Lycoptera davidi, copyright Dwergenpaartje.

Belongs within: Teleostei.
Contains: Osteoglossiformes, Otomorpha, Neoteleostei, Stomiatii, Protacanthopterygii.

The Osteoglossocephalai are a major clade of bony fishes including all living teleosts with the exception of the Elopomorpha.

<==Osteoglossocephalai [Branchiostegi]B-RB13
    |--Osteoglossomorpha [Notopteroidei, Osteoglossocephala]B-RB13
    |    |--OsteoglossiformesB-RB13
    |    `--Hiodontidae [Hiodontiformes, Hiodontoidea, Lycopteridae]B-RB13
    |         |--Yanbiania wangqingicaAS09
    |         |--HiodonNE12
    |         |    |--H. alosoidesNE12
    |         |    `--H. tergisiusNE12
    |         `--LycopteraP93
    |              |--L. davidiZBH03
    |              |--L. middendorfiV-RR93
    |              |--L. muroiiZBH03
    |              `--L. sinensisZBH03
    `--Clupeocephala [Abdominales, Argentinoidei, Salmonoidei]B-RB13
         |  i. s.: GaudryellaP06
         |         Daitingichthys tischlingeri Arratia 1987P93
         |         CrossognathiformesP93
         |           |--Crossognathidae [Apsopelicidae, Crossognathoidei, Syllaemidae]P93
         |           |    |--Syllaemus latifronsC77
         |           |    |--Crossognathus sabaudianus Pictet 1858P93
         |           |    `--Apsopelix anglicus (Dixon 1850)P93
         |           |--Plethodidae (see below for synonymy)P93
         |           |    |--Tselfatia formosaGT02
         |           |    |--Plethodus expansus Dixon 1850P93
         |           |    |--BananogmiusP93
         |           |    `--Moorevillia hardi Applegate 1970P93
         |           `--PachyrhizodontoideiP93
         |                |--Notelops [Notelopidae]P93
         |                |    `--N. brama (Agassiz 1841)P93
         |                `--Pachyrhizodontidae [Araripichthyidae, Greenwoodellidae]P93
         |                     |--Pachyrhizodus marathonensis (Etheridge 1905) [=Ichthyodectes marathonensis]F71
         |                     |--Araripichthys castilhoi Silva Santos 1985P93
         |                     |--Rhacolepis buccalis Agassiz 1841P93
         |                     |--Greenwoodella tockensis Taverne & Ross 1973P93
         |                     |--Platinx macropterus (de Blainville 1818)P93
         |                     `--Goulmimichthys robertiVF21
         `--Euteleosteomorpha [Euteleostei, Galaxioidea, Galaxioidei, Neognathi, Stenopterygii]B-RB13
              |  i. s.: PattersonellidaeP93
              |           |--Pattersonella formosa (Traquair 1911)P93
              |           `--Wenzichthys congolensis (Arambourg & Schneegans 1935)P93
              |         Euteleosteorum lobatus (Weiler 1954)P93
              |         Casieroides yamangaensis (Casier 1961)P93
              |         Chardonius longicaudatus (Casier 1961)P93
              |         Pseudoleptolepis minor (Casier 1961)P93
              |    |--Leptolepides sprattiformisNE12, FS10
              |    `--Orthogonikleithrus hoeliiFS10
              `--+--Lepidogalaxias [Lepidogalaxii, Lepidogalaxiidae, Lepidogalaxiiformes]B-RB13
                 |    `--L. salamandroidesNE12

Plethodidae [Bananogmiidae, Niobraridae, Protobramidae, Thryptodontidae, Tselfatiidae, Tselfatioidei]P93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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