Female Chaerilus celebensis, photographed by A. Tietz.

Belongs within: Scorpiones.
Contains: Iurida, Buthoidea.

The Orthosterni is a clade including the living scorpions and some fossil relatives, characterised by the presence of trichobothria on the pedipalp (Soleglad & Fet 2001). Molecular phylogenetic analysis supports the division of living scorpions between two basal lineages, the Iurida and Buthida (Sharma et al. 2015).

<==Orthosterni [Dionychopodes, Neoscorpii, Orthosternina]
    |  i. s.: Corniops mapesiiSF01
    |         Palaeoburmesebuthus Lourenço 2002S-BF04
    |           `--P. grimaldii Lourenço 2002S-BF04
    |--+--Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensisLSE13, GD14
    |  `--AnthracoscorpiiF04
    |       |--Cyclophthalmus senior Corda 1835F04
    |       |--Microlabis sternbergii Corda 1839F04
    |       |--Anthracoscorpio juvenis Kušta 1888 [=Anthracomartus juvenis]F04
    |       |--Mazonia woodianaF04
    |       |--Eobuthus Fritsch 1904F04
    |       |    `--*E. rakovnicensis Fritsch 1904F04
    |       |--Feistmantelia Fritsch 1904F04
    |       |    `--*F. ornata Fritsch 1904F04
    |       |--Glyptoscorpius [incl. Centromachus]F04
    |       |    `--G. caledonicus Peach 1881–1882F04
    |       |--Isobuthus Fritsch 1904F04
    |       |    |--I. kralupensis [=Cyclophthalmus kralupensis]F04
    |       |    `--I. nyranensis Fritsch 1904F04
    |       `--Eoscorpius Meek & Worth 1868LSE13, F04
    |            |--E. anglicus Woodward 1876F04
    |            `--E. carbonariusLSE13
       |    |--Cryptoscorpius americanusSF01
       |    |--CompsoscorpiusLSE13
       |    |    |--C. buthiformisGD14
       |    |    `--C. elegans Petrunkevitch 1949S93
       |    `--PalaeopisthacanthusSF01
       |         |--P. schuchertiSF01
       |         `--P. vogelandurdeniSF01
       `--+--Archaeobuthus Lourenço 2001SF01, S-BF04 [Archaeobuthidae]
          |    `--*A. estephani Lourenço 2001S-BF04
             `--Buthida [Chaerilida, Pseudochactida]SF15
                  |  `--Troglokhammouanus steineriBSL19
                  `--+--Chaerilus Sim. 1877T94 [ChaerilidaeSF15, Chaerilini, Chaeriloidea]
                     |    |--C. cavernicola [incl. Timogenes sumatranus Simon 1880]K77
                     |    |--C. celebensis Pocock 1893T94
                     |    `--C. chapmani (Vachon & Lourenço 1985)L95
                     `--Pseudochactidae [Pseudochactoidea]SF15
                          |--Vietbocap laoSF15
                          |--Toglokhammouanus steineriSF15
                          `--Pseudochactas Gromov 1998SF01
                               `--P. ovchinnikovi Gromov 1998SF01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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