Colony of Paenibacillus dendritiformis, copyright Eshel Ben-Jacob.

Belongs within: Bacilli.

Paenibacillus is a genus of facultatively anaerobic, endospore-forming, rod-shaped bacteria.

<==Paenibacillus Ash et al. 1993YO03
    |  i. s.: P. filicis Kim et al. 2010IJSEM10
    |         P. fonticolaCD21
    |         P. pinihumi Kim et al. 2010IJSEM10
    |--+--P. larvaeYO03
    |  `--+--+--P. alginolyticusYO03
    |     |  `--P. chondroitinusYO03
    |     `--+--P. koreensisYO03
    |        `--P. validusYO03
    `--+--+--+--P. curdlanolyticusYO03
       |  |  `--P. kobensisYO03
       |  `--+--+--P. alveiYO03 [=Bacillus alveiPHK96]
       |     |  `--P. apiariusYO03
       |     `--+--P. thiaminolyticusYO03
       |        `--+--P. lentimorbusYO03
       |           `--P. popilliaeYO03
       `--+--P. maceransYO03 [=Bacillus maceransPHK96]
          `--+--+--+--P. chibensisYO03
             |  |  `--+--P. borealisYO03
             |  |     `--P. macquariensisYO03
             |  `--+--P. campinasensisYO03
             |     `--+--P. lautusYO03
             |        `--+--P. dendritiformisYO03
             |           `--P. glucanolyticusYO03
             `--+--+--P. illinoisensisYO03
                |  `--+--P. amylolyticusYO03
                |     `--P. pabuliYO03
                `--+--P. terrae Yoon, Oh et al. 2003YO03
                   `--+--P. kribbensis Yoon, Oh et al. 2003YO03
                      `--+--+--P. azotofixansYO03
                         |  `--P. peoriaeYO03
                         `--+--P. jamilaeYO03
                            `--P. polymyxaYO03 [=Bacillus polymyxaPHK96]
Nomen invalidum: Paenibacillus granivorans Van der Maarel et al. 2001JC08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CD21] Coleman, G. A., A. A. Davín, T. A. Mahendrarajah, L. L. Szánthó, A. Spang, P. Hugenholtz, G. J. Szöllősi & T. A. Williams. 2021. A rooted phylogeny resolves early bacterial evolution. Science 372: 588.

[IJSEM10] IJSEM. 2010. Validation list no. 131. List of new names and new combinations previously effectively, but not validly, published. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 60 (1): 1–2.

[JC08] Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes. 2008. Status of strains that contravene Rules 27 (3) and 30 of the International Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria. Opinion 81. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58: 1755–1763.

[PHK96] Prescott, L. M., J. P. Harley & D. A. Klein. 1996. Microbiology 3rd ed. Wm. C. Brown Publishers: Dubuque (Iowa).

[YO03] Yoon, J.-H., H.-M. Oh, B.-D. Yoon, K. H. Kang & Y.-H. Park. 2003. Paenibacillus kribbensis sp. nov. and Paenibacillus terrae sp. nov., bioflocculants for efficient harvesting of algal cells. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 295–301.

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