Common egg cowrie Ovula ovum feeding on Sarcophyton, copyright In-Depth Images Kwajalein.

Belongs within: Cypraeoidea.
Contains: Primovula, Phenacovolva, Ovula.

The Ovulidae, egg and spindle cowries, are a group of marine gastropods with usually brightly coloured and patterned mantles that live and feed on the polyps of cnidarians (Wilson & Gillett 1971). Ovulids generally differ from the true cowries of the Cypraeidae in lacking regular teeth on the inner lip.

<==Ovulidae (see below for synonymy)
    |--Aclyvolva Cate 1973 [Aclyvolvinae]BR17
    |    `--*A. lanceolata (Sowerby 1849) [=Ovulum lanceolatum]BR17
    |--Sulcocypraea Conrad 1865BR05 [SulcocypraeinaeBR17, Sulcocypraeini]
    |    `--*S. lintea (Conrad 1848) [=Cypraea lintea]BR17
    |--Simnia Risso 1826BR05 [SimniinaeBR17, Simniini]
    |    |--*S. nicaeensis Risso 1826BR17
    |    |--S. acicularis Lamarck 1811O27
    |    |--S. aequalis Sowerby 1832M03
    |    |--S. deflexa [=Ovula (Simnia) deflexa]O27
    |    |--S. patulaWG71
    |    |--S. variabilis Adams 1850O27
    |    `--S. vidleri Sowerby 1881 [=Ovulum vidleri]O27
    |--Ovulinae [Ovulini]M03
    |    |--OvulaBR05
    |    `--Volva Röding 1798 non Adans. 1763 (ICBN)BR05 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--*V. volva (Linnaeus 1758)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--‘Ovulum’ angasi Reeve 1865 [=Radius angasi]H09
    |         |--‘Radius’ avenaC64
    |         |--V. kilburni Cate 1975BC01
    |         |--‘Birostra’ mccoyi Tennison Woods 1877P79
    |         |--V. nectarea Iredale 1930WG71
    |         |--V. philippinarum Sowerby 1848WG71
    |         |--‘Radius’ similisC64
    |         `--‘Radius’ variabilisC64
    |    |--Eocypraea Cossmann 1903BR05 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--*E. inflata (Lamarck 1802) [=Cypraea inflata, *Cypraeacites inflatus]BR17
    |    |    `--E. pilulosa (Stoliczka 1867)TTE93
    |    `--Prionovolva Iredale 1930BR17, WG71 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--*P. brevis (Sowerby 1828) [=Ovulum breve]BR17
    |         |--P. cavanaghi (Iredale 1931)W93 [=Globovula cavanaghiWBS-S15]
    |         |--P. cottesloensis (Cate 1973) [=Globovula costtesloensis]W93
    |         |--*Galerovolva’ hervieri (Hedley 1899)W93
    |         |--P. manifesta (Iredale 1936) [=Galeravolva manifesta]W93
    |         |--*Testudovolva’ orientis Cate 1973W93
    |         |--P. pudica (Adams 1854)W93
    |         |--P. spatiosa (Cate 1973) [=*Globovula spatiosa]W93
    |         `--P. wilsoniana Cate 1973WBS-S15
    `--Pediculariinae [Pediculariadae, Pediculariidae, Pediculariinae]BR17
         |--Pedicularia Swainson 1840 [Pediculariini]BR05
         |    |  i. s.: P. californica Newcomb 1864S11
         |    |         P. decussata (Gould 1855)S11
         |    |         P. pacifica Pease 1865M03
         |    |--*P. (Pedicularia) sicula Swainson 1840BR17
         |    `--P. (Pediculariona Iredale 1935)P61
         |         |--P. (*P.) stylasterisP61
         |         `--P. (P.) maoria Powell 1937P61
         `--Cypraediini [Cypraediinae, Jenneriinae]BR17
              |--Cypraedia Swainson 1840BR05
              |    `--*C. cancellata Swainson 1840BR17
              |--Cyproglobina de Gregorio 1880 [Cyproglobinini]BR05
              |    `--*C. corbuloides (Bellardi 1852) [=Cypraea corbuloides]BR17
              |--Jenneria Jousseaume 1884M03, BR05
              |    `--*J. pustulata (Lightfoot 1786) [=Cypraea pustulata]BR17
              `--Pseudocypraea Schilder 1927BR17, BR05 [Pseudocypraeinae, Pseudocypraeini]
                   `--*P. adamsonii (Gray in Sowerby 1832) [=Cypraea adamsonii]BR17
