Palaemonetes pugio, copyright Brian Gratwicke.

Belongs within: Palaemonidae.

Palaemonetes, glass shrimp, is a cosmopolitan genus of freshwater shrimp that typically lack a mandibular palp.

<==Palaemonetes Heller 1869 H86
|  i. s.: P. antennarius (Milne Edwards 1837) H86
|         P. argentinus CB93
|         P. exilipes M85
|         P. kadiakensis M85
|         P. varians CS77
|–P. (Palaemonetes) H86
|    |–P. (P.) cummingi Chace 1954 H86
|    |–P. (P.) intermedius M85
|    |–P. (P.) paludosus (Gibbes 1850) M85, H86
|    |–P. (P.) pugio Holthuis 1949 M85, M88
|    `–P. (P.) vulgaris (Say 1818) M85, M88
`–P. (Alaocaris Holthuis 1949) H86
|–P. (A.) antrorum Benedict 1896 H86
`–P. (A.) holthuisi Strenth 1976 H86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CB93] Cash, C. E., & R. T. Bauer. 1993. Adaptations of the branchial ectoparasite Probopyrus pandalicola (Isopoda: Bopyridae) for survival and reproduction related to ecdysis of the host, Palaemonetes pugio (Caridea: Palaemonidae). Journal of Crustacean Biology 13 (1): 111–124.

[CS77] Cramp, S., & K. E. L. Simmons (eds) 1977. Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: The Birds of the Western Palaearctic vol. 1. Ostrich to Ducks. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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[M85] Markham, J. C. 1985. A review of the bopyrid isopods infesting caridean shrimps in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, with special reference to those collected during the Hourglass Cruises in the Gulf of Mexico. Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruises 7 (3): 1–156.

[M88] Markham, J. C. 1988. Descriptions and revisions of some species of Isopoda Bopyridae of the northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Zoologische Verhandelingen 246: 1–63.

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