Black vine weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus, copyright AJC1.

Belongs within: Entiminae.

The Otiorhynchini are broad-nosed weevils with free claws and scrobes completely visible from above.

    |--Agronus Horn 1876A02
    |--Phlyctinus Schoenherr 1826M94
    |    `--*P. callosus Boheman in Schoenherr 1834M94
    |--Sciopithes Horn 1876A02
    |    `--S. obscurusA02
    `--Otiorhynchus Germar 1822A02
         |--*O. clavipes [=Curculio clavipes]M94
         |--‘Curculio’ adspersus Fabricius 1775B35, Z93
         |--O. arcticusH44
         |--O. auropunctatusMPJ18
         |--O. australisB35
         |--O. corticalis Lucas 1846E12
         |--O. cribricollisM94
         |--O. dubiusH44
         |--O. fulloC01
         |--O. globulusGC-P14
         |--O. lateralis Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
         |--O. lepidus Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
         |--O. ligusticiM94
         |--O. luctuosus d’Urville in Boisduval 1835B35
         |--O. melancholicus d’Urville in Boisduval 1835B35
         |--O. meridionalisM94
         |--O. metallescens Lucas 1846E12
         |--O. mutilatus d’Urville in Boisduval 1835B35
         |--O. nigerR13
         |--O. ovalipennis Boheman 1843HF03
         |--O. ovatus (Linnaeus 1758)A02
         |--O. rugosostriatus (Goeze 1777) [=Curculio rugosostriatus]M94
         |--O. scabrosusB70
         |--O. singularisM94
         |--O. sulcatus (Fabricius 1775) [=Curculio sulcatus]M94
         `--O. tristisC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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