cuspidozetes armatus (Balogh & Balogh 1992 vol. 1).

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Prodorsum with large, broad lamellae, fused at base of lamellar cusps; tutorium usually rectangular, dentate distally. Genal notch present. Dorsophragmata and pleurophragmata present. Chelicerae chelate-dentate; palpal eupathidium acm attached to solenidion; subcapitular mentum without tectum. Axillary saccule of subcapitulum present. Discidium and custodium present; postanal porose area present or absent. Pedotectum I large, extending to base of bothridium; pedotectum II present. Notogastral setation 10-15 pairs; pteromorphs present, without hinge. Octotaxic system developed as four pairs of porose areas. Genital setation six pairs. Bothridium without internal, ringlike thickenings, cup shaped, or with medial dens. Genu IV shorter than tibia IV; tibia IV with solenidion. Immatures unideficient; nymphs apopheredermous, hysterosoma with lateral carina, without plicae, microsclerites or macrosclerites. Humeral organ present. Seta d lost on tibiae and genua when respective solenidion is present.

<==Oribatellidae [Oribatellinae, Oribatelloidea]
    |--Adoribatella Woolley 1967S04
    |    `--*A. punctata Woolley 1967S04
    |--Kunstella Krivolutsky 1974S04
    |    `--*K. foveolata Krivolutsk 1974S04
    |--Siciliotrichus Bernini 1983S04
    |    `--*S. siculus Bernini 1983S04
    |--Cuspidozetes Hammer 1962S04
    |    `--*C. armatus Hammer 1962S04
    |--Ferolocella Grabowski 1971 [incl. Gendzella Kulijev 1977]S04
    |    |--F. tessellata (Berlese 1908) [=Oribatella tessellata; incl. O. carolina Banks 1947, *Ferolocella carolina]S04
    |    `--F. cribraria (Kulijev 1977) [=Gendzella cribraria]S04
    |--Prionoribatella Aoki 1975S04
    |    |--*P. dentilamellata (Aoki 1965) [=Anachipteria dentilamellata]S04
    |    `--P. impar Aoki 1976S04
    |--Pseudotectoribates Subías 1977S04
    |    |--P. subsimilis (Mihelčič 1956) [=Anachipteria subsimilis; incl. *P. bellus Subías 1977]S04
    |    |--P. kittenbergeri (Balogh 1959) [=Anachipteria kittenbergeri]S04
    |    `--P. minidentatus Ruiz, Subías & Kahwash 1991S04
    |--Joelia Oudemans 1906 [=Coggiella Berlese 1916]S04
    |    |--*J. fiorii (Coggi 1898)S04 [=Oribata fioriiS04, Sphaerozetes (*Coggiella) fioriiB16]
    |    |--J. americana (Haller 1884) (n. d.) [=Oribata americana]S04
    |    |--J. dubia (Kulijev 1967) [=Oribatella dubia]S04
    |    `--J. spina Kulijev 1979S04
    |--Ophidiotrichus Grandjean 1953S04
    |    |--O. tectus (Michael 1884)S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--O. corsicanus Bernini & Avanzati 1983S04
    |    |--O. exastus Higgins 1965S04
    |    |--O. oglasae Bernini 1975S04
    |    |--O. ussuricus Krivolutsky 1971S04
    |    `--O. vindobonensis Piffl 1961 [=O. connexus vindobonensis]S04
    `--Oribatella Banks 1895S04
         |  i. s.: O. mirabilis Sellnick 1931S93
         |--O. (Oribatella)S04
         |--O. (Cavernella Bernini 1975)S04
         |    `--O. (*C.) helenae (Bernini 1975) [=*Cavernella helenae]S04
         |--O. (Fenestrobates Balogh & Mahunka 1969)S04
         |    |--O. (*F.) capucinus (Balogh & Mahunka 1969) [=*Fenestrobates capucinus]S04
         |    |--O. (F.) rossicus (Krivolutsky 1974) [=Fenestrobates rossicus]S04
         |    `--O. (F.) vicinus (Rjabinin 1975) [=Fenestrobates vicinus]S04
         `--O. (Multoribatella Subías 2004)S04
              |--O. (*M.) bromeliarum Behan-Pelletier & Paoletti 1993S04
              |--O. (M.) kurchevi Krivolutsky 1974S04
              `--O. (M.) nigra Kulijev 1967S04

Ophidiotrichus tectus (Michael 1884)S04 [=Oribata tectaS04, Achipteria tectaL87, Tectoribates tectaL87; incl. Notaspis borussicus Sellnick 1908S04, T. borussicusG32, Or. connexa Berlese 1904S04, *Ophidiotrichus connexusS04, Tectoribates connexusG32]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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