Mountain foxglove Ourisia macrophylla, photographed by Phil Bendle.

Belongs within: Scrophulariaceae.

Ourisia is a genus of flowering plants found in South America, New Zealand and Tasmania, most commonly in alpine habitats. New Zealand species bear predominantly white flowers whereas those of South American species may be red.

Characters (from Allan 1961): Low-growing perennial herbs with opposite, usually strongly veined leaves. Flowers in terminal verticillate bracteate panicles, stems much reduced. Calyx five-lobed, some or all of clefts extending almost to base. Corolla weakly zygomorphic, with short slightly oblique tube more or less hairy within, and five spreading lobes, the posterior two shortest and overlapping the lateral ones in bud. Stamens 4, didynamous, inserted near base of corolla-tube, staminode minute, anther-cells apically confluent. Style long, stigma capitate. Capsule ovoid-conical, loculicidal; seeds many, reticulate.

<==Ourisia Comm. ex Juss. 1789A61
    |--O. brevifloraD03
    |--O. caespitosa Hooker 1853 [incl. Euphrasia hectori Petrie 1926]A61
    |    |--O. c. var. caespitosaA61
    |    `--O. c. var. gracilis Hooker 1867A61
    |--O. cockayniana Petrie 1897A61
    |--O. colensoi Hooker 1864A61
    |--O. crosbyi Cockayne 1915 [incl. O. macphersonii Cockayne & Allan 1926]A61
    |--O. glandulosa Hooker 1864A61
    |--O. integrifoliaA61
    |--O. macrocarpa Hooker 1854A61
    |    |--O. m. ssp. macrocarpa [incl. O. macrocarpa var. cordata Cockayne 1916]A61
    |    `--O. m. ssp. calycina (Colenso) Cockayne 1916 [=O. calycina Colenso 1889]A61
    |--O. macrophylla Hook. 1843A61
    |    |--O. m. var. macrophyllaA61
    |    |--O. m. var. drucei Moore in Allan 1961A61
    |    |--O. m. var. lactea Moore in Allan 1961A61
    |    |--O. m. var. meadii Moore in Allan 1961A61
    |    `--O. m. var. robusta (Colenso) Simpson & Thomson 1943 [=O. robusta Colenso 1886]A61
    |--O. modesta Diels in Fedde 1909A61
    |--O. nanaD03
    |--O. prorepens Petrie 1893 (n. d.)A61
    |--O. sessilifolia Hooker 1864A61
    |    |--O. s. var. sessilifoliaA61
    |    |--O. s. var. simpsonii Moore in Allan 1961A61
    |    `--O. s. var. splendida Moore in Allan 1961A61
    `--O. vulcanica Moore in Allan 1961A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A61] Allan, H. H. 1961. Flora of New Zealand vol. 1. Indigenous Tracheophyta: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Filicopsida, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones. R. E. Owen, Government Printer: Wellington (New Zealand).

[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. The vegetation of western Patagonia. In: Scott, W. B. (ed.) Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899 vol. 8. Botany pp. 1–34. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

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