Oscillatoria princeps, copyright Proyecto Agua.

Belongs within: Cyanobacteriia.

Oscillatoria is a genus of blue-green algae growing as linear filaments.

Characters (from Castenholz 2001): Filamentous organisms dividing exclusively by binary fission and in one plane. Cylindrical trichomes straight (occasionally except for terminal region); flexible or semirigid; over 4 µm in diameter; disc-like cells wider than long. Cross-walls generally visible by light microscopy; constrictions at cross-walls absent or slight, never exceeding 1/8 of trichome diameter; cross-wall generally thinner than longitudinal wall; initiation of cross-wall synthesis by centripetal growth preceding completion of previously initiated cross-walls. During fission, cytoplasmic membrane invaginates, with thinner peptidoglycan layer following and separating new membranes of daughter cells. Reproduction of trichomes by transcellular breakage involving sacrificial cell depth.

Oscillatoria Vaucher 1803 [incl. Gomontinema]C01
|--*O. princeps Vaucher 1803C01
|--O. acuminata Gomont 1892C01
|--O. acutaSG05
|--O. aerugescensG64
|--O. amphibiaSG05
|--O. autumnalisG64
|--O. carmichaeliG64
|--O. cinereaG64
|--O. contextaG64
|--O. coriumG64
|--O. cyaneaG64
|--O. decorticansG64
|--O. dickieiG64
|--O. formosa Bory ex Gomont 1892C01
|--O. insignisG64
|--O. limosaSG05
|--O. litoralisG64
|--O. margaritiferaC01
|--O. mucosaG64
|--O. muscorumG64
|--O. nigraG64
|--O. nigro-viridis Thwaites ex Gomont 1892C01
|--O. pulchellaG64
|--O. rupestrisG64
|--O. sancta Gomont 1892C01
|--O. spadiceaG64
|--O. spiralisG64
|--O. splendidaG64
|--O. subbrevisSG05
|--O. subfuscaG64
|--O. subuliformisG64
|--O. thermalisG64
|--O. turfosaG64
|--O. violaceaG64
`--O. virescensG64

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C01] Castenholz, R. W. 2001. Phylum BX. Cyanobacteria: oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria. In: Boone, D. R., R. W. Castenholz & G. M. Garrity (eds) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd ed. vol. 1. The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria pp. 473–599. Springer.

[G64] Gray, J. E. 1864. Handbook of British Water-weeds or Algae. R. Hardwicke: London.

[SG05] Sau, A., & R. K. Gupta. 2005. Algal flora of Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, West Bengal. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 47: 63–86.

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