Female Paecilaema chiriquiense, copyright Carlos Viquez.

Belongs within: Metavononoides.
Contains: Cosmetus.

Paecilaema is a diverse genus of harvestmen found in Central and South America.

Characters (from Goodnight & Goodnight 1953): Dorsum with five areas, variously armed with tubercles and spines. Tarsus of first leg with more than six segments; distitarsi of both first and second tarsi with three segments. Third and fourth legs with simple untoothed claws.

<==Paecilaema Koch 1839K03 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. renneriMKM22
    `--+--+--P. muticum Sørensen 1932MKM22, K03 [=Poecilaema muticumK03, Euerginus muticusK03]
       |  `--P. preciosumMKM22
       `--+--P. albisectum (Mello-Leitão 1942)MKM22, K03 (see below for synonymy)
          `--+--+--P. melanacanthumMKM22
             |  `--+--*P. u-flavum (Perty 1833)K03, MKM22, K03 (see below for synonymy)
             |     `--P. lyra Sørensen 1932MKM22, K03 (see below for synonymy)
             `--+--P. ornatissimum Mello-Leitão 1942MKM22, K03 [=Poecilaema ornatissimumK03]
  P. acurigense González-Sponga 1992PA-Z11, K03 [=P. acuriguensisK03]
  P. adspersum Roewer 1947K03
  P. altaspinulatum Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 [=Paecilaemula altaspinatum (l. c.)]K03
  P. altispina González-Sponga 1992K03
  P. amazonicum González-Sponga 1992PA-Z11, K03 [=P. amazonicaK03]
  P. andreae (Perty 1833) (n. d.) [=Cosmetus andreae, Cynorta andreae, Flirtea andreae, Poecilaema andreae]K03
  P. angustum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. angusta]K03
  P. anticum Roewer 1927K03
  P. araguanum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. araguanus]K03
  P. argentinoi Soares 1970K03
  P. atroluteum Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema atroluteum]K03
  P. barinense González-Sponga 1992 [=P. barinensis]K03
  P. bicingulatum Roewer 1927K03
  P. bifurca Roewer 1933K03
  P. bilineatum Goodnight & Goodnight 1953K03
  P. bilunatum (Wood 1869) (n. d.) [=Ortonia bilunata, Cynorta bilunata, Poecilaema bilunatum]K03
  P. bimaculatum Roewer 1927K03
  P. cabudarense González-Sponga 1992 [=P. cabudarensis]K03
  P. campoeliasense González-Sponga 1998PA-Z11, K03 [=P. campoeliasensisK03]
  P. cancellatum Roewer 1927 [=P. cancelatum (l. c.)]K03
  P. carvalhoi Soares 1970K03
  P. chiriquiense Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 [=P. chiriquiensis]K03
  P. c-insignitum Simon 1879 [=Poecilaema c-insignitum]K03
  P. circunscriptum Roewer 1947K03
  P. conspicillatum Simon 1879 [=Poecilaema conspicillatum]K03
  P. contextum Roewer 1927K03
  P. curvipes Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema curvipes]K03
  P. diadematum Roewer 1917 [=Poecilaema diadematum]K03
  P. distinctum Roewer 1915 [=Poecilaema distincta]K03
  P. eutypum (Chamberlin 1925)KA-Z11, K03 (see below for synonymy)
  P. festae Roewer 1925K03
  P. forcipatum (Pickard-Cambridge 1905) [=Meterginus forcipatus, Pararhaucus forcipatus]K03
  P. gigas (Roewer 1933) [=Paecilaemella gigas]K03
  P. gonzalezi Kury 2003 [=P. vittata González-Sponga 1992 non Rhaucus vittatus Sørensen 1932]K03
  P. gracile (Goodnight & Goodnight 1947) [=*Soaresella gracilis]K03
  P. granitum Sørensen 1932 [=Poecilaema granitum]K03
  P. graphicum Roewer 1947K03
  P. guttatum Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema guttatum]K03
  P. guttigerum Sørensen 1932K03
  P. henrikseni Mello-Leitão 1944 (see below for synonymy)K03
  P. inerme (Banks 1909) [=Meterginus inermis, *Meterginoides inermis]K03
  P. inglei Goodnight & Goodnight 1947 [incl. P. punctulata Caporiacco 1951]K03
  P. irmae González-Sponga 1992K03
  P. laevifemur (Roewer 1947) [=Meterginulus laevifemur]K03
  P. laterale Goodnight & Goodnight 1942KA-Z11, K03 [=P. lateralisK03]
  P. lepidopterum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. lepidoptera]K03
  P. leucomelas Simon 1880 (n. d.) [=Poecilaema leucomelas]K03
  P. lineatum (Roewer 1933) [=*Pararhauculus lineatus]K03
  P. lobipictum Roewer 1947K03
  P. longicruris Mello-Leitão 1939K03
  P. lucifugum Goodnight & Goodnight 1973K03
  P. luquillense Soares 1990K03
  P. lutzi Goodnight & Goodnight 1942K03
  P. maculatum González-Sponga [=P. maculata]K03
  P. maculifrons Roewer 1947K03
  P. manifestum Roewer 1927K03
  P. marajoara Soares 1970K03
  P. marginatum (Sørensen 1884) (n. d.) [=Cosmetus marginatus, Poecilaema marginatum]K03
  P. medianum Roewer 1947K03
  P. micropunctatum Roewer 1916 [=Poecilaema micropunctatum]K03
  P. oblongum González-Sponga 1992KA-Z11, K03 [=P. oblongaK03]
  P. obscurum (Pickard-Cambridge 1905) [=*Pararhaucus obscurus]K03
  P. octosegmentatum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. octosegmentata]K03
  P. oculatum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. oculata]K03
  P. ornatum Roewer 1917 [=Poecilaema ornatum]K03
  P. paraense Soares 1970 [=P. paraensis]K03
  P. paucistipulatum Roewer 1947K03
  P. pectinigerum (Roewer 1912) [=Meterginulus pectinigerus]K03
  P. rastelliferum Pickard-Cambridge 1905 (see below for synonymy)K03
  P. rectipes Roewer 1947K03
  P. reticulatum Roewer 1927K03
  P. serrifemur Roewer 1917 [=Poecilaema serrifemur]K03
  P. sexlineatum Goodnight & Goodnight 1942 [=P. sexlineata]K03
  P. sigillatum Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema sigillatum]K03
  P. sinuatum Roewer 1947K03
  P. sulphuratum Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema sulphuratum, Paecilaema sulfuratum (l. c.)]K03
  P. toledensis Goodnight & Goodnight 1977GG77
  P. triangulatum Goodnight & Goodnight 1942 [=P. triangulata]K03
  P. trisegmentatum González-Sponga 1992 [=P. trisegmentata]K03
  P. triseriatum Roewer 1947K03
  P. variegatum Goodnight & Goodnight 1977 [=P. variegatus]K03
  P. virens González-Sponga 1998K03
  P. vittatum (Sørensen 1932) [=Rhaucus (Ortonia) vittatus]K03
  P. waratukum Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 (see below for synonymy)K03
  P. withi Henriksen in Sørensen 1932K03
  P. x-signatum Mello-Leitão 1940K03
  P. ypsilon Roewer 1912 [=Poecilaema ypsilon]K03