Ovulidae incertae sedis:
  Neosimnia Fischer 1884WG71
    |--N. barbarensis (Dall 1892) [=Ovula (Simnia) deflexa barbarense, Simnia (Neosimnia) barbarensis]O27
    |--N. catalinensis (Berry 1816) [=Simnia (Neosimnia) catalinensis]O27
    |--N. depressa Sowerby 1875WG71
    |--N. quayleiS59
    `--N. uniplicata (Sowerby 1848) [=Simnia (Neosimnia) uniplicata]O27
  Diminovula Iredale 1930BC01
    |--D. alabaster (Reeve 1865) [incl. *D. verepunctata]W93
    |--D. aurantiomacula Cate & Azuma 1973W93
    |--D. concinna (Sowerby in Adams & Reeve 1848)WBS-S15
    |--D. nielseni (Cate 1976) [=Pseudosimnia (Diminovula) nielseni]BC01
    |--D. punctata (Duclos 1831) [=Primovula (Diminovula) punctata]WG71
    `--D. whitworthi Cate 1973W93
  Calpurnus Montfort 1810WG71
    `--*C. verrucosus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Bulla verrucosa]W93
  Prosimnia Schilder 1927W93
    `--*P. semperi (Weinkauff 1881) [=Ovula semperi]W93
         |--P. s. semperiW93
         |--P. s. boshuensis Cate 1973W93
         `--P. s. draconis Cate 1973W93
  Xandraovula pagoda Cate 1973MG-H11
  Adamantia Cate 1973W93
    |--*A. concinna (Adams & Reeve 1848) [=Ovulum concinnum, Primovula (*Adamantia) concinna]W93
    |--A. florida Kuroda 1958M03
    `--A. horai (Cardin 1994) [=Primovula (Adamantia) horai]BC01
  Crenavolva Cate 1973W93
    |--*C. striatula (Sowerby 1828) [=Ovulum striatulum, Primovula striatula]W93
    |--C. (Cuspivolva) baltea Cate 1973BC01
    |--C. rosewateri Cate 1973M03
    `--C. tokuoi Azuma 1989M03
  Cymbovula Cate 1973 [=Cymbula Cate 1973 non Adams & Adams 1854]W93
    |--*C. acicularis (Lamarck 1810)W93, S11 [=Ovula acicularisW93, *Cymbula acicularisW93]
    |--C. deflexa (Sowerby 1848) [=Cymbula deflexa]W93
    `--C. queenslandica Cate 1974BC01
    |--C. gibbosum (Linné 1758)S11
    |--C. lindae Petuch 1987PMB15
    |--C. rhomba Cate 1978BC01
    `--C. signatum Pilsbry & McGinty 1939S11
    |--D. rutherfordiana (Cate 1973)WBS-S15
    `--D. spectabilis Cate 1975BC01
  Kuroshiovolva Azuma & Cate 1971BC01
    `--*K. shingoi Azuma & Cate 1971BC01
  Pseudosimnia Schilder 1927W93
    |--*P. carneaW93
    `--P. wieseorum Lorenz 1987ES88
  Pseudocyphoma intermedium (Sowerby 1828)S11
  Simnialena uniplicata (Sowerby 1848)S11
  Hiatavolva Cate 1973 [=Hiata Cate 1973 non Zetek & McLean 1936]W93
    |--*H. depressa (Sowerby 1875) [=Ovulum depressum, *Hiata depressa]W93
    `--H. brunneiterma (Cate 1969)W93
  Margovula Iredale 1935 [incl. Inflatovula Cate 1973]W93
    |--*M. pyriformis (Sowerby 1828) [=Ovulum pyriform]W93
    |--M. aboriginea Cate 1973W93
    |--M. bimaculata (Adams 1854)W93
    `--M. marginata (Sowerby 1828) [=Pseudosimnia (*Inflatovula) marginata]W93
  Procalpurnus Thiele 1939W93
    `--*P. lacteus (Lamarck 1810) [=Ovula lactea, Calpurnus (*Procalpurnus) lacteus]W93

Eocypraea Cossmann 1903BR05 [incl. Cypraeacites Schlotheim 1820 (nom. inv.)BR17; Cypraeacitinae, Cypraeacitini, Eocypraeini]

Ovulidae [Amphiperasidae, Amphiperatidae, Amphiperatinae, Amphiperatini, Dactyloglossa, Digitiglossa, Eocypraeidae, Eocypraeinae, Ovuladae, Ovuloidea, Ovuloidei]

Prionovolva Iredale 1930BR17, WG71 [incl. Galerovolva Cate 1973W93, Globovula Cate 1973W93, Testudovolva Cate 1973W93; Prionovolvinae]

Volva Röding 1798 non Adans. 1763 (ICBN)BR05 [=Birostra Swainson 1840W93, Radius Montfort 1810W93, Volvula Pilsbry 1895 nec Gistl 1848 nec Adams 1850W93; Volvinae, Volvini]

*Volva volva (Linnaeus 1758)BR17 [=Bulla volvaBR17, *Birostra volvaW93, Ovula volvaH09, *Radius volvaW93, *Volvula volvaW93; incl. Volva textoria Röding 1798BR17]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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