Dulse Palmaria palmata, copyright Voctir.

Belongs within: Nemaliophycidae.

The Palmariales are a group of red algae characterised by the lack of carposporophytes and the presence of a stalk cell in developing tetrasporangia.

|--Rhodophysema [Rhodophysemataceae]HS02
| |--R. elegansHS02
| `--R. odonthaliaeL10
|--Camontagnea [Rhodothamniellaceae]HS02
| `--C. oxycladaMS02
|--Halosaccion glandiforme (Gmelin) Ruprecht 1851S57
|--Meiodiscus spetsbergensisHB03
|--P. decipiensGW97
|--P. palmataMS02
`--P. stenogonaKBC03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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