Paecilaema Koch 1839K03 [=Paecileama (l. c.)MKM22, PaecilimaKA-Z11, PoecilaemaK03, Poeciloema (l. c.)K03; incl. Meterginoides Roewer 1912K03, Meterginulus Roewer 1912K03, Pararhauculus Roewer 1933K03, Pararhaucus Pickard-Cambridge 1905K03, Soaresella Goodnight & Goodnight 1947K03]

Paecilaema albisectum (Mello-Leitão 1942)MKM22, K03 [=Paecilaemula albisectaK03, Metavononoides albisectusK03; incl. Poecilaema tripartitum Mello-Leitão 1942K03, Pa. tripartitumK03]

Paecilaema eutypum (Chamberlin 1925)KA-Z11, K03 [=Meterginoides eutypaK03, Paecilaema eutypaK03, Paecilaemella eutypaK03, Paecilaema eutypta (l. c.)K03]

Paecilaema henrikseni Mello-Leitão 1944 [=P. reticulatum Sørensen 1932 non Roewer 1927, Cynorta reticulata non Roewer 1947; incl. Cynorta estebana Roewer 1947, P. estebana]K03

Paecilaema lyra Sørensen 1932MKM22, K03 [=Poecilaema lyra non Cynortellana lyra Piza 1944 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)K03, Poecilaemula lyraK03; incl. Paecilaemula bella Mello-Leitão 1932K03, Metavononoides bellusK03, Poecilaemula bellaK03, Poecilaema soerenseni Henriksen in Sørensen 1932K03, Poecilaemula soesenseni (l. c.)K03]

Paecilaema rastelliferum Pickard-Cambridge 1905 [=Poecilaema rastellifera, *Meterginulus rastellifer, M. rastellifera, Paecilaema rastellifer]K03

*Paecilaema u-flavum (Perty 1833)K03, MKM22, K03 [=Cosmetus u-flavumK03, Paecilima u-flavumK03, Poecilaema u-flavumK03; incl. Paecilaema limbatum Koch 1839KM20, Poecilaema limbatumK03]

Paecilaema waratukum Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 [=P. reticulata Goodnight & Goodnight 1942 nec Roewer 1927 nec Sørensen 1932]K03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[MKM22] Medrano, M., A. B. Kury & A. C. Mendes. 2022. Morphology-based cladistics splinters the century-old dichotomy of the pied harvestmen (Arachnida: Gonyleptoidea: Cosmetidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 195 (2): 585–672.

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